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Best 20 Dentists in Singapore: Professionals for a Healthy Smile

By Marissa Saini

Looking for the best dentist in Singapore? You’re in luck! Finding the right dentist can be like finding a superhero for your teeth. In Singapore, where smiles shine bright, having the best dentist matters greatly. From gentle check-ups to fixing those tricky toothaches, the best dentists in Singapore ensure your teeth are happy and healthy.

And hey, if you want to learn more about staying healthy in Singapore, there’s another fantastic article on private hospitals in Singapore! They’re like real-life superhero headquarters for staying healthy. But for now, let’s dive into the world of the best dentists in Singapore and keep those smiles sparkling!

1. Dental Designs Clinic

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Address4 Robinson Rd, #03-01 The House Of Eden, Singapore 048543
Phone+65 6221 8284
Email[email protected]
Opening Hours9 am – 6 pm
WebsiteDental Designs
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Dental Designs Clinic is the place to go if you want the best dentist in Singapore! Dr Jo Ann is incredibly gentle and caring and always checks to ensure you feel okay. She explains everything clearly and gives the best advice for your teeth. You’re in safe hands with her. The clinic itself is awesome. They have cool tech tools and a friendly vibe with nice receptionists. Booking appointments is super easy. 

Just WhatsApp them! Dr. Tiffany and Dr. Jo Ann make the Invisalign experience great. They’re chill, and any questions I had were answered super fast by the team. Dr. Noah did my wisdom tooth surgery, and guess what? Zero pain during and after! Recovery was smooth, though there was a bit of discomfort around the treated area. I finished my Invisalign journey, and now I smile confidently, all thanks to the amazing Dental Designs team. I’d recommend them to anyone needing dental care. They’re the best! 


  • Patience: Dentists are kind and wait for you to feel comfortable. They understand if you’re nervous and take time to explain things.
  • Polishing: They clean your teeth to make them shine and feel smooth. It’s like giving your teeth a nice, bright makeover.
  • Receptionist Services: There are friendly people at the front desk who help you book appointments and answer questions about your visit.
  • Technology: Dentists use cool gadgets to check your teeth. They have machines and tools to see everything clearly and fix problems.
  • Environment: The place feels nice and cozy. It’s clean and makes you feel relaxed like you’re in a comfy place while caring for your teeth.

2. PKWY Dental Specialist Practice

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AddressPacific Plaza #12-02, 9 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228210
Phone+65 6836 9808
Email[email protected]
Opening HoursSunday Closed9 am – 6 pm
WebsitePKWY Dental Specialist Practice
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PKWY Dental Specialist Practice is one of Singapore’s best dental clinics. Parents love taking their kids there because Ms. Rochell and Yanah are amazing with children. They made a 3-year-old boy’s first dental visit super fun! Ms. Rochell was gentle, explained everything, and gave him stickers, making him excited for his next visit. They’re good with kids and make sure everyone feels comfortable.

For adults, they’re just as great! Rachel did a quick yet careful scan, making it a comfortable experience. Dr Tan explained everything before doing it, which was reassuring. Even Victoria went out of her way to help rearrange appointments, showing how caring the whole team is. People trust PKWY Dental because of their professionalism and reliability. Some patients have been going there for years for braces, cleanings, and other treatments. The clinic is efficient, respecting patients’ time and ensuring a smooth, trustworthy experience.


  • Surgery: Fixing teeth problems by a dentist. They can remove bad teeth or fix broken ones so you can eat and smile comfortably.
  • Hygienist: People who help clean your teeth properly. They teach you how to brush well and keep your mouth healthy.
  • Skilled: Dentists have special training to help you with your teeth. They know how to fix problems and keep your smile healthy.
  • Results: Dentists work hard to make sure your teeth are healthy and look good. They aim for good outcomes after treatments.
  • Environment: Dentists create a comfortable and safe place for you. Their friendly and clean clinics make you feel good while getting your teeth checked or fixed.

3. B & F Dental Clinic

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Address11 Anamalai Ave, Singapore 279982
Phone+65 9383 6121
Email[email protected]
Opening Hours10 am – 1 pm2 – 6 pm6:30 – 8 pm
WebsiteB & F Dental Clinic

B & F Dental Clinic is the best dentist in Singapore you’ve been searching for! Dr. Foo and Dr. Hong provide exceptional care, focusing on patient comfort and satisfaction. If you’re worried about dental procedures, Dr. Foo’s patience and gentle approach will put you at ease. He ensures you feel in control throughout, explaining treatments in detail and giving clear post-treatment instructions. Are you concerned about the look of your teeth? Dr. Foo offers supportive advice for aesthetic improvements.

Dr. Hong’s professionalism and patience shine through for wisdom teeth removal, addressing concerns seriously and documenting each step with photos. The friendly staff and welcoming clinic atmosphere make every visit a pleasant experience. Efficient and well-versed in Chinese, they keep you comfortable and less anxious. From root canal treatments to last-minute toothache appointments, B & F Dental Clinic provides high-skill operations with modern tools and excellent communication. Don’t hesitate to experience top-notch dental care with Dr. Foo and Dr. Hong at B & F Dental Clinic.


  • Cleaning: They help make your teeth sparkly clean by removing dirt and keeping them healthy.
  • Polishing: They make your teeth shiny and smooth to look great and stay strong.
  • Skills: The dentists have special abilities to fix teeth problems and keep your smile happy.
  • Explanation: They talk to you about your teeth in a way that’s easy to understand, explaining what needs fixing and how.
  • Nurses: There are helpful people there who care for you and ensure you’re comfortable during your visit.

4. Orchard Scotts Dental

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Address541 Orchard Rd, #07-01 02 Liat Towers, Singapore 238881
Phone+65 6732 9939
Email[email protected]
Opening HoursSunday Closed9 am – 1 pm
WebsiteOrchard Scotts Dental
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Orchard Scotts Dental (OSD) is where you’ll find the best dentists in Singapore! Dr. Jerry Lim and Dr. Darrell, along with their amazing team including Lina, Simon, and Alvin, make sure your dental journey is top-notch. They fixed my teeth, from replacing fillings to getting new crowns and veneers. Even though I used to be scared of dentists, they made it easier with their kindness and professionalism.

Dr. Jerry Lim was always cheerful and skilled. Dr. Darrell made my wisdom teeth extraction painless and even let me choose music! Alvin, the ceramist, was fantastic at his job. They listened to me and made sure I was comfortable.It took a while, but the result was worth it! Dr. Darrell was not just a dentist; he was also a friend who made each visit enjoyable. The team’s care and expertise made my smile perfect. OSD isn’t just a dental clinic; it’s a place where you feel cared for and leave with a beautiful smile!


  • Veneers: Thin covers for teeth to make them look better. They help fix color or shape problems, making smiles brighter.
  • Polishing: Cleaning teeth to make them shiny and smooth. It removes stains and keeps teeth healthy.
  • Injection: A small needle puts in medicine to numb parts of the mouth before fixing teeth. It helps not to feel pain.
  • Scaling: Deep cleaning for teeth. It removes hard buildup that regular brushing can’t, keeping gums healthy.
  • Shaping: Reshaping teeth for a better look. It helps fix small problems and make teeth even and neat.

5. Elite Dental Group

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AddressNo. 1, #12-03 Grange Rd, Orchard Building, Singapore 239693
Phone+65 6333 4456
Email[email protected]
Opening Hours9 am – 6 pmSun – Closed
WebsiteElite Dental Group
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Elite Dental Group stands as one of the best dentist in Singapore choices for top-notch dental care. When I had a severe toothache, they swiftly diagnosed my decaying wisdom tooth. Dr. Gerald, an experienced expert, guided me on the best options. Within two days, the surgery to extract the decaying tooth was completed efficiently, causing minimal discomfort. Dr. Gerald’s skill made it painless, pulling the tooth out swiftly in 3-5 minutes. The entire team, from the receptionists to Dr. Jaclyn, showcased patience and professionalism. 

Dr. Jaclyn’s thoroughness during follow-up visits, sharing progress images, and explaining procedures made the experience pleasant. Her team’s care and reassurance helped calm my nerves during injections and surgeries. Elite Dental Group isn’t just about fixing issues; they focus on maintaining dental health. After my braces treatment, I’m continuing my dental care journey with them. Their expertise, caring approach, and commitment to patient comfort make them the go-to place for dental needs in Singapore.


  • Surgery: Our dentist can fix problems in your mouth with a special surgery. When a superhero fixes things, our dentist is like a superhero for your teeth!
  • Skills: Our dentist has amazing skills. It’s like being good at playing a game. They know how to keep your teeth strong and healthy.
  • Cleaning: Just like cleaning your room, our dentist cleans your teeth. They use special tools to ensure your teeth are clean and shiny.
  • Expertise: Our dentist is an expert, like a wise wizard. They know everything about teeth and can help you if something is wrong. You can trust them!
  • Braces: Our dentist can use braces if your teeth need a little help standing in line. It’s like a magical tool that helps your teeth become straight and perfect!

6. TP Dental Surgeons Pte Ltd

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AddressThe Penthouse, 391B Orchard Road #26-01, Tower B Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238874
Phone+65 6737 9011
Email[email protected]
Opening Hours8:30 am – 7 pm
WebsiteTP Dental Surgeons Pte Ltd
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TP Dental Surgeons Pte Ltd stands out as the best dental clinic in Singapore, offering top-notch services with a focus on patient satisfaction. Dr. Hwang and her proficient team have been providing exceptional dental care for two generations, catering to the needs of young children to seniors since the early 90s. The clinic’s integrated services, available during regular office hours and emergency visits, ensure comprehensive dental solutions. The clinic’s warm and welcoming atmosphere, coupled with clear and reassuring advice, makes it an ideal choice, especially for those nervous about dental visits. 

With state-of-the-art facilities and opinion leaders in the field, TP Dental is the go-to provider for premier dental services in Singapore. Patients praise Dr. Huang for her expertise in handling braces, offering confidence with a shorter treatment duration. Dr. Angeline Ang’s pain-free and meticulous approach to dental care has earned her high acclaim since 2017. Patients appreciate her thoroughness, even in challenging cases, and commend the efficiency of dental nurse Adeline in managing appointments. Choosing TP Dental for braces ensures significant improvements and a promising outcome, making it the right place for quality orthodontic care in Singapore.


  • Invisalign: Special braces that are invisible and help straighten teeth. They’re hard to notice and work like magic to fix crooked smiles.
  • Surgery: Sometimes, if there’s a big problem with teeth, a dentist might need an operation to fix it. It helps when other treatments can’t.
  • Skilled: Dentists have special skills to fix teeth. They learn a lot to help everyone have healthy and happy smiles.
  • Root Canal: It’s a way to fix teeth with big problems inside. Dentists clean and fix the inside of the tooth to stop pain and keep the tooth safe.
  • Consultation: This is when you meet the dentist and discuss your teeth. They check and advise on how to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

7. Nuffield Dental

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Address1 Raffles Pl, #05-19, Singapore 048616
Phone+65 6532 2644
Email[email protected]
Opening HoursSaturday and Sunday Closed9 am – 7 pm
WebsiteNuffield Dental
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Nuffield Dental is renowned as one of the best dental clinics in Singapore, praised for its modern setup and friendly staff. People love it! Many patients rave about the excellent service from top dentists like Dr. Joseph, Dr. Siah, and Dr. S Kumar. They’re known for their professionalism and calming demeanor, making dental visits comfortable. Patients admire the clinic’s cleanliness and efficient admin, emphasizing painless procedures and quick recoveries.

The team’s care and use of advanced technology make patients feel confident and well cared for. Dr. Kenneth Siah is commended for his patience in explaining dental health details and the importance of proper care. Visitors, even those new to Singapore, appreciate the accommodating nature of the clinic’s staff, praising their thoroughness in explanations and reasonable costs. Overall, Nuffield Dental stands out for its top-notch care, friendly atmosphere, and skilled dentists, making it a highly recommended choice for anyone seeking excellent dental treatment in Singapore.


  • Implant: This is like a special root for your tooth. If you lose a tooth, the dentist can put an implant to help you get a new one that looks and feels real.
  • Tooth Extraction: Sometimes, a tooth needs to be removed. The dentist does this carefully to keep you comfortable. They make sure you don’t feel any pain during the process.
  • X-ray: This is like a special picture of your teeth. It helps the dentist see things they can’t with their eyes alone. It’s a quick and painless way to check your teeth.
  • Efficient: The dentist works fast and well. They do their job quickly but still make sure everything is done correctly. This means you spend less time in the dentist’s chair.
  • Polishing: After the dentist fixes your teeth, they make them shiny and smooth. It’s like giving your teeth a special cleaning. It makes your teeth feel nice and helps them stay healthy.

8. Ocean Dental Singapore 

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Address721 Clementi West Street 2, #01-118, Singapore 120721
Phone+65 6266 3011
Email[email protected]
Opening Hours9:30 am – 8:30 pm
WebsiteOcean Dental Singapore
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Ocean Dental Singapore stands out as the best dentist in Singapore for many reasons. The lead dentist, Dr. Terence, works like a master artist, making dental procedures feel like beautiful music. His precise work on fixing chipped teeth or surgeries feels like a perfect symphony. Each detail matters to him, turning routine visits into amazing experiences. Dr. Terence’s skill in fixing teeth is exceptional. 

I’ve had fillings, a crown, and a chipped tooth fixed by him, and the results were mind-blowing. He’s patient, careful, and does great work. The clinic is modern and cheerful, and the staff are super friendly. Even better, they offer Sunday appointments, which greatly help busy weekdays. At Ocean Dental, you get top-quality dental care, a welcoming environment, and flexible appointments that fit busy schedules. It’s the place to go for amazing dental care in Singapore.


  • Scaling & Polishing: Scaling and Polishing is cleaning your teeth, both the visible part above the gums and just under the gums where your toothbrush cannot reach.
  • Braces: Braces have helped millions of patients achieve straight teeth, regain their confidence, and restore the basic functions of having a set of nicely aligned teeth.
  • Dental X-ray: Dental X-rays are important in evaluating your oral health. Our dental clinic is equipped with our office’s latest digital X-ray equipment.
  • Root Canal Treatment: Root canal therapy is performed to halt a tooth infection, save the tooth, and prevent the need for extraction.
  • Children Dental: Ocean Dental aims to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that helps children feel confident and safe while receiving dental services.

9. Smilepoint Dental Holland Village

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Address43 Jln Merah Saga, #01-64 Chip Bee Gardens, Singapore 278115
Phone+65 6475 1028
Email[email protected]
Opening HoursSunday Closed8:30 am – 6:30 pm
WebsiteSmilepoint Dental
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Smilepoint Dental in Holland Village is your go-to place for top-notch dental care in Singapore. Dr. Marion, Dr. Mark, and Dr. Jolyn are praised for their expertise and friendly approach. Many happy patients have attested to their fantastic experiences, making Smilepoint Dental a trusted choice. Dr. Marion stands out for her thorough and personable care, never pushing unnecessary treatments. 

The entire team, including Dr. Mark, is known for being friendly and professional. Whether it’s teeth whitening, braces, or a family visit, Smilepoint Dental offers a pleasant experience. Dr. Mark’s skills and kindness during teeth whitening procedures have delighted patients. Dr. Jolyn’s exceptional care for adults and kids ensures a positive dental experience for families. Smilepoint Dental dispels fears of dental visits with accommodating staff and a pain-free approach. The clinic’s commitment to friendly service and patient well-being makes it a highly recommended choice, reinforcing its status as one of the best dental clinics in Singapore.


  • Receptionist: A nice person at the front desk welcomes you warmly. They are kind and take their time to help you.
  • Cleaning: They ensure your teeth are clean and shiny. They use special tools to remove all the bad stuff and make your teeth sparkle.
  • Information: They tell you about how to care for your teeth. They share cool tips and tricks so your teeth stay healthy and strong.
  • Fast Appointment: When you need to see the dentist, they don’t make you wait too long. You can quickly get an appointment to see them.
  • Friendly and Patient: Everyone there is nice. They are happy to answer any questions and make you feel comfortable.

10. TOOTH ANGELS Dental Surgeons

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Address8 Eu Tong Sen St, #11-92A Clarke Quay Central, Singapore 059818
Phone+65 8428 2828
Email[email protected]
Opening HoursThursday Closed and Sunday Closed9 am–7 pm

Tooth Angels Dental Surgeons in Singapore are renowned as the best dentists. People love Dr. Brandon Ong for wisdom tooth extraction. He’s super skilled and explains things patiently. During the treatment, he keeps talking, making patients feel better. Dr. Poh is awesome too. Their clinic is lovely, smells nice, and it’s super clean. The view from there is cool! Getting braces was amazing at Tooth Angels. 

The dentists and nurses are caring and very friendly. They’re not just good-looking, but you can feel how clean their place is. Even the staff at the front desk are helpful and kind. Everyone’s recommended Tooth Angels for dental services. For wisdom tooth removal, people trust Tooth Angels. Doctor Keane is calm and professional. No pain during the whole thing. People thank Doctor Keane, his assistant, and the receptionists. Everyone says they’d tell friends to go to Tooth Angels Dental.


  • Wisdom Tooth: It’s a tooth at the back that sometimes causes pain. Dentists can help if it hurts or causes problems.
  • Surgery: Dentists can do special operations to remove problematic teeth and help you feel better.
  • Polishing: They clean and shine your teeth by using special tools to remove stains and keep them healthy.
  • Swelling: Sometimes, your mouth might puff up or feel big. Dentists can help reduce this if it happens.
  • Local Anesthesia: They use special medicine to numb an area so you don’t feel pain during treatments.

11. Crystal Dental Care

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Address262 Serangoon Central Dr, #01-109, Singapore 550262
Phone+65 6612 1955
Email[email protected]
Opening Hours9 am–8 pm
WebsiteCrystal Dental Care
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At Crystal Dental Care, you’ll find the best dentist in Singapore, Dr. Nicholas, known for his expertise and gentle care. He’s great at root canal treatments and crowning. I had four sessions with him, fixing a bad tooth, and it was a good experience! Dr. Nick explained everything and made me feel comfortable. Even though root canal sounds scary, it wasn’t that bad.I’ve been Dr. Nick’s patient since 2019, and I followed him to this clinic because he’s the best. The place is clean and easy to get to, and the staff is friendly. 

Making appointments is easy through WhatsApp, and the fees are fair for the top-notch service. Dr. Dennis Tng at Crystal Dental Care is also amazing. He and his assistant took great care of me during a checkup. They cleaned my teeth well, and they look brighter now. I recommend Dr. Dennis to anyone needing a gentle and reliable dentist. And they even helped me when my wisdom tooth acted up while traveling. No pain and reasonable prices. Thanks, Crystal Dental Care!


  • Clean: Keep your teeth clean and shiny with our dental services. We’ll help you get rid of the dirt and make sure your smile sparkles like the stars.
  • Environment: We create a friendly atmosphere at our dental clinic. It’s like visiting a friend’s house but for your teeth! We want you to feel comfortable and happy.
  • Polishing: Imagine your teeth as little gems. We polish them to make sure they sparkle and shine. It’s like giving your teeth a special treatment to make them look amazing!
  • Doctorate: Our dentists are like dental doctors. They studied a lot to become experts in taking care of your teeth. You can trust them to keep your smile healthy.
  • Invisalign: Forget about bulky braces. Invisalign is like magic! It straightens your teeth without anyone even noticing. It’s like a secret weapon to get a perfect smile.

12. Garden Dental Clinic

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Address491 Bukit Timah Rd, B1-02 Botanic Gardens MRT Station, Singapore 259777
Phone+65 6219 9548
Email[email protected]
Opening HoursSunday Closed9 am–6 pm
WebsiteGarden Dental Clinic
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Garden Dental Clinic is known for being among the best dentists in Singapore. Dr. Jenny Ly, Dr. Kim, and their team provide top-notch service, making visits comfortable and positive. Patients appreciate Dr. Jenny Ly’s expertise in fitting crowns and solving tricky dental issues where others couldn’t. The staff, like Dr. Lim and Fah, are friendly and welcoming, making everyone feel at home.People love Dr. Kim’s painless and quick wisdom tooth extraction, which takes only 30 minutes.

Patients praise Dr. Kim’s patience, informative nature, and confidence during procedures, making experiences stress-free.The clinic’s environment is warm, making patients feel like friends. This makes a big difference, especially for those anxious about dental visits. Many patients plan to return to Garden Dental Clinic for all their future dental needs due to the excellent service and the caring nature of the staff and dentists.


  • Kindness: The dental team is nice and friendly. They make sure you feel comfortable and happy when you visit.
  • Dentures: They help people who lost their teeth by making special, removable teeth that look natural and fit well.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: This is about making your teeth look better. They fix crooked teeth or stains to give you a nice smile.
  • Root Canal Therapy: When a tooth hurts a lot, this treatment helps fix it by cleaning the inside.
  • Dental Team: This group of people works together to keep your teeth healthy and ensure you’re okay when you visit.

13. WeSmile Dental Care

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Address721 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #01-2801, Singapore 560721
Phone+65 6456 0406
Email[email protected]
Opening Hours9 am–8 pm
WebsiteWeSmile Dental Care
ContactContact us

WeSmile Dental Care is the best dental clinic in Singapore known for its friendly and professional team, especially Dr Hayley, regarded as the best dentist in Singapore. Patients feel comfortable and confident due to their caring approach and clear cost explanations. Janice at the front desk makes everyone feel welcome and at ease, reducing anxiety about visiting the dentist. Dr. Hayley is excellent at making dental visits almost pain-free, understanding and addressing patients’ fears. 

They provide stress balls to ease anxiety and ensure minimal pain during procedures like scaling and polishing. Their customer care team on WhatsApp is responsive and friendly, enhancing the overall experience. Patients suffering from tooth grinding or other dental issues find assurance and relief at WeSmile, thanks to Dr. Hayley’s expertise and the supportive staff. For anyone looking for a great dental team, WeSmile Dental Care, led by Dr. Hayley, is the perfect choice for a comfortable and reassuring dental experience.


  • Scaling: Cleaning your teeth deeply removes hidden dirt and keeps them healthy. It’s like giving your teeth a thorough bath to make them shiny.
  • Tooth Extraction: If a tooth is very sick and can’t get better, the dentist gently removes it. It’s like removing a bad seed from a garden to help other teeth grow better.
  • Cleaning: Regular cleaning to make teeth sparkle and keep them healthy. It’s similar to tidying up your room to keep it neat and nice.
  • Explanation: The dentist tells you everything about your teeth in simple words. It’s like having a teacher who explains things clearly so you understand how to care for your teeth.
  • Gum: Taking care of the pink part around your teeth. Like trees need healthy roots, your teeth need healthy gums to stay strong.

14. Mt Elizabeth Dental Surgery

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Address3 Mount Elizabeth, #07-03 Medical Centre, Singapore 228510
Phone+65 6732 2644
Email[email protected]
Opening HoursMon-Sat, 8:30 am – 5 pmSun – Closed
WebsiteMt Elizabeth Dental Surgery

Mt Elizabeth Dental Surgery in Singapore is known as one of the best dentists in Singapore. They are experts in caring for your teeth and ensuring your smile is healthy and bright. The dentists at Mt. Elizabeth are friendly and gentle, making your visit to the dentist a comfortable experience. People say they are the best dentist in Singapore because they use the latest technology to keep your teeth clean and fix any problems.

Whether you need a regular check-up or have a toothache, Mt Elizabeth Dental Surgery is the place to go. They care about your teeth and want to ensure you have the best smile possible. If you’re looking for the best dentist in Singapore, Mt Elizabeth Dental Surgery is the place to go!


  • Friendly Dentists: At Mt Elizabeth Dental Surgery, our dentists are nice and happy to help. They kindly talk to you and make you feel comfortable. You won’t be scared!
  • Cool Toys and Colors: The waiting area has cool toys and bright colours. It’s not boring! You can play with toys and look at pictures while you wait. Fun times!
  • No Hurt Check-ups: Our check-ups don’t hurt. The dentists are careful and gentle. They explain everything before they do it, so you know what’s happening. No need to worry!
  • Stickers and Smiles: After your visit, you get stickers and a big smile from the dentists. They say good job! It makes you feel happy and proud. Stickers are cool!
  • Happy Teeth Tips: The dentists teach you how to keep your teeth happy. They show you the best way to brush and take care of your teeth. Learning and smiling together!

15. Family Dental Centre Harbour Point

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Address1 Harbourfront Pl, #01-02 HarbourFront Tower One, Singapore 098633
Phone+65 6271 8133
Email[email protected]
Opening HoursMon-Sat, 9 am – 6 pmSun – Closed
WebsiteFamily Dental Centre Harbour Point

Family Dental Centre Harbour Point is known for having the best dentist in Singapore. Their team of experts is dedicated to providing top-notch dental care for families. The best dentist in Singapore at Family Dental Centre Harbour Point is highly skilled and friendly. They make sure that your teeth are healthy and happy. 

The best dentist in Singapore uses modern technology to check and fix teeth. They also teach you how to brush and floss properly. Go to Family Dental Centre Harbour Point if you want a shiny smile. The best dentist in Singapore will help you keep your teeth strong and clean. So, if you’re looking for the best dentist in Singapore, visit Family Dental Centre Harbour Point for a happy and healthy smile!


  • Friendly Team: At Family Dental Centre Harbour Point, our team is super nice. They always smile and make you feel comfortable. They talk to you in a way that makes you feel happy and not scared.
  • Cool Decor: The dental office is light. It looks like an adventure! There are colourful chairs, fun pictures on the walls, and a TV to watch while you wait.
  • No Pain Stuff: When they fix your teeth, they use magic to make it not hurt. They have unique stuff that numbs the area, so you don’t feel any pain. It’s like a superhero power!
  • Tooth Treasure: They give you a small gift after your visit. It could be a cool sticker, a fun toy, or something else. It’s like finding a treasure for being brave.
  • Happy Smiles: When you leave, your teeth are clean, and your face feels happy. They help you keep your teeth strong, and you leave with a big, happy smile!

16. Ashford Dental Centre Serangoon

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Address197 Upper Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 534874
Phone+65 6690 3163
Email[email protected]
Opening HoursMon-Sun, 9 am – 9 pm
WebsiteAshford Dental Centre Serangoon

Ashford Dental Centre in Serangoon is renowned for being one of the best dental clinics in Singapore. The team of experienced dentists at Ashford Dental Centre Serangoon ensures top-notch oral care for patients. They are recognized as the best dentists in Singapore, providing expert services and a friendly environment. The best dentists in Singapore at Ashford Dental Centre Serangoon offer a wide range of treatments, from regular check-ups to advanced procedures, ensuring everyone gets the best care possible.

The clinic uses modern technology to make dental visits comfortable and efficient. Choosing Ashford Dental Centre means choosing the best dentist in Singapore for your oral health needs. The positive reviews from satisfied patients reflect the clinic’s commitment to excellence. For a healthy and bright smile, Ashford Dental Centre Serangoon is the top choice among dental clinics in Singapore.


  • Friendly Staff: The people at Ashford Dental Centre in Serangoon are charming. They smile a lot and make you feel comfortable. It’s like visiting friends!
  • Cool Waiting Area: The place where you wait is awesome. There are fun magazines, colourful toys, and even a TV! Time flies because there’s so much to do.
  • Gentle Dentists: The dentists are super gentle. They take good care of your teeth without any scary stuff. You won’t feel any pain, and they explain everything nicely.
  • Clean and Bright: The whole place is very clean. It smells nice, and everything is so shiny. It doesn’t feel like a hospital; it’s more like a happy place for your teeth.
  • Sticker Rewards: After your visit, they give you cool stickers! It’s like a little present for being brave. Collecting stickers makes going to the dentist exciting!

17. Pure NZ Dental

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Address62 Jalan Jurong Kechil, JK Building, Singapore 598584
Phone+65 6463 0257
Email[email protected]
Opening HoursMon-Sat, 9 am –  6  pmSun – Closed
WebsitePure NZ Dental

Pure NZ Dental is a top-notch dental clinic, standing out as the best dentist in Singapore. They excel in providing excellent oral care for everyone. The skilled team uses the latest technology and techniques to ensure pain-free and effective treatments. If you’re looking for the best dentist in Singapore, Pure NZ Dental is the place to go.

Their friendly staff creates a comfortable patient environment, making each visit stress-free. They cater to all your dental needs, from regular check-ups to advanced procedures. With a commitment to quality service, Pure NZ Dental has earned a reputation as the best dentist in Singapore. Trust them for a brighter and healthier smile.


  • Friendly Team: Pure NZ Dental has a lovely team. They always smile and make you feel happy. You meet friends who care for your teeth When you go there.
  • Excellent Tools: At Pure NZ Dental, they use cool tools for your teeth. These tools are gentle and not scary. The dentists know how to use them to keep your teeth strong.
  • Fun Waiting Area: Waiting is not boring at Pure NZ Dental. They have a fun area with toys and games. You can play and have a good time before your turn comes.
  • No Hurry: The dentists at Pure NZ Dental don’t hurry. They take their time to check your teeth properly. They make sure everything is okay. You don’t feel rushed.
  • Healthy Smiles: Pure NZ Dental helps you have a healthy smile. They teach you how to keep your teeth clean and strong. When you leave, your smile feels happy and bright.

18. Casa Dental (Clementi): Dental Implant and Invisalign Centre

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Address420A Clementi Ave 1, #01-02, Singapore 121420
Phone+65 6334 6984
Email[email protected]
Opening HoursMon-Sun, 10 am – 8:30 pm
WebsiteCasa Dental

Casa Dental in Clementi is a top-notch Dental Implant and Invisalign Centre in Singapore. Known for having the best dentists in Singapore, Casa Dental offers expert care and cutting-edge treatments. The skilled professionals at Casa Dental are dedicated to ensuring your smile is healthy and beautiful. Casa Dental is the place to go if you’re looking for the best dentist in Singapore. Their team specializes in dental implants and Invisalign, providing personalized solutions for your dental needs.

The clinic boasts modern facilities and a warm environment, making your dental experience comfortable. Casa Dental’s commitment to excellence has earned them a reputation as the best dental clinic in Singapore. With a focus on patient satisfaction and the latest dental technologies, Casa Dental stands out as a reliable choice for achieving a confident and healthy smile. Visit Casa Dental in Clementi for top-tier dental care.


  • Dental Implants for Strong Teeth: Casa Dental in Clementi offers unique implants to replace missing teeth. These implants are like super strong roots that help you chew better and smile confidently. No more gaps!
  • Invisible Braces for Perfect Smiles: Forget about metal braces! Casa Dental has Invisalign, an excellent way to straighten teeth without anyone noticing. These clear aligners are like magic trays that fix your teeth.
  • Friendly Dentists Who Care: At Casa Dental, dentists are superheroes for teeth. They are kind, gentle, and always ready to answer your questions. They make sure you feel comfortable during your visits.
  • Sparkling Clean Clinic: Casa Dental is super clean and cozy. It’s like a dental spa! The waiting area has fun stuff, and the treatment rooms are shiny and bright. You won’t be scared here.
  • Smile-Friendly Technology: Casa Dental uses the latest gadgets to keep your teeth healthy. They have incredible machines that make dental visits quick and painless. Say goodbye to old-fashioned scary tools!

19. Elements Dental

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Address895 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 589616
Phone+65 6463 2830
Email[email protected]
Opening HoursMon-Sat, 9:30 am – 6:30 pmSun – Closed
WebsiteElements Dental

Elements Dental is the best dentist in Singapore, offering top-notch dental care for a sparkling smile. With a team of skilled professionals, Elements Dental is your go-to place for all things teeth! From regular check-ups to advanced treatments, they’ve got it covered. The best dentist in Singapore ensures a pain-free experience, making you feel comfortable and at ease.

Using the latest technology, Elements Dental provides high-quality services, leaving your teeth healthy and happy. Don’t miss out on the best dental care – visit Elements Dental today! Your journey to a bright, beautiful smile starts here with the best dentist in Singapore. Trust Elements Dental for all your dental needs and embrace the confidence of a healthy, radiant smile!


  • Friendly Dentists: At Elements Dental, our dentists are super nice! They always greet you with a warm smile and make sure you feel comfortable. They simply explain everything so you understand what’s happening with your teeth.
  • Fun Waiting Room: Our waiting room is like a play area! There are colorful books, toys, and games. You won’t be bored waiting for your turn. It’s a happy place where you can relax and maybe even make new friends.
  • Magic Toothbrushes: Our toothbrushes are like magic wands! They clean your teeth and make them sparkle. The dentists will show you the cool tricks to brush properly, so your teeth stay strong and healthy.
  • Cool Stickers: After your check-up, you get to pick a cool sticker! There are stickers with funny animals, superheroes, and more. It’s a little reward for being brave and taking care of your teeth.
  • Happy Smiles Club: Join our Happy Smiles Club! You get a special card, and every visit earns you a sticker or a small prize. It’s like a fun game to keep your teeth happy and shining bright!

20. NoFrills Dental

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Address3 Temasek Blvd, #03 – 317, Singapore 038983
Phone+65 6337 7319
Email[email protected]
Opening HoursMon-Sat, 10 am – 7 pmSun – Closed
WebsiteNoFrills Dental

NoFrills Dental is a top-notch dental clinic in Singapore, often hailed as the best dentist in Singapore. Their expert team of dentists works hard to keep your smile healthy and bright. NoFrills Dental stands out for its affordable and quality dental care services. From regular check-ups to advanced treatments, they offer a wide range of services to meet your dental needs. When you visit NoFrills Dental, you’ll experience a friendly and professional environment.

The best dentist in Singapore is committed to providing excellent care and making you feel comfortable during your visit. They use modern technology and follow strict hygiene standards to ensure the best possible outcomes for your oral health. For a dental experience that prioritizes your well-being without breaking the bank, NoFrills Dental is the go-to choice as the best dentist in Singapore. Trust them for a healthy and happy smile!


  • Smile Saver Plans: NoFrills Dental offers affordable Smile Saver Plans, like a superhero for your teeth. These plans help keep your teeth strong without breaking the piggy bank. Healthy smiles for everyone!
  • Friendly Dentists: Imagine going to a dental place where the dentists are like friendly magicians! NoFrills Dental’s dentists are experts in making you feel comfortable. Say goodbye to scary dentist visits!
  • Quick Check-Ups: No long waits! NoFrills Dental is like a speedy race car for check-ups. They know your time is precious. In a flash, your teeth get a check-up, and you’re back to your adventures.
  • Cool Play Area: Waiting at the dentist can be boring, right? Not at NoFrills Dental! They have a cool play area where you can have fun while waiting. It’s like a mini adventure land!
  • Magic Tools: NoFrills Dental uses special tools that feel like magic wands for your teeth. These tools fix problems without any pain. It’s like having tooth fairies working on your smile!

Dentist Services

For unparalleled dental services in Singapore, look no further than the best dentists dedicated to ensuring oral health and radiant smiles. Renowned for their expertise, the top-notch dental practitioners in Singapore offer a comprehensive range of services beyond routine check-ups. From meticulous cleanings and preventive care to advanced treatments like cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics, these professionals prioritize your well-being.

The best dentists in Singapore are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and employ cutting-edge technologies to deliver precise diagnoses and effective treatments. Committing to patient comfort and satisfaction, they create a warm, welcoming environment that eases dental anxieties. Whether you seek routine care or specialized procedures, the best dentists in Singapore blend skill with compassion to provide exceptional oral healthcare. Trust in their expertise to achieve optimal dental health and a confident smile that lasts a lifetime.

The Clinic Ensures A Clean And Hygienic Environment For Patients

The Clinic, revered as the best dentist in Singapore, prioritizes a pristine and hygienic setting to guarantee optimal patient care. Impeccable cleanliness is their cornerstone, evident in their stringent protocols and state-of-the-art facilities. From the moment patients step in, a meticulously maintained environment assures comfort and safety. Sterilization practices adhere to the highest standards, ensuring equipment and surroundings remain sanitized.

The clinic’s commitment to hygiene extends beyond visible areas, emphasizing thorough disinfection practices in every corner. Their dedicated team meticulously maintains cleanliness, fostering an atmosphere that promotes wellness and trust. Patients experience peace of mind, knowing they are in a space where hygiene isn’t just a practice but a promise upheld with utmost diligence. This dedication to a clean and hygienic environment defines the clinic’s reputation as the pinnacle of dental care in Singapore, earning them trust and acclaim within the community.


In wrapping up the quest for the Best Dentist in Singapore, it’s clear that maintaining a healthy smile is a top priority for many. The journey through various dental clinics highlighted the importance of professional care and expertise. From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, the city’s best dentists ensure a bright and confident grin for all. Remember, regular dental visits contribute to overall well-being.

For those eager to explore more healthcare options, another fascinating read awaits them. The blog also features insights into the Best Women’s Clinics in Singapore. It’s a treasure trove of information to address diverse health needs. So, while securing the title of the Best Dentist in Singapore is vital, the broader healthcare landscape offers a myriad of choices for everyone. Keep smiling, Singapore!

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