Best Frog Porridge In Singapore

Best 15 Frog Porridge In Singapore In 2024: The Ultimate Guide

By Chua Jian Yong

Frog porridge is a special dish enjoyed by many people in Singapore. It’s made from frogs cooked in a tasty soup with rice. People love it because it’s delicious and feels good to eat, especially on a fantastic evening. 

In Singapore, some places make the best frog porridge. They use fresh frogs and tasty ingredients to make the dish perfect. Eating at these places makes you feel like you’re tasting something exceptional.

Now, let’s talk about another delicious dish – chilli crabs! These are very famous in Singapore and loved by locals and tourists alike. The Best Chilli Crabs In Singapore are made with fresh crabs cooked in a spicy and flavorful chilli sauce. 

The crabs are big and juicy, and the sauce is tangy and sweet. You’ll want to lick your fingers when you eat chilli crabs because they’re so tasty! If you’re in Singapore, remember to try the best chilli crabs. You won’t be disappointed!

1. G7 Frog Porridge

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Address163 Geylang Road, Lorong 3 Geylang, Singapore 389239
Opening hours Everyday: 3 pm–3 am
Phone+65 6848 4161
Email[email protected]
Website G7 Frog Porridge

Since 1999, G7 Frog Porridge has been delighting diners with its delectable dishes in Geylang. Their journey began with a passion for cooking and a commitment to sharing homemade recipes with the community. Over the years, they’ve honed their culinary skills, striving for excellence in their menu. 

One standout dish is their Signature Frog Porridge, which has earned acclaim in the local area. G7 takes great care in sourcing and preparing the freshest frogs with meticulous attention to detail. 

This dedication ensures that each serving reflects its commitment to quality and flavour. Whether you’re a longtime patron or a first-time visitor, G7 Frog Porridge promises a dining experience like no other. For a taste of authentic Singaporean cuisine made with love and expertise, look no further than G7 Frog Porridge in Geylang.


  • Fresh Ingredients: We use only the freshest ingredients in our dishes, ensuring every bite bursts with flavour and nutritional goodness. Our commitment to quality starts from sourcing to serving, guaranteeing a delightful dining experience.
  • Friendly Service: Our staff is dedicated to providing friendly and attentive service to all our customers. From welcoming you with a smile to assisting with menu choices, we strive to make your visit enjoyable and memorable.
  • Clean Environment: We maintain a clean and hygienic environment throughout our restaurant. From the kitchen to the dining area, cleanliness is our top priority, ensuring a comfortable and safe dining experience for everyone.

2. Eminent Frog Porridge

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Address323 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389359
Opening hours Everyday: 4 pm–3:30 am
Friday, Saturday: 4 pm–4 am
Tuesday: Closed
Phone+65 9842 2941
Email[email protected]
Website Eminent Frog Porridge

Established in 2004, Eminent Frog Porridge is renowned for its diverse frog-based dishes. Customers can indulge in tender frog meat cooked in rich gravy, served alongside comforting plain porridge. The stall offers alternative options for those less keen on frogs, like sweet and sour pork or fried crab with pepper. 

Its unwavering consistency in delivering velvety smooth porridge and irresistibly flavorful frog meat sets Eminent apart, earning them multiple Michelin Bib Gourmand awards. Their standout dish, the Special Frog with Garlic and White Pepper, is a unique delicacy not commonly found elsewhere. 

Moreover, Eminent prides itself on its exclusive offerings, including the Homemade Chilli Frog and other specialities that tantalise the taste buds. With its dedication to quality and innovation, Eminent Frog Porridge has become a beloved culinary destination for frog enthusiasts and food lovers, promising a memorable dining experience with each visit.


  • Wide Variety of Dishes: Enjoy a diverse menu featuring a range of frog-based dishes and alternative options like sweet and sour pork or fried crab with pepper, catering to different tastes and preferences.
  • Consistent Quality: Count on Eminent for consistently delicious fare, including velvety smooth porridge and addictive frog meat, ensuring a satisfying dining experience every time you visit.
  • Exclusive Offerings: Discover unique specialities such as the Special Frog with Garlic and White Pepper and Homemade Chilli Frog, crafted with care and available only at Eminent Frog Porridge.

3. Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Porridge

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Address235 Geylang Road, Lor 9 Geylang, Singapore 389294
Opening hours Everyday:11 am–4 pm
Phone+65 8688 8839
Email[email protected]
Website Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Porridge

Founded in 1995, Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Porridge has been a staple in Singapore’s culinary scene for over 20 years. Initially located in Geylang Lane 9, it has since expanded across Asia, earning accolades from the Singapore Tourism Board and local food enthusiasts. 

With outlets in Malaysia, China, Cambodia, and Vietnam, it’s recognised as a must-try dish for visitors to Singapore. The stall’s signature onion ginger frog sauce adds a delicious touch, catering to spice lovers and those who prefer milder flavours. 

Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Porridge’s enduring success is a testament to its commitment to quality and innovation in serving up delectable bowls of frog porridge for nearly three decades, making it a beloved choice for locals and tourists alike.


  • Authentic Taste: Experience the authentic flavours of traditional frog porridge crafted with our unique recipe, ensuring each bowl is delicious and reminiscent of homemade goodness, making every bite a delightful experience.
  • Extensive Menu Options: Choose from a wide selection of dishes, including frog porridge, sweet and sour pork, and fried crab with pepper, catering to diverse tastes and preferences, guaranteeing something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Friendly Atmosphere: Enjoy dining in a warm and welcoming environment where our attentive staff ensure your comfort and satisfaction, creating a pleasant dining experience for you and your companions.

4. Tiong Shian Porridge

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Address265 New Bridge Rd, Singapore 088745
Opening hours Everyday:8 am–4 pm
Monday: Closed
Phone+65 6222 3911
Website Tiong Shian Porridge

Tiong Shian Porridge, located in Chinatown, is a go-to spot for porridge lovers. They offer various options catering to different tastes, from healthy choices like shredded chicken and cuttlefish to indulgent dishes like claypot crab porridge. For the adventurous, there’s even crocodile meat porridge available.

However, what sets Tiong Shian apart is their famous Claypot Frog Porridge. This dish features generous portions of spring onion and tender frog meat cooked in a claypot. The rice base is silky and comforting, providing a nourishing meal. 

They recommend adding a braised egg to your order for an extra treat. With its diverse menu and standout specialities, Tiong Shian Porridge promises a satisfying dining experience for all porridge enthusiasts, making it a must-visit destination in Chinatown.


  • Diverse Porridge Selection: Enjoy a wide variety of porridge options catering to different preferences, from healthy choices like shredded chicken and cuttlefish to indulgent dishes like claypot crab porridge, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Specialty Claypot Frog Porridge: Indulge in our signature dish featuring tender frog meat cooked in a claypot with generous cuts of spring onion, offering a flavorful and comforting meal that will satisfy your cravings.
  • Comfortable Dining Environment: Relax and dine in a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, where our friendly staff ensure your comfort and enjoyment, providing attentive service to make your dining experience pleasant and memorable.

5. Hong Chang Frog Porridge

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Address2 Braddell Rd, Singapore 359895
Opening hours Everyday: 3 pm–2 am
Monday: Closed
Phone+65 9160 3125

Hong Chang Frog Porridge, also known as Hong Chang Eating House, offers a delightful dining experience. Their signature dish is the Kung Pao Chilli Frog Leg, served in a warm claypot alongside thick plain porridge. The Ginger Claypot Frog Leg is a tasty alternative for milder flavours. 

To complement your meal, consider ordering the BBQ Sambal Stingray or the Cai Po Omelette to share. The restaurant provides a cosy atmosphere in which to enjoy a hearty and satisfying meal with friends and family. 

With its focus on flavorful frog porridge and delicious BBQ fish dishes, Hong Chang Eating House is a favourite among locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re craving spicy delights or seeking something milder, there’s something on the menu to tantalise your taste buds and satisfy you.


  • Speciality Frog Porridge: Indulge in our signature dish of fragrant frog porridge, served in a warm claypot. Choose from savoury options like Kung Pao Chilli Frog Leg or the milder Ginger Claypot Frog Leg for a flavorful and satisfying meal.
  • BBQ Fish Selection: Enjoy a variety of BBQ fish dishes, including BBQ Sambal Stingray, which offers a spicy kick or the savoury Cai Po Omelette, which is perfect for sharing with friends and family.
  • Cozy Dining Environment: Relax in our welcoming atmosphere, where you can dine comfortably with friends and family. Our attentive staff ensure a pleasant dining experience, making every visit memorable and enjoyable.

6. Niu B Frog Porridge

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Address217 Syed Alwi Rd, Singapore 207776
Opening hours Everyday: 5 pm–3:30 am
Monday: Closed
Phone+65 8450 6464
Website Niu B Frog

Niu B Frog Porridge is a popular dining spot known for its delicious frog porridge dishes. It is located in the city’s heart and offers diners a cosy and inviting atmosphere. The menu features a variety of frog porridge options, including classic favourites like ginger frog porridge and spicy chilli frog porridge. 

Each dish is prepared with care and attention to detail, ensuring a flavorful and satisfying dining experience. In addition to frog porridge, Niu B offers a selection of side dishes, such as crispy fried chicken and stir-fried vegetables, to complement your meal. 

Whether you’re a fan of frog porridge or looking to try something new, Niu B Frog Porridge has something for everyone. With its friendly service and delicious food, it’s no wonder Niu B is a favourite among locals and visitors alike.


  • Variety of Frog Porridge Dishes: Enjoy a range of delicious options, including ginger and spicy chilli frog porridge, offering different flavours to suit your taste preferences and cravings.
  • Side Dish Selection: Choose from tasty side dishes like crispy fried chicken and stir-fried vegetables, perfect for complementing your frog porridge meal and adding flavour and variety.
  • Cosy Dining Atmosphere: Relax and dine in a comfortable and welcoming environment where you can enjoy your meal with friends and family. Our friendly staff ensure a pleasant dining experience for all our customers.

7. Dragoncity Claypot Frog Porridge

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Address180 Joo Chiat Rd, 180, Singapore 427451
Opening hours Everyday: 4 pm–2 am
Phone+65 9446 4666
Email[email protected]
Website Dragoncity Claypot Frog Porridge

Dragoncity Claypot Frog Porridge, initially located in Dunman Food Centre, is renowned for its flavorful claypot frog porridge. Owned by part-time actor Alvin Teo, it has attracted celebrity patrons like JJ Lin and Hong Hui Fang. 

The menu boasts a variety of frog flavours, including mala, chicken essence, and herbal frogs, offering something for every palate. In addition to their star dish, Dragoncity serves zichar dishes like sweet and sour pork, chilli cockles, minced pork tofu, and seafood fried rice. 

Customers rave about the tender frog legs and savoury kung pao sauce, with some opting for the comforting lobster claypot soup for extra indulgence. The endorsement of Singaporean singer-songwriter JJ Lin adds to the stall’s allure.


  • Flavorful Frog Porridge Options: Choose from various delicious frog porridge flavours, such as mala, chicken essence, and herbal frogs, ensuring a satisfying meal tailored to your taste preferences and cravings.
  • Zichar Dish Selection: Enjoy a variety of zichar dishes, including sweet and sour pork, chilli cockles, minced pork tofu, and seafood fried rice, perfect for complementing your frog porridge meal with extra flavour and variety.
  • Celebrity Endorsement: Join the ranks of celebrity patrons like JJ Lin and Hong Hui Fang by indulging in our delectable claypot frog porridge, knowing you’re enjoying a dish loved by renowned personalities.

8. Hua Zai Frog Porridge Zi Char

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AddressBlk 125 Lor 1 Toa Payoh, #01-523, Singapore 310125
Opening hours Everyday: 11:30 am–10:30 pm
Phone+65 8915 0936
Website Hua Zai Frog Porridge

Hua Zai Frog Porridge Zi Char is in a Teck Ghee View coffee shop, offering a menu predominantly centred around frog meat dishes. However, it also features classic zichar items like egg tofu, cereal prawns, and crab bee hoon. 

Regular customers praise the stall for its flavorful sauce and the slightly thick consistency of the porridge. This eatery caters to frog porridge enthusiasts and those seeking traditional zichar fare. 

Its location within a bustling coffee shop adds charm, providing a casual dining experience for locals and visitors alike. With its focus on quality and taste, Hua Zai Frog Porridge Zi Char has become a favourite among diners seeking hearty and satisfying meals in a relaxed setting.


  • Frog-Centric Menu: Enjoy a menu centred around frog meat dishes, featuring options like frog porridge and other frog-based specialities, ensuring a satisfying dining experience for frog lovers and enthusiasts.
  • Classic Zi Char Dishes: Explore a selection of traditional zi char dishes, including favourites like egg tofu, cereal prawns, and crab bee hoon, providing additional choices for a well-rounded meal.
  • Consistent Quality: Experience flavorful sauces and slightly thick porridge with every visit, as our commitment to quality, ensures a consistently delicious dining experience that keeps regular customers coming back for more.

9. S7 Live Frog Porridge

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Address213/215 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389273
Opening hours Everyday: 4 pm–4 am
Phone+65 6970 5676
Website S7 Live Frog Porridge

S7 Live Frog Porridge, located in Geylang, is famous for late-night cravings. In addition to its signature frog porridge, the menu features a variety of Chinese and Singaporean dishes, including zi char favourites like fish head curry and BBQ sotong. 

Customers rave about the dried chilli frog, which offers three spice levels to accommodate different preferences. For those who prefer milder flavours, the sweet ginger spring onion frog pairs well with white congee. 

The claypot frog porridge is also highly recommended for its reliability and comforting taste. With its diverse menu and crowd-pleasing dishes, S7 Live Frog Porridge caters to a wide range of tastes and cravings, making it a go-to spot for supper in Geylang. 


  • Extensive Menu Options: Enjoy a wide range of Chinese and Singaporean dishes, including frog porridge and zi char favourites like fish head curry and BBQ sotong, offering something for every taste and craving.
  • Customisable Spice Levels: Choose from three spice levels for the dried chilli frog dish, ensuring it caters to different preferences for spiciness, accommodating spice lovers and those who prefer milder flavours.
  • Reliable Claypot Frog Porridge: Indulge in the comforting and delicious claypot frog porridge, known for its reliability and satisfying taste, providing a hearty and fulfilling meal option for customers.

10. JW 491 Frog Porridge

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Address90 Boon Lay Pl, #01-01 Savoy Theatre, Singapore 649884
Opening hours Everyday: 4:30 pm–2:30 am
Phone+65 8354 5588
Website JW 491 Frog Porridge

JW 491 Frog Porridge is a simple eatery known for its delicious claypot frog dishes offered at affordable prices. Despite its limited menu, the focus on quality claypot frogs is evident. The aroma alone tempts customers, often leading to quick sell-outs. 

Standout specialities include the claypot dried chilli frog and claypot ginger onion frog, both cooked to perfection in decadent sauces. The generous portions of frog meat are satisfyingly chewy and pair well with the claypot plain porridge. 

This no-frills establishment prioritises flavour and value, making it popular for those craving hearty and comforting meals. With its commitment to serving piping hot claypot frogs at budget-friendly prices, JW 491 Frog Porridge has earned a loyal following among diners seeking a satisfying and affordable dining experience.


  • Affordable Claypot Frog Dishes: Enjoy piping hot claypot frogs at wallet-friendly prices, satisfying your cravings for delicious frog porridge without breaking the bank.
  • Limited Menu, Serious Claypot Frogs: Despite a small menu, JW 491 takes its claypot frogs seriously, ensuring each dish is perfectly cooked with fragrant sauces and hefty frog pieces.
  • Quick Sell-Outs, Go Early: Due to high demand, dishes often sell out fast, so it’s best to arrive early to ensure you get all the mouthwatering claypot frog specialities.

11. Lion City Frog Porridge

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Address235 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389294
Opening hours Everyday: 3 pm–3:30 am
Sunday & Tuesday: 3 pm–12 am
Phone+65 6746 8105

Lion City Frog Porridge, nestled along Geylang Road, is a popular late-night supper spot. While slightly pricier than others, it offers dependable and flavorful frog porridge. The tender frog meat pairs perfectly with the rich and spicy Gong Bao sauce, creating a satisfying meal. 

Interestingly, there’s a bit of confusion with another stall named Shi Cheng 狮城 Frog Porridge, which turns out to be the same place as Lion City. Despite the name mix-up, Lion City remains a top choice for quality frog porridge in Geylang. 

So, if you’re searching online for frog porridge, remember they’re the same, ensuring you will get all the delicious offerings at Geylang Lorong 9. Lion City Frog Porridge stands out for its consistency and taste, making it a go-to destination for those craving a hearty and fulfilling supper experience.


  • Dependable Frog Porridge: Enjoy a solid and reliable bowl of frog porridge with tender frog meat and flavorful Gong Bao sauce, providing a satisfying meal option for late-night cravings in Geylang.
  • Accessible Location: Conveniently located along Geylang Road, it is an ideal spot for a late-night supper without hassle.
  • Consistency in Quality: Despite being slightly pricier, Lion City Frog Porridge maintains consistent quality and taste, ensuring a rewarding dining experience every visit.

12. Chang Jiang G1 Claypot Frog Porridge

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Address314 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389353
Opening hours Everyday: 1–11:15 pm
Phone+65 9010 7572
Email[email protected]
WebsiteChang Jiang G1 Claypot Frog Porridge

Chang Jiang G1 Claypot Frog Porridge, conveniently near Chinatown MRT, is a top choice for frog porridge lovers. What sets it apart is the unbelievably low price of $5 for individual portions, making it a budget-friendly option. Despite the low cost, the gravy is dark and spicy, enhancing the flavour of the plain porridge. 

Customers are pleasantly surprised by the generous servings of frog meat, with some finding up to 4 frog legs in their bowl. This affordability, combined with ample portions, makes Chang Jiang G1 the most economical choice for frog porridge in the area. 

Its convenient location and wallet-friendly prices make it an ideal spot for those craving a delicious yet budget-friendly meal. With its commitment to providing generous portions at unbeatable prices, Chang Jiang G1 Claypot Frog Porridge has become a favourite among locals and visitors alike.


  • Affordable Individual Portions: Enjoy portions of frog porridge priced at only $5, making it an incredibly budget-friendly option for a satisfying meal.
  • Flavorful Gravy: Indulge in dark and spicy gravy that enhances the taste of the plain porridge, adding a delightful kick to every bite.
  • Generous Frog Portions: Experience generous servings of frog meat, with some bowls containing up to 4 frog legs, ensuring a hearty and fulfilling meal without breaking the bank.

13. Sin Heng Kee Porridge

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Address685 Hougang St. 61, #01-150, Singapore 530685
Opening hours Everyday: 7 am–8 pm
Tuesday: Closed
Phone+65 9118 1569
WebsiteSin Heng Kee Porridge

Sin Heng Kee Porridge is renowned for its extensive selection of over 20 types of porridge in Singapore. Beyond plain porridge, their signature Sliced Pork Porridge is popular with those seeking heartier flavours. Located in Hougang, this eatery specialises in thick and flavorful porridge topped with various ingredients. 

Their Claypot Ginger Onion Frog Porridge stands out, where the frogs are cooked with porridge, enhancing the overall taste. Alternatively, you can opt for the Claypot Ginger Onion Frog separately. Sin Heng Kee Porridge offers a delicious dining experience with its range of toppings and rich flavours, making it a favourite among congee enthusiasts in the area. 

Whether you’re craving something classic like sliced pork porridge or something more indulgent like claypot frog porridge, Sin Heng Kee Porridge has something to satisfy every palate.


  • Wide Variety of Porridge: Choose from over 20 types of porridge, catering to diverse preferences and tastes, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Signature Sliced Pork Porridge: Indulge in the eatery’s famous sliced pork porridge, offering hearty flavours to elevate your dining experience.
  • Specialty Claypot Frog Porridge: Enjoy claypot frog porridge cooked with ginger and onion for a rich and flavorful dish. Opt for the frogs separately for a different culinary experience.

14. Shi Sheng Claypot Frog

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Address235 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389294
Opening hours Everyday:  11 am–5 pm
Phone+65 9828 8219

Shi Sheng Claypot Frog is a popular dining spot known for its delicious claypot frog dishes. Located conveniently in the city’s heart, it offers diners a cosy and inviting atmosphere. The menu features a variety of claypot frog options, cooked with flavorful sauces and aromatic spices. 

Customers rave about the tender frog meat and rich, savoury flavours that make each dish a delight to savour. The claypot frog dishes are served piping hot, ensuring a satisfying and comforting meal experience. In addition to frog specialities, Shi Sheng offers a selection of other Chinese dishes to complement your meal. 

With its commitment to quality and taste, Shi Sheng Claypot Frog has become a favourite among locals and visitors. Whether craving a hearty claypot frog dish or exploring other Chinese flavours, Shi Sheng Claypot Frog promises a memorable dining experience with its delicious offerings.


  • Delicious Claypot Frog Dishes: Indulge in flavorful claypot frog dishes cooked with aromatic spices and rich sauces, ensuring a satisfying and delightful dining experience for frog enthusiasts and food lovers.
  • Cosy Dining Atmosphere: Enjoy a cosy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxing and savouring your meal with friends and family, providing a pleasant dining experience.
  • Convenient Location: Located in the city’s heart, Shi Sheng Claypot Frog offers easy access for diners, making it a convenient choice for satisfying your cravings for delicious claypot frog dishes.

15. Wong Chiew Restaurant 皇潮餐室

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Address19 Sembawang Rd, Singapore 779075
Opening hours Everyday: 6 am–1 am
Wednesday: Closed
Phone+65 6456 6838
Email[email protected]
WebsiteWong Chiew Restaurant

Wong Chiew Restaurant stands out for its fresh and sweet frog meat, although some find the gravy lacking in seasoning. However, its main draw is its 24/7 operating hours, making it a go-to spot for late-night cravings. 

Despite the minor seasoning issue, Wong Chiew’s availability at all hours ensures it’s included in the list of options for anyone struck with a massive craving, even during odd hours. 

This accessibility makes it a convenient choice for those seeking a satisfying meal at any time or night. While the seasoning might be challenging, Wong Chiew’s commitment to round-the-clock service ensures it remains a popular choice among diners looking for a quick and tasty fix, regardless of the hour.


  • Fresh Frog Meat: Enjoy fresh and sweet frog meat, ensuring a delicious and satisfying dining experience for frog enthusiasts and food lovers.
  • 24/7 Operating Hours: Benefit from round-the-clock service, allowing customers to satisfy their cravings anytime, making it a convenient choice for late-night dining.
  • Convenient Cravings: Indulge in delicious frog dishes even at odd hours, thanks to Wong Chiew’s availability, ensuring you never have to go without your favourite meal when hunger strikes.

Frog porridge comes in a variety of flavours to suit different preferences. One popular flavour is the classic ginger and spring onion, known for its aromatic and comforting taste. Dried chilli frog porridge is a favourite choice for those who enjoy a spicy kick, offering a fiery and flavorful experience. 

Another popular option is the claypot frog porridge, simmered in a claypot to enhance the richness of the broth and tenderise the frog meat. Some eateries also offer speciality flavours like black bean sauce or curry frog porridge, adding a unique twist to this dish. 

Whether you prefer something mild and comforting or spicy and bold, there’s a frog porridge flavour for everyone in Singapore. These diverse flavours contribute to the popularity of frog porridge as a comforting and satisfying meal option among locals and visitors alike.

Traditional Frog Porridge

Traditional frog porridge is a comforting and hearty dish enjoyed for generations in various Asian cultures. It typically consists of tender frog meat cooked in a flavorful broth and served with steaming hot porridge. The frog meat is often marinated with aromatic spices such as ginger, garlic, and spring onion to enhance its natural flavour.

The porridge is cooked until creamy and smooth, providing a comforting base for the tender frog meat. This dish is loved for its simplicity and satisfying taste, making it a popular choice for everyday meals and special occasions.

Traditional frog porridge is often enjoyed as a main course, especially during cooler weather or when seeking comfort food. It’s a dish that brings people together, whether enjoyed with family at home or shared with friends at a local eatery. Traditional frog porridge is a timeless classic that continues to delight taste buds and warm hearts.

History Of Frog Porridge

The history of frog porridge dates back centuries, originating in Chinese cuisine. Initially, frog meat was consumed for its purported medicinal properties in traditional Chinese medicine. Over time, it became a culinary delicacy enjoyed for its tender texture and unique flavour. 

Frog porridge gained popularity in regions with abundant frog populations, such as Southeast Asia, where it became a staple dish in local cuisine. The cooking method evolved, with frogs stewed or braised in flavorful broths and served over steaming hot porridge. 

In Singapore, frog porridge has become a popular street food, with numerous eateries specialising in this dish. Today, frog porridge remains a beloved comfort food locals and visitors enjoy. Its rich history and cultural significance have contributed to its enduring popularity, making it a cherished part of culinary heritage in many regions worldwide.

Typical Ingredients Used In Frog Porridge

Frog porridge has several vital ingredients contributing to its delicious flavour and texture. The main ingredient is frog meat, which is tender and savoury when appropriately cooked. Other common ingredients include aromatic spices like ginger, garlic, and spring onion, which marinate the frog meat and enhance its flavour. 

The porridge is made from rice cooked until soft and creamy, providing a comforting base for the frog meat. Additional seasonings such as soy sauce, salt, and pepper are often added to the porridge to taste. 

Some variations of frog porridge may include additional ingredients like mushrooms, vegetables, or tofu for added texture and flavour. Overall, the combination of tender frog meat, flavorful spices, and creamy porridge makes frog porridge a satisfying and comforting dish many enjoy.

Health Benefits Of Eating Frog Meat

Eating frog meat offers several health benefits due to its nutritional content. Frog meat is high in protein and essential for building and repairing muscles, tissues, and cells. It is also low in fat and calories, making it a lean source of protein that can aid in weight management and promote heart health. 

Additionally, frog meat contains essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12, vital for energy production, and iron, which helps prevent anaemia and supports healthy blood circulation. 

Frog meat is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which benefit brain health and reduce inflammation. Overall, incorporating frog meat into your diet can provide a nutritious and delicious source of protein that supports overall health and well-being.


Finding the best frog porridge in Singapore can be a delightful culinary adventure. With many eateries offering various flavours and preparations, there is something to suit every taste bud. Each dish is comforting and satisfying, from traditional ginger and spring onion to spicy chilli and fragrant claypot versions. 

While some establishments may excel in the freshness and tenderness of frog meat, others may stand out for their flavorful gravies or convenient operating hours. Ultimately, the best frog porridge is subjective and depends on individual preferences. Exploring different eateries and trying out their offerings is the best way to discover your favourite.

As for the Best Fish Head Curry In Singapore, few dishes rival this iconic dish’s bold flavours and aromatic spices. A fragrant blend of curry spices, tender fish head, and assorted vegetables makes for a mouthwatering experience that satisfies cravings and warms the soul. Whether enjoyed at a local hawker centre or a renowned restaurant, Singapore’s best fish head curry promises a culinary journey filled with rich flavours and unforgettable tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Frog Porridge In Singapore (FAQ’s)

What is frog porridge in Singapore?

Frog porridge in Singapore is a popular dish consisting of tender frog meat cooked in a flavorful broth and served over steaming hot rice porridge.

What is Singapore porridge?

Singapore porridge is a comforting rice porridge dish typically served with toppings such as meat, seafood, or century eggs.

What does frog porridge taste like?

Frog porridge has a mild, sweet flavour similar to chicken or fish. It absorbs the flavours of the broth it’s cooked in, resulting in a savoury taste.

What does a frog taste like?

Frog meat has a delicate flavour and texture, often compared to chicken or fish. It can take on the flavours of the spices and seasonings used in cooking.

What is the national breakfast of Singapore?

Kaya toast with soft-boiled eggs is a popular breakfast choice in Singapore, often enjoyed with a cup of kopi or teh.

What country is famous for porridge?

Scotland is famous for its oatmeal porridge, often served with milk or cream and sweetened with honey or brown sugar.

What is porridge called in India?

In India, porridge is known as “kheer” or “payasam,” sweet rice puddings flavoured with spices, nuts, and dried fruits.

Can a pregnant lady eat frog porridge?

Pregnant women can safely eat frog porridge if prepared hygienically and cooked thoroughly to kill harmful bacteria or parasites.

What kind of frog is in frog porridge?

Various species of frogs are used in frog porridge, including bullfrogs and other freshwater frogs, depending on availability and regional preferences.

Is frog meat meat?

Yes, frog meat is considered a type of meat. It is a source of protein and is consumed in many cultures worldwide.

What is the difference between porridge and oatmeal?

Oatmeal is a type of porridge made from oats, while porridge refers to any grain boiled in water or milk until it becomes soft and creamy.

Do we drink porridge or eat it?

Porridge is typically eaten with a spoon, like a thick soup or stew. However, it can be consumed more liquid and drunk if desired.

What is the healthiest porridge to eat?

The healthiest porridge depends on individual dietary needs and preferences. Oatmeal porridge made with whole oats is often considered a nutritious option due to its high fibre content.

Should you eat porridge every day?

Eating porridge regularly can be part of a healthy diet, as it provides fiber, vitamins, and minerals. However, it’s essential to vary your diet to ensure balanced nutrition.

What is porridge called in English?

In English, porridge is any hot cereal dish made by boiling grains such as oats, rice, or wheat in water or milk until soft and creamy.

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