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Best Indian Maid Agency In Singapore (Budget Friendly)

By Marissa Saini

We bring you insightful information in simple words! Are you excited about discovering the finest Indian maid agency in Singapore? If you are, you’re in for a treat because we have the right guide.

In bustling cities like Singapore, where everyone’s schedules are jam-packed, Indian maid agencies play a crucial role in helping families manage their households effectively.

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1. OKAYLAH Maid Agency

OKAYLAH Maid Agency

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Address#03-GH39, TELEPARK Building, 5 Tampines Central 6, Singapore 529482
Phone+65 9336 1824
Email[email protected]
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Introducing OKAYLAH Maid Agency – Your Trusted Household Partner! For years, OKAYLAH Employment Agencies has been a dependable name in Singapore. Among the finest Indian maid agencies, it is a popular and diverse choice for families seeking household help.

At OKAYLAH, they understand your needs like no other. They carefully review profiles to offer the best matches, making them a top Indian maid agency. Their support model is highly appreciated, as seen in the positive reviews.

They focus on finding the right fit for your family’s requirements. From meticulous profile screenings to emphasising effective communication during interviews, OKAYLAH ensures top-notch service. Their dedicated team’s hard work leads to successful matches, making them recommended.


  • Trusted Choice: OKAYLAH is a well-known Indian maid agency trusted by many families in Singapore for reliable household help.
  • Diverse Options: They provide a wide selection of domestic workers from different nationalities, ensuring the perfect match for your needs.
  • Thorough Screening: With careful profile reviews, OKAYLAH ensures that each maid fits your family’s requirements.
  • Supportive Team: Their dedicated team goes the extra mile, assisting you at every step – from interviews to finalising a suitable helper.
  • Happy Customers: Positive reviews highlight OKAYLAH’s commitment to customer satisfaction, making them a top choice among Indian maid agencies Singapore.


  • Comprehensive Assistance: OKAYLAH Indian maid agency offers end-to-end support for hiring housemaids, making the entire process hassle-free and convenient.
  • Flexibility and Accommodation: They understand your needs and accommodate last-minute changes with a helpful and friendly attitude, prioritising your satisfaction.
  • Dedicated Support: OKAYLAH provides round-the-clock assistance, even at odd hours, demonstrating their commitment to being there whenever you need them.
  • Diverse Selection: They offer various housemaids, including Indian and Myanmar helpers, ensuring a perfect match for every family’s unique requirements.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: With a history of 20 years, OKAYLAH has consistently proven to be the best Indian housemaid agency, delivering supportive staff and excellent service to happy customers.

2. Westrama Management

Westrama Management

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Address10 Jln Besar, #06-06 Sim Lim Tower, Singapore 208787
Phone+65 6920 7070
Email[email protected]
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WebsiteWestrama Management

Introducing Westrama Management: Your Trusted Partner in Manpower Solutions. Meet Westrama Management, a seasoned player in management and manpower recruitment.

With a remarkable journey since 1980, spanning over 38 years, they are a preferred choice for clients and job seekers worldwide. With offices in Singapore, India, and Dubai, Westrama is renowned for its expertise. Their dedicated staff undergo regular training, ensuring they provide knowledgeable information and top-notch service.

They’ve assisted renowned international companies and job seekers from various countries, including India, Bangladesh, China, the Philippines, and more.


  • Decades of Experience: With over 38 years in the field, Westrama is a trusted Indian maid agency assisting job seekers and clients worldwide.
  • Global Presence: Operating from Singapore, India, and Dubai, they offer comprehensive manpower solutions across borders.
  • Expert Staff: Their knowledgeable and trained staff ensure you receive the best guidance for employment opportunities and recruitment needs.
  • International Connections: Westrama has aided renowned companies’ global presence, reflecting their wide-ranging industry connections.
  • Vision for Harmony: They envision a world of content employees and satisfied employers, working tirelessly towards a dispute-free work environment.


  • Personalised Assistance: Westrama offers professional and honest customer service. Like Ms. Baby K, their staff ensure tailored helper selections, making the process convenient through various communication channels.
  • Efficient Coordination: They arrange phone interviews precisely, respecting your schedule and making the experience hassle-free through WhatsApp, phone, and email.
  • Thorough Briefing: Noteworthy for their commitment, Westrama conducts detailed briefings for domestic workers before they begin employment, fostering a supportive environment for employers and employees.
  • Long-term Satisfaction: With a record of referrals from satisfied clients over 5 years, their consistent service quality and reliability shine through.
  • Consultant Partner: Entrepreneurs like Pepper Castle Pte Ltd praise Westrama’s excellence, honesty, and availability. For 6 years, they’ve been a trustworthy partner, recommended without hesitation.

3. Dejavu Employment Agency

Dejavu Employment Agency

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Address635 Veerasamy Rd, #01-168, Singapore 200635
Phone+65 9068 6612
Email[email protected]
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WebsiteDejavu Employment Agency

Dejavu Employment Agency, a renowned Indian maid agency, has earned a stellar reputation for its exceptional service, as evidenced by heartfelt client reviews. Clients express gratitude for the agency’s swift assistance in finding suitable helpers, guided by Mr. Thenna, who ensures seamless transitions for new helpers.

Dejavu’s commitment to quality is evident in their tailored matches, where helpers perfectly fit families’ unique needs. With the expert guidance of professionals like Ms.

Shriya and Ms. Siva, the agency’s efficient and straightforward selection process, featuring well-vetted helpers, continues to impress clients. Clients confidently recommend Dejavu to others, acknowledging their professionalism, efficiency, and ability to provide peace of mind throughout the hiring journey.


  • Trusted Referrals: Known through friends and family, Dejavu is a reliable Indian maid agency that delivers quality helpers and exceptional services.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Dejavu ensures client needs are understood, suggesting suitable helpers and guiding families through seamless selection processes.
  • Efficiency in Process: With vetted helpers and a hassle-free procedure led by professionals like Ms. Shriya and Ms. Siva, clients experience efficient and painless recruitment.
  • Exceptional Professionalism: Dejavu gains admiration for its complete professionalism, consistently exceeding expectations, and providing a reassuring and dedicated helper selection journey.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Clients recommend Dejavu without hesitation, echoing the agency’s commitment to delivering peace of mind, gratitude, and perfectly matched helpers.


  • Swift Assistance: Urgently needing a helper, clients found timely support from Mr Thenna, ensuring seamless transitions for the new helper.
  • Efficiency and Quality: Dejavu excels in efficient, well-vetted helper selection, thanks to Ms Shriya and Ms Siva’s expertise and professionalism.
  • Administrative Relief: With Shriiya’s help, clients experienced smooth work permit termination, accommodation, and travel arrangements, lightening their load.
  • Expert Guidance: Clients appreciate Mr Thenna and Ms Siva’s sincerity and professionalism in finding suitable transfer helpers and offering valuable advice.
  • Unwavering Excellence: Among numerous agencies, Dejavu stands out for its top-notch service, earning 100% confidence from clients and making them highly recommended.

4. Universal Employment Agency

Universal Employment Agency

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Address304 Orchard Rd, #01-97 / #03-52 Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863
Phone+65 6735 3456
Email[email protected]
WebsiteUniversal Employment Agency

Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd, an esteemed Indian maid agency in Singapore, specialises in placing foreign domestic helpers from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Myanmar. Since 1986, they have facilitated successful matches between employers and helpers, earning a reputation for professionalism and service excellence.

Year by year, more clients turn to Universal Employment Agency through personal referrals, a testament to their consistent quality. They offer a hassle-free process, as demonstrated by a satisfied client who acquired a transfer maid within a week.

The agency’s friendly agent, Sophie, delivers on promises promptly, making the maid-hiring process swift and straightforward. Sophie’s excellent communication skills and understanding of clients’ needs shine, making Universal a top choice for maid services in Singapore.


  • Decades of Expertise: With a legacy since 1986, Universal is a reputable Indian maid agency in Singapore, excelling in matching employers and foreign domestic helpers.
  • Diverse Helper Placement: Specializing in Filipino, Indonesian, and Myanmar helpers, Universal ensures a wide range of options to meet varied household needs.
  • Efficient Transfer Maid Assistance: Universal’s expertise extends to seamless transfer maid arrangements, simplifying the process for those familiar with their chosen helper.
  • High Referral Rate: Increasing client referrals signifies Universal’s professionalism and quality service, solidifying its position as a market leader for over 30 years.
  • Outstanding Agent Support: Personal testimonials highlight agents like Sophie, who demonstrate exceptional communication, fast results, and a thorough understanding of client requirements.


  • Efficient Matchmaking: Universal swiftly connects households with ideal helpers, as highlighted by clients’ satisfaction with prompt service from Sophie and Geraldine.
  • Seamless Process: Clients commend Universal for simplifying the otherwise complex task of hiring a helper, ensuring a smooth and straightforward experience.
  • Transfer Maid Expertise: Clients appreciate the agency’s ability to expedite the process, securing transfer maids efficiently and bringing convenience to families seeking immediate assistance.
  • Tailored Recommendations: Universal’s dedication to providing comprehensive helper histories helps clients choose candidates that perfectly match their family’s unique needs and preferences.
  • Supportive Renewal Services: The agency’s commitment extends beyond initial hiring, assisting clients with renewing contracts promptly and providing relevant information for a seamless renewal experience.

5. Maid Avenue

Maid Avenue

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Address80 Changi Rd, #03-09 Centropod @ Changi, Singapore 419715
Phone+65 8810 9000
Email[email protected]
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WebsiteMaid Avenue

Introducing Maid Avenue: Your Transparent and Affordable Choice for Hiring Helpers Maid Avenue understands the challenges of hiring domestic helpers in Singapore – from high costs to hidden fees.

Founded with a unique approach, they prioritise transparency, quality service, and competitive pricing, setting them apart as one of the best affordable Indian maid agencies in Singapore. 

With a commitment to understanding each household’s needs, Maid Avenue offers complete assistance on the hiring journey. Clients praise the boss’s helpfulness, quick processes, and Yvette’s friendly service during helper pickups.


  • Transparency Matters: Maid Avenue stands out for its commitment to transparent pricing, sparing clients from hidden fees and uncertainties often found in the Indian maid agency industry.
  • Quality Assistance: Clients experience top-notch service quality, facilitated by a friendly and patient team, including Yvette, who ensures thorough explanations and smooth processes.
  • Affordable Excellence: As one of Singapore’s best affordable maid agencies, Maid Avenue provides competitive pricing without compromising service quality, giving clients peace of mind.
  • Unique Approach: Recognizing diverse household needs, Maid Avenue offers personalised solutions, making them a reliable partner for a successful hiring journey.
  • Innovative Evolution: As they transition to a listing platform, Maid Avenue’s legacy of transparency continues, positively impacting the industry and paving the way for new ventures.


  • Swift Assistance: Urgent helper needs are met promptly with fast transfer processes, backed by the boss’s helpfulness and reassurance for a smooth experience.
  • Patient Support: Despite the busyness, the team meets customer needs. Yvette’s clarity and customer service shine, while boss William’s dedication speeds up helper acquisition.
  • Affordable Transparency: Maid Avenue stands out for competitive fees and transparent pricing, making it a preferred choice for those seeking an Indian maid agency.
  • COVID-conscious Updates: Amid the pandemic, William keeps clients informed about border policies, striving to secure helpers quickly when borders reopen, showcasing their commitment.
  • Efficiency and Excellence: Yvette’s knowledge and efficiency shine in the hiring process, guaranteeing smooth boarding and making Maid Avenue a highly recommended choice for customer-centric service.

6. SWIFT Maids


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Address18 Yishun Ave 9, #02-56 Junction Nine, Singapore 768897
Phone+65 6752 2728
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WebsiteSWIFT Maids

Established in 1992, SWIFT Maids holds a Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) license, proudly assisting over 30,000 Singapore families in finding suitable domestic helpers.

Committed to excellence, they specialise in matching families with suitable helpers based on unique needs.  Elaine’s guidance in paperwork and personalised advice ensures seamless processes.

Clients appreciate Zoe’s dedication and informative support, making the hiring journey smooth. With a proven track record, SWIFT Maids remains a reliable Indian maid agency, providing exceptional service and timely solutions for families seeking reliable domestic assistance.


  • Established Expertise: Since 1992, SWIFT Maids has been licensed by MOM, aiding over 30,000 families in Singapore with dedicated Indian maid agency services.
  • Tailored Matching: With a focus on family needs, SWIFT Maids expertly matches each household with a suitable domestic helper, ensuring a harmonious fit.
  • Helpful Guidance: Elaine’s expert advice streamlines paperwork and provides valuable insights for first-time hirers, making the process smoother and more understandable.
  • Dedicated Assistance: Zoe’s commitment shines, offering informative and supportive assistance throughout the hiring journey, even outside office hours, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Proven Track Record: Trusted by clients, SWIFT Maids efficiently arranges interviews with potential candidates, making the overall process effortless and highly recommended for helper solutions.


  • Personalised Matching: SWIFT Maids quickly finds a suitable helper who suits specific needs, especially for individuals requiring special care, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Expert Advice: With professionals like Elaine, the agency offers valuable guidance on paperwork completion and helper expectations, ensuring a smooth hiring process.
  • First-Time Hires: SWIFT Maids stands out by providing essential advice and unwavering support for those new to hiring helpers, ensuring a satisfying and successful experience.
  • Transparent Process: Clients appreciate the clarity and professionalism of agents like Zoey and Vivian Ong, who offer insightful suggestions and swift solutions, keeping costs transparent.
  • Efficient Replacement: In case of any issues, SWIFT Maids proves its commitment by assisting in replacements, reflecting their dedication to delivering quality service throughout the journey.

7. 1st Allbest Maid Agency

1st Allbest Maid Agency

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Address02-24 545, Orchard Rd, #04-15 Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882
Phone+65 8465 8415
Email[email protected]
ContactContact Page
Website1st Allbest

1st Allbest Maid Agency, known for its outstanding service, has earned praise for its dedication. With Derek’s guidance, clients find the perfect helper who quickly becomes a part of their family, adapts well and learns new cooking skills.

Engaging with 1st Allbest Indian Maid Agency for the first time, clients experience smooth and efficient processes, thanks to Mheg’s assistance. Her responsiveness, patience, and swift solutions make the selection process hassle-free and satisfactory, addressing any concerns promptly.

Mheg’s exceptional service continues as she remains attentive even after the helper arrives. Her accommodating approach and recovery measures ensure a seamless experience, creating a trustworthy connection with clients.


  • Reliable Helper Matching: 1st Allbest Indian Maid Agency excels in finding suitable domestic helpers for families, ensuring a comfortable and supportive addition to their home.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Clients praise the agency’s staff, particularly Derek and Mheg, for their patience, responsiveness, and genuine dedication in assisting with maid selection.
  • Smooth Process: With Mheg’s efficient guidance, the agency’s selection process becomes seamless and hassle-free, making it easy for families to choose the best helper for their needs.
  • Ongoing Support: Even after the helper’s arrival, Mheg provides attentive assistance, promptly addressing any queries or concerns and maintaining a solid client-agent relationship.
  • Convenient Location: Situated in Hougang Green, the agency’s accessible location and professional service, epitomised by Mheg’s commitment, make it a recommended choice for those seeking reliable domestic helpers.


  • Personalized Helper Matching: 1st Allbest Indian Maid Agency offers personalised assistance in finding suitable domestic helpers, with the prompt provision of profiles and expert recommendations based on clients’ requirements.
  • Efficient Selection Process: The agency, guided by Mheg, ensures a smooth and efficient selection process for hiring domestic helpers. Mheg’s responsiveness and patience contribute to a satisfying experience for clients.
  • Extension Assistance: Beyond initial hiring, Allbest’s service extends to completing extension processes for hired helpers. Mheg’s readiness to address concerns increases the agency’s reliability and convenience.
  • Urgent Assistance: Clients highlight the agency’s prompt response in urgent situations. Mheg’s quick provision of matching profiles and seamless end-to-end assistance showcases the agency’s professionalism and dedication.
  • Expert Guidance: The agency, represented by Mheg, offers expert guidance and professionalism throughout the process. Clients appreciate the agency’s commitment to providing well-suited domestic helpers and efficient service.

8. Angel Maids

Angel Maids

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AddressBlk 927, Yishun Central 1, #01-167, Yishun, Singapore 760927
Phone+65 8107 2468
Email[email protected]
FacebookFacebook Page
WebsiteAngel Maids

Welcome to Angel Maids. This compassionate Indian maid agency offers exceptional services in Singapore. They specialise in elderly and infant care, meticulous housekeeping, seamless maid employment paperwork assistance, and expertly matched transfer maids.

Led by Angelina, their professional approach ensures prompt updates, personalised attention, and smooth processes for employing a helper. Angelina’s dedication shines through as she tailors solutions and conducts home visits when needed. 

This agency’s commitment to personalised care and training guarantees a harmonious home environment, providing peace of mind through comprehensive maid insurance options. Count on Angel Maids for a caring touch and top-notch service, recommended by satisfied families.


  • Compassionate Care: Angel Maids excels in providing compassionate care through expertly matched transfer maids, dedicated elderly and infant care, and meticulous housekeeping services.
  • Professional Angelina: Angelina, the driving force behind Angel Maids, is known for her professionalism, prompt updates, and attentive approach to clients’ needs.
  • Smooth Processes: Employing a helper through Angel Maids is a hassle-free experience with smooth processes, effective communication, and personalised attention to every client’s requirements.
  • Tailor-Made Solutions: Angelina’s efficient approach to finding domestic helpers ensures almost tailor-made solutions, leading to high satisfaction rates and positive client feedback.
  • Home Visit Commitment: Angel Maids goes the extra mile by offering home visits to understand better and address any issues that may arise, showcasing their commitment to customer care and satisfaction.


  • Effective Matching: Angel Maids, led by Angelina, finds domestic helpers tailored to clients’ needs, ensuring efficient and personalised placement.
  • Comprehensive Follow-Up: They maintain excellent post-service communication, seeking after-service feedback once the helper starts working, ensuring client satisfaction.
  • Responsive Assistance: Angel’s responsive and assuring approach stands out, offering swift solutions and arranging interviews personally, expediting the process for timely helper placement.
  • Wide Range of Services: Angel Maids offers diverse services, including Singapore and Mizoram maids, elder care, cleaning, consulting, and steward services, catering to various household and business needs.
  • Accommodating Support: Their staff is helpful, taking time to understand client requirements, resulting in reliable and hardworking maids that are an excellent fit for families.

9. Jayamaids (Indian maid agency)


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Address21 Hougang St 51, #01-14 Green Shopping Mall, Singapore 538719
Phone+65 6387 0900

Jayamaids, a trusted Indian maid agency, stands out for its commitment to finding the best-fit domestic helpers for families. Given the diversity of factors influencing compatibility, they understand there’s no “perfect” maid.

They aim to match families with the most suitable maid based on individual needs rather than just qualifications. Their track record speaks volumes.

Having earned multiple excellence awards, Jayamaids continues to demonstrate its industry reliability. As crucial team members, Anna and Nadia showcase professionalism, organisation, and dedication. Anna’s experience spans over a decade, and she ensures a seamless administrative process.


  • Personalized Matches: Jayamaids excel in understanding each family’s needs and preferences to find the ‘best suitable maid’ for them, ensuring a harmonious match.
  • Award-Winning Reputation: With a string of excellence awards, Jayamaids is a reliable and respected Indian maid agency known for its quality service.
  • Professional Team: Led by Anna and Nadia, the team is efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly, ensuring a smooth and reliable client process.
  • Efficient Solutions: Jayamaids is known for swiftly finding solutions other agencies might struggle with, ensuring fast yet detailed outcomes.
  • Dedicated Assistance: Nadia’s commitment and efficient support in handling administrative processes and client queries make the experience pleasant and stress-free for clients.


  • Efficient Assistance: Jayamaids, led by agents like Nadia, offers efficient and professional service, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process when hiring a helper.
  • Elderly Care Expertise: The agency specialises in finding transfer maids skilled in elderly care, catering to families seeking compassionate support for their elderly loved ones.
  • Transparent Communication: Jayamaids maintain transparency by providing honest and complete information about helpers, making hiring easier for families.
  •  Responsive Support: Nadia’s responsive and helpful assistance shines as she goes beyond expectations to aid clients with appointments, information, and queries.
  •  Weekend Availability: Even during weekends, Nadia and her team demonstrate dedication, delivering excellent service to clients when it matters most.

10. Rinzin Agency

Rinzin Agency

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Phone+65 9773 7409
Email[email protected]
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WebsiteRinzin Agency

Welcome to Rinzin Agency, a trusted name in Indian maid agencies. Specialising in Darjeeling and Manipur maids and extending expertise to North East Indian origins such as Nepali, Tibetan, Manipuri, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Assam, this agency offers a diverse range of skilled candidates.

Their strength is handpicking qualified Filipino and Myanmar helpers proficient in English, Chinese, Tamil, Nepali, and Hindi. With Ricky at the helm, experience and knowledge shine through. Highly recommended for first-time employers seeking domestic helpers, Ricky’s well-trained team embodies a positive attitude.

Promptness, responsiveness, and personalised service stand as hallmarks of Rinzin Agency. Ricky’s talent in matching employer and maid personalities ensures an apt fit. Honesty prevails as he advises on unsuitability.


  • Diverse Expertise: Rinzin Agency specializes in Darjeeling and Manipur maids, along with candidates from North East India like Nepali, Tibetan, Manipuri, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Assam, as well as selected Filipino and Myanmar helpers.
  • Experienced Leadership: Led by Ricky, the agency boasts knowledgeable and skilled helpers who exhibit a positive attitude. Ricky’s guidance is especially recommended for first-time employers seeking domestic helpers.
  • Prompt and Responsive: The agency’s service stands out for its promptness and responsiveness. Ricky and his team are known for their quick replies and efficient assistance sending helpers directly to homes.
  • Personality Matching: Ricky’s understanding of employer and maid personalities shines through. He ensures a good fit, and his soft skills help in effective matchmaking for a harmonious partnership.
  • Highly Recommended: Numerous satisfied customers endorse Rinzin Agency’s sincerity, hardworking helpers, and Ricky’s expertise. This recommendation reinforces the agency’s standing as a reliable choice in the Indian maid agency landscape.


  • Expertise and Training: Rinzin Agency, led by experienced Ricky, offers well-trained helpers with positive attitudes. They specialise in Darjeeling and Manipur maids, deeply understanding employer and maid needs.
  • New Employer Support: Highly recommended for first-time employers seeking domestic helpers. Ricky’s expertise ensures a suitable match and provides prompt, responsive, home-based service.
  • Personality Matching: Ricky excels in understanding employer and maid personalities, ensuring compatibility. He’s honest about maid suitability, showcasing his soft skills and effective matchmaking.
  • Organized and Professional: Ricky’s Rinzin Agency stands out for its professionalism and organised services. Helpers are well-mannered and professionally trained for domestic assistance.
  • Enhancing Relationships: Ricky’s commitment goes beyond administrative work. He fosters positive employer-employee relations, ensuring a trustworthy and lasting partnership. He was highly trusted for his genuine and generous approach.

What is a maid agency?

A maid agency is a unique company that helps people find home helpers. These helpers are often called maids or domestic workers. The agency acts like a matchmaker, connecting families with the proper maid who can assist with various household tasks.

Maids from these agencies can help with cleaning, cooking, caring for children, and other chores. Families who are too busy or need extra help managing their homes can contact a Indian maid agency to find a reliable and trustworthy helper.

The agency helps families and maids by ensuring the match is a good fit for everyone involved. It’s like having a helping hand at home; these agencies play a crucial role in ensuring that homes run smoothly and families are well taken care of.

History of the Indian Maid Agency in Singapore.

The history of Indian maid agencies in Singapore is intertwined with the nation’s development and its growing need for domestic assistance. In the early days, as Singapore evolved into a bustling cosmopolitan hub, families faced increasing demands on their time.

Recognizing this, Indian maid agencies emerged to bridge the gap, providing a valuable service for households seeking reliable domestic help. Over the years, these agencies adapted to changing trends and regulations, becoming essential facilitators in employing Indian domestic helpers.

The demand for skilled and trustworthy maids grew as Singapore’s economy flourished. Indian maid agencies played a pivotal role in meeting this demand, offering various services, from matching families with suitable helpers to handling administrative processes.

How do you find the best Indian Maid Agency in Singapore?

  • Ask Friends and Family: Ask friends or family in Singapore if they know of any good maid agencies. Personal recommendations can be valuable.
  • Online Research: Use the internet to look for reviews and information about different maid agencies. Pay attention to what other families have experienced with each agency.
  • Check Accreditation: Look for agencies accredited by the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore. This ensures they meet specific standards and regulations.
  • Transparent Fees: Choose an agency with clear and transparent fee structures. Make sure you understand all the costs involved in hiring a maid.
  • Customer Reviews: Read customer reviews to understand other families’ experiences with the agency. Positive feedback is a good sign of reliability.
  • Agency Reputation: Consider the agency’s reputation in terms of how long they’ve been in business and its standing in the community.
  • Interview Process: Opt for agencies that allow you to interview potential maids. This helps find someone whose skills and personality match your family’s needs.
  • After-Sales Support: Check if the agency provides support even after you’ve hired a maid. Good agencies offer assistance and guidance throughout the employment period.

The average cost of an Indian maid agency in Singapore.

Hiring a maid through an Indian maid agency in Singapore comes with some costs that families should consider. On average, the total expenses include the maid’s salary, agency fees, and additional costs like medical check-ups and work permits.

The agency fees typically range from SGD 1,000 to SGD 3,000. This fee covers the agency’s services in finding a suitable match, handling paperwork, and ensuring legal compliance.

Additionally, families are responsible for the maid’s monthly salary, which varies based on experience and duties. The overall cost can range from SGD 700 to SGD 1,500 per month.

Factors to know while hiring a maid in Singapore.

Several factors must be considered when hiring a maid in Singapore to ensure a harmonious and practical arrangement. Firstly, understanding your family’s specific needs – childcare, elderly care, or general household chores- is crucial.

Reviewing the maid’s experience, references, and compatibility with your requirements is essential. Check the agency’s reputation and ensure it is accredited by the Ministry of Manpower, ensuring compliance with regulations. Transparent fee structures are vital; inquire about placement fees, monthly salaries, and additional costs.

Interviewing potential maids allows you to gauge their skills and personality fit. It’s essential to establish clear communication channels and expectations from the outset. Lastly, be aware of the legal obligations and responsibilities of an employer, ensuring the hiring process aligns with Singapore’s regulations.


In conclusion, finding the best maid agency in Singapore is crucial for families seeking reliable domestic assistance. A comprehensive search, considering agency reputation, customer feedback, and transparent fees, ensures a well-informed choice.

Beyond traditional maid services, Singapore’s demand for top cleaning services has risen. These services offer specialized solutions to maintain a pristine home environment. Exploring the array of options under the “Top Cleaning Services in Singapore” umbrella allows families to tailor cleaning solutions to their unique requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Indian Maid Agency in Singapore(FAQ’s)

How can I bring a maid from India to Singapore?

To hire a maid from India to Singapore, engage a licensed Indian maid agency. They’ll guide you through the process, including paperwork, medical checks, and work permits.

How many years can a maid work in Singapore?

Maids can work in Singapore for an initial two years, which can be renewed if both parties agree.

How do I choose a maid in Singapore?

Select a maid by considering your family’s needs, interviewing candidates, checking their experience and references, and ensuring a good personality fit.

Can anyone hire a maid in Singapore?

Yes, anyone in Singapore can hire a maid, subject to fulfilling legal requirements and obligations.

Can a single man hire a maid in Singapore?

Yes, single individuals in Singapore, including men, can hire a maid if they meet the necessary criteria.

What are the requirements for domestic helpers in Singapore?

Requirements include a valid work permit, medical examination, employer eligibility, and government regulation adherence. Licensed maid agencies assist in meeting these requirements.

How much does an Indian maid make in Singapore?

An Indian maid in Singapore earns a monthly salary ranging from SGD 700 to SGD 1,500, determined by experience and job responsibilities agreed upon with the employer.

Are maids common in Singapore?

Yes, maids are common in Singapore. Due to busy lifestyles, many families hire domestic helpers to assist with household chores, childcare, and other responsibilities.

What is the job scope of a maid in Singapore?

The job scope includes cleaning, cooking, childcare, and household tasks. Duties vary based on the employer’s needs and the agreement with the maid.

What nationality are maids in Singapore?

Maids in Singapore come from various nationalities, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, and India. The nationality often depends on individual preferences and agreements with maid agencies.

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