Best Roast Duck In Singapore

Best 20 Roast Duck Destinations in Singapore in 2024: Journey Through Succulent Delights

By Chua Jian Yong

Singapore is a food lover’s paradise, boasting a diverse culinary landscape that tantalises taste buds with various flavours. Among its gastronomic delights, roast duck is a cherished dish locals and visitors love.

In this article, we journeyed to uncover the best roast duck experiences across the island, exploring the establishments that have mastered the art of roasting this delectable fowl to perfection. Join us as we delve into the world of savoury delights and uncover the secrets behind Singapore’s best roast duck.

And if you’re craving more than duck, Singapore has another culinary gem waiting to be discovered: the Best Fish Head Curry In Singapore. With its rich and aromatic gravy infused with spices and coconut milk, this iconic dish is a must-try for curry enthusiasts.

1. Kam’s Roast | 甘牌燒味

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Address78 Airport Blvd., #02 – 210 Jewel Changi Airport Mall, Singapore 819666
Opening hours Everyday: 11 am–10 pm
Saturday, Sunday: 10 am–10 pm
Phone+65 6513 3718
Email[email protected]
Website Kam’s Roast

Kam’s Roast, a renowned restaurant in Hong Kong since 1942, has gained fame for its Cantonese-style roast goose. Though roast goose isn’t available in Singapore due to import regulations, their roast duck is equally exceptional. The duck is roasted to perfection, boasting a golden brown hue with glistening, crispy skin that gives way to tender meat beneath. 

This Michelin-starred establishment is celebrated for its roasted meats, with the roast duck being a standout dish. Another enticing option is the Pipa Duck, named after the Chinese pipa instrument due to its flattened appearance after roasting. 

This technique, known as spatchcocking, produces an even crispier duck than traditional methods like Peking duck. At Kam’s Roast, diners can expect an unforgettable dining experience, where each bite of their expertly prepared roast duck transports them to culinary bliss.


  • Michelin Star Recognition: Kam’s Roast has been awarded a Michelin star, showcasing its culinary craftsmanship and dedication to quality, ensuring diners enjoy a world-class dining experience with every visit.
  • Signature Roast Duck: Kam’s Roast is renowned for its signature roast duck, meticulously prepared to perfection, boasting crispy, golden skin and tender, succulent meat, creating a harmonious symphony of flavours and textures.
  • Pipa Duck Technique: The innovative use of the Pipa Duck technique, which involves spatchcocking the duck before roasting, results in exceptionally crispy skin, elevating the dining experience and setting Kam’s Roast apart from others.

2. Fook Kin

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Address111 Killiney Rd, Singapore 239553
Opening hours Everyday: 11 am–9:15 pm
Phone+65 6737 3488
Email[email protected]
Website Fook Kin

Fook Kin is a popular restaurant in Singapore, known for its mouthwatering roasted meats and casual dining atmosphere. Specialising in Cantonese-style roast dishes, Fook Kin offers a delectable array of options, including roast duck, char siew (barbecue pork), and siew yoke (crispy roast pork). 

The star attraction is their succulent roast duck, with its crispy skin and tender meat, cooked to perfection using traditional techniques. Alongside their roast meats, Fook Kin also serves up a variety of flavorful side dishes and accompaniments, making it a favourite spot for locals and visitors alike. 

With its friendly service and affordable prices, Fook Kin provides a satisfying dining experience for those craving authentic Cantonese flavours in a relaxed setting. Whether dining in or taking away, Fook Kin promises a delicious feast that keeps customers coming back for more.


  • Cantonese-style Roast Meats: Fook Kin specialises in Cantonese-style roast meats like roast duck, char siew, and siew yoke, prepared using traditional techniques. Each dish boasts succulent meat and flavorful, crispy skin, satisfying cravings for authentic Cantonese flavours.
  • Affordable Dining: Fook Kin offers delicious roasted delights at affordable prices, making it accessible to everyone. Diners can enjoy high-quality, satisfying meals without breaking the bank, making Fook Kin a popular choice for casual dining.
  • Casual Atmosphere: With its casual and welcoming atmosphere, Fook Kin provides a relaxed dining experience for customers. Whether dining in or taking away, patrons can enjoy their favourite roast meats in a comfortable setting, perfect for gatherings with friends and family.

3. 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat

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Address308 Lavender St., Singapore 338814
Opening hours Everyday: 10 am–8 pm
Phone+65 8225 2495
Website 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat

Founded by 50-year-old Martin Ong, a seasoned restaurant chef and former hawker, 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat is a culinary gem in Singapore. With Ong’s wealth of experience, the restaurant offers a tempting selection of authentic Hong Kong-style roast meats. Each dish is perfectly prepared using time-honoured recipes and techniques, ensuring a symphony of flavours with every bite. 

Whether succulent roast duck, flavorful char siew (barbecue pork), or crispy siew yoke (roast pork belly), diners are treated to a feast for the senses. Ong’s dedication to quality and passion for his craft shines through in every aspect of the dining experience. 

With its commitment to excellence and affordable prices, 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat has earned a loyal following of locals and visitors alike, cementing its reputation as a must-visit destination for lovers of authentic Cantonese cuisine.


  • Founder’s Expertise: 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat was started by Martin Ong, a seasoned chef with experience in restaurants and hawker stalls. His expertise ensures every dish is prepared with skill and authenticity, delighting customers with genuine Hong Kong flavours.
  • Authentic Hong Kong-style Roast Meats: Specializing in traditional Hong Kong roast meats like duck, char siew, and roast pork, 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat delivers dishes with authentic flavours and textures reminiscent of the bustling streets of Hong Kong.
  • Loyal Customer Base: Despite its humble beginnings, 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat has built a loyal following of satisfied customers. Their dedication to quality and consistency has earned them a reputation as a go-to destination for delicious, satisfying roast meats.

4. Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

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Address290 Orchard Rd, #05 – 42 / 45, Singapore 238859
Opening hours Everyday: 11:30 am–2:45 pm | 6–10 pm
Phone+65 6732 7838
Email[email protected]
Website Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck is renowned for its authentic Chinese cuisine and exceptional service. Since its inception in 2004, the Imperial Treasure Restaurant Group has garnered acclaim worldwide, with over 20 restaurants spanning several countries and numerous prestigious awards.

The crispy mahogany duck is skillfully carved at the table and served with soft crepes, scallions, cucumber, and hoisin sauce. Diners can savour this delectable treat at the Paragon and Asia Square branches, but advance ordering is necessary. 

The remaining duck meat can also be enjoyed in various dishes, such as rice or noodles, ensuring a truly satisfying dining experience. With its commitment to culinary excellence and attention to detail, Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck continues to delight diners with its iconic Peking Duck and other Chinese delicacies.


  • Authentic Chinese Cuisine: Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck specialises in authentic Chinese dishes prepared with traditional methods, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience filled with rich flavours and textures.
  • Exquisite Peking Duck: The restaurant’s signature dish, the Peking duck, is expertly roasted to crispy perfection and served with soft crepes, scallions, cucumber, and hoisin sauce, providing a delightful blend of savoury and sweet flavours.
  • Global Recognition: With over 20 restaurants worldwide and numerous accolades, including over 50 prestigious awards, Imperial Treasure Restaurant Group has earned a reputation for excellence in fine Chinese dining, captivating gourmands and casual diners.

5. Yan Chuan Roaster

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Address3020 Ubi Ave 2, #01-111/113, Singapore 408896
Opening hours Everyday: 7:30 am–6:30 pm
Phone+65 6747 2623
Website Yan Chuan Roaster

Yan Chuan Roaster, a culinary gem established in 1973, has transformed from a simple factory wholesaler to a popular fast-food restaurant in the Kitchener Complex. With a rich history, this beloved spot offers a unique dining experience. 

Their signature Peking duck, served with steamed mantou instead of the usual crepe, enchants diners with its crispy skin and flavorful meat, perfectly complementing the soft bun. In addition to the duck, their menu features mouthwatering roast pork and roast chicken. 

Yan Chuan Roaster celebrates the art of roasting meats, inviting food enthusiasts to enjoy timeless flavours and traditions. Come and indulge in these delicious offerings today, and embark on a culinary journey that promises to delight your taste buds.


  • Established Culinary Institution: Yan Chuan Roaster has been a culinary staple since 1973, evolving from a wholesaler to a popular fast-food restaurant, offering a rich history and authentic flavours.
  • Unique Peking Duck: Their signature Peking duck is served with steamed mantou instead of crepes, featuring crispy skin and tender meat, creating a perfect balance with the soft bun.
  • Variety of Roasted Meats: In addition to the Peking duck, Yan Chuan Roaster offers equally delicious roast pork and roast chicken, showcasing the artistry of roasted meats and satisfying diverse cravings.

6. Tung Lok Peking Duck

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AddressVelocity@Novena Square#02-11/12, 238 Thomson Rd, Singapore 307683
Opening hours Everyday: 11:30 am–3 pm | 5:30–10 pm
Phone+65 6992 2777
Email[email protected]
Website Tung Lok Peking Duck

Tung Lok Peking Duck elevates duck dining with its exquisite Peking Irish Duck, sourced from a premium Silver Hill farm and marinated for two days with spices. Roasted to perfection in a traditional oven, the duck boasts a crispy, smoky exterior and juicy meat. Complementing this star dish is the equally delightful Roast Irish Duck. 

Tung Lok’s culinary excellence shines through in their meticulous marination process, ensuring rich flavours infuse every bite. Skilled chefs bring their expertise to the kitchen, crafting a masterpiece tantalising the taste buds with succulent meat and a beautiful amber hue. 

Adding to the experience is a specially crafted blueberry sauce, perfectly balancing sweet and savoury notes. For an extra thrill, a unique “Popping Rocks” dip provides delightful popping sensations with each bite, creating a memorable dining adventure. 


  • Premium Sourcing: Tung Lok Peking Duck sources ducks from the esteemed Silver Hill farm, ensuring top-notch quality. The ducks are meticulously stuffed with spices and cured for two days.
  • Exquisite Preparation: Before roasting, ducks are basted with red dates and spices and then cooked in a traditional oven. This results in crispy, smoky, and juicy perfection.
  • Signature Dish: The highlight is their Peking Irish Duck, marinated with herbs, spices, and wine. Accompanied by a unique blueberry sauce and “Popping Rocks” dip, it promises an unforgettable dining experience.

7. Dian Xiao Er

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Address1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-138 9 VivoCity, Singapore 098585
Opening hoursEveryday: 11:30 am–9:30 pm
Friday: 11:30 am–10 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11 am–10 pm
Phone+65 6376 9786
Email[email protected]
WebsiteDian Xiao Er

Dian Xiao Er shines with its renowned herbal roast duck sourced from Cherry Valley farm in the UK. Marinated with herbs and spices, the duck is roasted to crispy perfection, with the earthy herbal mix enhancing its juicy meat. Offering three delightful variations, including the ‘Duck Roasted with Ten Wonder Herbs,’ Dian Xiao Er caters to herb enthusiasts. 

This masterpiece blends ten Chinese herbs, providing exquisite flavours and health benefits. Each roast duck dish reflects Dian Xiao Er’s culinary mastery, with meticulous preparation evident in the ‘Duck Roasted with Angelica Herb’ and ‘Duck Roasted with Wild Ginseng’ options. 

Prepared with care, these ducks boast a luscious golden brown hue and irresistible flavour explosion in every bite. Dian Xiao Er invites diners to embark on a culinary journey embodying Chinese cuisine’s essence, where expertise and quality unite to create gastronomic wonders.


  • Signature Herbal Roast Duck: Dian Xiao Er is renowned for its herbal roast duck sourced from Cherry Valley farm in the UK, marinated with herbs and spices, resulting in juicy, flavorful meat.
  • Variety of Herbal Duck Options: Offering three tantalising herbal roast duck variations, including ‘Duck Roasted with Ten Wonder Herbs,’ each dish promises a unique blend of flavours and health benefits.
  • Culinary Expertise: With meticulous preparation and attention to detail, Dian Xiao Er ensures that every roast duck, whether ‘Duck Roasted with Angelica Herb’ or ‘Duck Roasted with Wild Ginseng,’ is cooked to perfection, delivering an unforgettable dining experience.

8. Kai Duck

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Address391 Orchard Rd, #05-10/11 Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238872
Opening hoursEveryday: 11:30 am–3 pm | 5:45–10 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11 am–4 pm | 5:45–10 pm
Phone+65 6235 5419
Email[email protected]
WebsiteKai Duck

Kai Duck, led by acclaimed chef Fung Chi Keung, boasts a rich culinary history. With over 30 years of experience, Chef Fung has honed his skills in esteemed establishments like Mandarin Orchard and Paradise Group. Notably, he spearheaded the success of Taste Paradise, winning numerous awards, including a Gold Medal in 2012. 

At Kai Duck, Chef Fung’s expertise shines through the Signature Peking Duck, celebrated for its crispy skin and served with delicate crepes and savoury sauce. Their Roast Duck, made from premium Irish duck, is equally enticing. 

Kai Duck’s dedication to taste and presentation has earned them a trusted reputation in fine dining circles. With Chef Fung’s culinary mastery and exceptional dishes, Kai Duck continues to excel in providing an unforgettable dining experience for duck enthusiasts.


  • Renowned Chef: Kai Duck is led by chef Fung Chi Keung, renowned for his expertise in Cantonese cuisine, with over 30 years of culinary experience in top establishments.
  • Exquisite Peking Duck: Their Signature Peking Duck boasts irresistibly crispy skin and is served with delicate crepes, crispy corn, and a delectable black sauce, showcasing Chef Fung’s culinary mastery.
  • Trusted Reputation: Kai Duck is esteemed in fine dining for its commitment to excellence in taste and presentation, earning the trust of diners seeking an exceptional duck dining experience.

9. London Fat Duck

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Address10 Paya Lebar Rd, B2-25 PLQ Mall, Singapore 409057
Opening hoursEveryday: 11:30 am–3 pm | 5:30–9:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11 am–9:30 pm
Phone+65 6972 3825
WebsiteLondon Fat Duck

London Fat Duck is renowned for its expertly crafted roast duck dishes, featuring Silver Hill ducks marinated in herbs and spices and caramelised in the oven. Their signature London Roast Duck, the “Wagyu of Ducks,” showcases a unique roasting technique and heritage recipe, resulting in a fusion of crispy skin and tender meat. 

Alongside this, their London Peking Duck offers another delightful option. For a twist, the Black Pepper London Duck Bun presents a peppery crust encasing succulent duck filling. Each dish exemplifies the restaurant’s culinary prowess and commitment to excellence. 

A visit promises an unforgettable culinary journey, where diners can indulge in premium roast duck delicacies bursting with flavours and textures. London Fat Duck is a beacon of culinary innovation, satisfying discerning palates with its gourmet offerings.


  • Signature Roast Duck: London Fat Duck’s roast duck dishes, including the London Roast Duck and London Peking Duck, are renowned for their unique roasting technique and tender meat, elevating them to gourmet status.
  • Variety of Flavors: Alongside the signature dishes, London Fat Duck offers innovative variations like the Italian truffle version and Black Pepper London Duck Bun, each providing a flavorful twist.
  • Culinary Excellence: With expert marination and roasting techniques, London Fat Duck delivers dishes that exceed expectations, offering diners an unforgettable culinary experience filled with rich flavours and textures.

10. Meng Meng Roasted Duck

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Address63 Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555959
Opening hoursEveryday: 11 am–3 pm | 5–9 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11 am–9 pm
Phone+65 8908 7000
Email[email protected]
WebsiteMeng Meng Roasted Duck

Meng Meng Roasted Duck, renowned for its Dang Gui Roasted Duck in Johor Bahru (JB), has expanded to Ang Mo Kio, Singapore. Known for importing top-quality meats, marinades, and sauces from Malaysia, they roast their duck over charcoal on-site. 

The result? A tempting dish with crispy, golden skin and tender, sweet meat infused with a subtle smoky flavour. This local gem offers an authentic taste of Malaysia in Ang Mo Kio, making it a must-visit destination for those craving Malaysian flavours without leaving Singapore. 

With its commitment to quality and authenticity, Meng Meng Roasted Duck promises a culinary experience that delights the taste buds and transports diners to the streets of Malaysia. Whether you’re a resident of Ang Mo Kio or simply seeking a delicious Malaysian feast, Meng Meng Roasted Duck will satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more.


  • Specialty Dang Gui Roasted Duck: Meng Meng Roasted Duck is famous for its Dang Gui Roasted Duck, a flavorful dish beloved by visitors to Johor Bahru and now available in Ang Mo Kio.
  • Authentic Malaysian Flavors: Importing the finest meats, marinades, and sauces from Malaysia, Meng Meng ensures an authentic taste experience, capturing the essence of Malaysian cuisine.
  • Charcoal Roasting Technique: Using charcoal to roast their duck on-site, Meng Meng achieves irresistibly crispy, golden skin and tender, sweet meat with a subtle smoky undertone.

11. Ah Siong Roast Duck

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Address69 Bedok South Ave 3, #01-468, Singapore 460069
Opening hoursEveryday: 8 am–8 pm
Phone+65 9790 5788
WebsiteAh Siong Roast Duck

Ah Siong Roast Duck, located in Bedok South, is a famous hawker stall known for its charcoal-roasted dishes, particularly the roast duck. The dishes are infused with a distinct smoky flavour, and customers can enjoy them with either noodles or rice. One notable aspect is Ah Siong’s special chilli sauce, which adds excitement to the meal. 

With years of experience, the chefs at Ah Siong bring a wealth of expertise to their craft, ensuring consistently delicious dishes. The stall has earned a solid reputation for serving high-quality roasted cuisine, making it a trusted choice for locals. 

Ah, Siong’s longevity in the hawker scene and its loyal customer base reflect its status as a reliable dining spot. Whether you’re a regular patron or a first-time visitor, Ah Siong guarantees an authentic culinary experience that will leave you returning for more.


  1. Charcoal-Roasted Delights: Ah Siong specialises in charcoal-roasted dishes, with their roast duck being a standout. The smoky flavour adds a unique touch to their offerings, making them a customer favourite.
  1. Special Chili Sauce: A highlight of dining at Ah Siong is their special chilli sauce, which enhances the flavours of their dishes, elevating the dining experience for patrons.
  1. Experienced Chefs: With years of hands-on experience, Ah Siong’s chefs bring expertise to their craft, ensuring consistently delicious and high-quality roasted cuisine for customers.

12. Fei Fei Roasted

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Address254 Jurong East St 24, #01-28, Singapore 600254
Opening hoursEveryday: 8:30–11:55 am
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Phone+65 8113 1008
Email[email protected]
WebsiteFei Fei Roasted

Fei Fei Roasted is a popular eatery known for its delectable roasted meats, located in the heart of Chinatown. Renowned for its roast duck, roast pork, and char siew (barbecue pork), Fei Fei Roasted delights diners with its flavorful offerings. The roast duck, in particular, is a standout dish, with crispy skin and succulent meat that keeps customers coming back for more. 

What sets Fei Fei apart is their commitment to quality and tradition. Each dish is meticulously prepared using time-honoured recipes and cooking methods, ensuring that every bite is bursting with flavour. 

The cosy atmosphere and friendly service add to the overall dining experience, making Fei Fei Roasted a favourite among locals and tourists. Whether you’re craving a hearty meal or want to indulge in mouthwatering roast meats, Fei Fei Roasted is the place to be.


  1. Delectable Roasted Meats: Fei Fei Roasted offers a variety of delicious roasted meats, including roast duck, roast pork, and char siew, each cooked to perfection and bursting with flavour.
  1. Traditional Preparation: Using time-honoured recipes and cooking methods, Fei Fei Roasted ensures each dish maintains its authenticity and rich taste, satisfying customers’ cravings for classic flavours.
  1. Cosy Atmosphere and Friendly Service: Alongside the delicious food, Fei Fei Roasted provides a warm and welcoming environment, coupled with attentive service, creating a pleasant dining experience for all patrons.

13. Sinful Roast

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Address531 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-2429, Singapore 560531
Opening hoursEveryday: 11 am–7 pm
Phone+65 9117 8667
Email[email protected]
WebsiteSinful Roast

Sinful Roast, located in the Happy Hawkers kopitiam at 531 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 and established in 2017, specialises in slow-roasted char siew. Mimicking the Malaysian-style ‘glass char siew’, their char siew is slowly roasted for about 2 hours to achieve a layer of translucent fats around the meat. 

Like Char Siu Lang, customers can choose their preferred cut of char siew, whether it’s the fatty part, half fatty, or the lean version, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s taste preferences. This stall offers a unique and flavorful dining experience, providing patrons with tender and succulent char siew that satisfies cravings for Malaysian-style roasted meats. 

Selecting the preferred cut adds a personalised touch, allowing customers to tailor their meals to their liking. Sinful Roast has quickly become a go-to spot for char siew lovers, attracting locals and visitors with its delicious offerings.


  • Slow-Roasted Char Siew: Sinful Roast specialises in slow-roasting their char siew for about 2 hours, resulting in tender meat with a layer of translucent fats, mimicking the Malaysian-style ‘glass char siew.’
  • Choice of Cuts: Customers can choose their preferred cut of char siew, whether it’s the fatty part, half fatty, or the lean version, ensuring options for different taste preferences.
  • Authentic Flavor: Sinful Roast offers a flavorful dining experience, providing succulent char siew that satisfies cravings for Malaysian-style roasted meats, attracting both locals and visitors.

14. Wang Fu Roasted

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Address164 Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 150164
Opening hoursEveryday: 9 am–5 pm
Phone+65 9712 4567
Email[email protected]
WebsiteWang Fu Roasted

Wang Fu Roasted Delight is praised for its exquisite roasted cuisine, particularly its standout dish, the roast duck. This visually stunning dish boasts gleaming skin and juicy meat, achieved through an overnight marination process. 

Each succulent bite bursts with flavours, expertly roasted to perfection, showcasing the chef’s culinary skills. Wang Fu excels in delivering a memorable dining experience, attracting patrons in search of top-notch roasted delights. 

Whether you’re a roast duck enthusiast or simply seeking a flavorful meal, Wang Fu Roasted Delight promises to satisfy your cravings and leave a lasting impression. With its commitment to quality and excellence, Wang Fu has become a go-to destination for connoisseurs of roasted cuisine, offering a culinary journey that delights the senses.


  • Enchanting Roast Duck: Wang Fu Roasted Delight offers a visually stunning roast duck, marinated overnight and expertly roasted to perfection, promising juicy meat and bursting flavours with every bite.
  • Memorable Dining Experience: Known for delivering exceptional dining experiences, Wang Fu excels in providing patrons with flavorful roasted delights, making it a must-visit destination.
  • Culinary Prowess: Wang Fu showcases the chef’s culinary skills through their succulent roast duck, demonstrating expertise in roasting techniques and flavour enhancement, ensuring a delightful culinary journey for diners.

15. Char Siu Lang

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Address340 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, #01-1697, Singapore 560340
Opening hoursEveryday: 11 am–7 pm
Phone+65 9677 5212
Email[email protected]
WebsiteChar Siu Lang

Char Siu Lang was born from Chef Ivan’s dream to master the art of roasting and start his stall. Despite lacking a culinary background, Chef Ivan left his job in finance to pursue his passion for food. He aims to roast with passion, ensuring patrons eat with satisfaction. 

This story highlights Chef Ivan’s determination and courage to pursue his passion, leaving behind a stable career to follow his dream. It also emphasises the simplicity of Char Siu Lang’s mission – to roast passionately and provide customers with satisfying meals. 

Chef Ivan’s journey inspires aspiring chefs and entrepreneurs, showing they can realise their dreams with dedication and perseverance. Char Siu Lang’s success is not just about delicious food but also about the commitment to passion and satisfaction, making it a beloved spot for patrons seeking flavorful roasted delights.


  • Chef Ivan’s Dream: Char Siu Lang started with Chef Ivan’s dream to master roasting and open his stall, showcasing his determination to pursue his passion for food.
  • Passion-Driven Mission: Despite lacking a culinary background, Chef Ivan left his finance job to roast passionately, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Char Siu Lang’s mission is simple: to roast with passion so patrons can eat with satisfaction, emphasising their commitment to providing delicious, fulfilling meals.

16. Tiong Bahru Lee Hong Kee

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Address30 Seng Poh Rd, #02-60, Singapore 168898
Opening hoursEveryday: 9 am–8 pm
Thursday: Closed

Tiong Bahru Lee Hong Kee Cantonese Roasted has deep roots in the 1960s as a pushcart vendor on Kim Tian Road. Today, led by 2nd-gen hawker Mr. Jackson Lee, it continues the tradition. Mr. Lee inherited the craft from his father and remains committed to the traditional method of roasting duck, pork belly, and char siew using charcoal. 

This story highlights the stall’s rich history and commitment to preserving traditional roasting techniques despite modernisation. Mr. Lee’s dedication to his family’s legacy underscores the importance of heritage and craftsmanship in the culinary world. 

Tiong Bahru Lee Hong Kee is a testament to the enduring quality and authenticity of Cantonese roasted meats, attracting patrons seeking a taste of tradition amidst the bustling Tiong Bahru Food Centre.


  • Roots in Tradition: Tiong Bahru Lee Hong Kee originated as a pushcart vendor in the 1960s, preserving traditional roasting methods for duck, pork belly, and char siew.
  • Family Heritage: Led by 2nd-gen hawker Mr Jackson Lee, the stall continues its legacy, with Mr Lee inheriting the craft from his father, ensuring continuity of quality.
  • Charcoal Roasting: The stall maintains authenticity by roasting meats over charcoal, emphasising a commitment to preserving traditional flavours and techniques for delicious Cantonese roasted meats.

17. New Rong Liang Ge

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Address269B Queen St, Singapore 182269
Opening hoursEveryday: 7 am–9 pm
Phone+65 9099 9489
Email[email protected]
WebsiteNew Rong Liang Ge

New Rong Liang Ge offers tender roast duck, char siew, and roast pork, complemented by savoury dark gravy for added flavour. Additionally, the stall provides unique condiments like fried garlic bits, sambal, green chilli, garlic oil, and dark braised sauce, allowing customers to customise their roasted meats according to their preferences. 

This analysis highlights the stall’s focus on providing delicious meats and enhancing the dining experience with various condiments. The option to add dark gravy intensifies the flavours, ensuring a satisfying meal for patrons. 

Moreover, the display of unique condiments adds an element of excitement and choice, allowing customers to personalise their dishes and experiment with different flavours. Overall, New Rong Liang Ge’s attention to detail in meat preparation and condiment offerings contributes to its popularity among diners seeking flavorful and customisable roasted meats.


  • Tender Roasted Meats: New Rong Liang Ge offers tender roast duck, char siew, and roast pork, ensuring a satisfying dining experience with meat that is juicy and flavorful.
  • Savoury Dark Gravy: Customers can opt for a savoury and dark gravy to be added to their meats, enhancing the flavour and providing a more satisfying experience.
  • Unique Condiments: The stall provides unique condiments like fried garlic bits, sambal, green chilli, garlic oil, and dark braised sauce, allowing customers to customise their dishes according to their tastes.

18. Fatty Cheong

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Address6 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-52, Singapore 150006
Opening hoursEveryday: 11 am–7 pm
Thursday & Sunday: Closed
Phone+65 9112 8069
WebsiteFatty Cheong

Fatty Cheong, located in ABC Brickworks Food Centre, is renowned for its char siew, attracting regular customers over its 34-year history. This analysis highlights the stall’s long-standing presence and reputation for serving some of the best char siew in Singapore. 

The mention of ABC Brickworks Food Centre indicates its location, making it easily recognisable to locals and visitors alike. The fact that Fatty Cheong has been operating for 34 years suggests its consistency and reliability in delivering quality char siew. 

Its established name reflects the trust and loyalty it has garnered from customers over the years, solidifying its status as a go-to destination for char siew enthusiasts. Fatty Cheong’s longevity and reputation signify its success in the competitive food scene, making it a beloved spot for those craving delicious and authentic char siew.


  • Renowned Char Siew: Fatty Cheong is famous for its char siew, earning a reputation for serving some of the best in Singapore attracting loyal customers over its 34-year history.
  • Location at ABC Brickworks: Situated in ABC Brickworks Food Centre, Fatty Cheong’s presence in this famous food centre makes it easily accessible to customers.
  • Long-standing Experience: With 34 years of experience, Fatty Cheong’s consistent quality and reliability in delivering delicious char siew have earned the trust and loyalty of its patrons.

19. Mei Mei Roast Meats

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AddressUbi Rd 1, Blk 3014, Singapore 408702
Opening hoursEveryday: 10 am–5 pm
Phone+65 8891 7629
WebsiteMei Mei Roast Meats

Mei Mei Roast Meats operates discreetly within a kopitiam in the Ubi Industrial Estate amidst the hustle of car showrooms and workshops. Founded by Mdm Lee and her elder sister, who previously worked at Kay Lee Roast Meats, they ventured to establish their stall, specialising in roasted meats like roast duck, char siew, and roast pork. 

Additionally, their menu extends beyond just meats, offering a variety of braised items and boiled soups. This analysis emphasises Mei Mei’s humble setting within a kopitiam in an industrial area, contrasting its culinary offerings of high-quality roasted meats and other dishes. 

The founders’ experience at Kay Lee Roast Meats adds credibility to their expertise in roasting meats, ensuring the quality of their offerings. Mei Mei’s diverse menu, featuring roasted and braised items alongside soups, caters to a broader range of tastes, making it a convenient and satisfying dining option for patrons in the Ubi Industrial Estate.


  • Hidden Gem in Ubi: Mei Mei Roast Meats operates within a kopitiam in the bustling Ubi Industrial Estate, offering a convenient and accessible location for patrons.
  • Experienced Founders: Founded by Mdm Lee and her sister, who previously worked at Kay Lee Roast Meats, ensuring expertise and quality in their roasted meats.
  • Diverse Menu: Besides roasted meats like roast duck and char siew, Mei Mei offers braised items and boiled soups, catering to various tastes and preferences.

20. Hua Fong Kee Roasted Duck

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Address128 Lor 1 Toa Payoh, Block 128, Singapore 310128
Opening hoursEveryday: 8 am–7:30 pm
Thursday: Closed
Phone+65 6253 2884
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WebsiteHua Fong Kee Roasted Duck

Hua Fong Kee Roasted Duck has been perfecting Cantonese roasts for over three decades, earning trust as a top destination for succulent roasted duck since 1988. Renowned for juicy, well-roasted ducks with crispy skin and tender meat, they’ve amassed a loyal following. 

Whether served over rice with thick gravy or noodles, their offerings promise an unforgettable culinary experience. Their dedication to hygiene and food safety further cements their reputation as a beloved establishment. 

Share your encounters with Hua Fong Kee in the comments and be part of their Cantonese roasting legacy. This analysis highlights Hua Fong Kee’s long-standing expertise, quality offerings, and commitment to customer satisfaction, positioning them as a reliable choice for roasted duck lovers seeking authentic Cantonese flavours.


  • Decades of Experience: Hua Fong Kee has over 30 years of experience perfecting Cantonese roasts, ensuring expertise and quality in their roasted duck offerings since 1988.
  • Renowned for Succulence: Their roasted ducks are famous for juicy meat and crispy skin, attracting a loyal fan base across the island.
  • Hygiene and Safety: Hua Fong Kee prioritises hygiene and food safety, maintaining high standards to ensure a trustworthy and beloved customer dining experience.

What Is Roast Duck?

Roast duck is a popular dish in Singaporean cuisine, typically made by roasting a whole duck until it’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The duck is usually seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices before being perfectly roasted. One of the critical features of roast duck is its crispy skin, which is achieved through careful cooking techniques. 

The meat is succulent and flavorful, with a rich taste from the roasting process. Roast duck is often served with various condiments and side dishes, such as plum sauce, pickled vegetables, or steamed buns. 

It’s a favourite dish among locals and visitors, enjoyed at home and in restaurants across Singapore. Whether as a main course or part of a larger meal, roast duck is cherished for its delicious flavour and satisfying texture, making it a beloved dish in Singapore’s culinary landscape.

Ingredients Used In Roast Duck

Roast duck typically requires vital ingredients for its delicious flavour and crispy texture. One of the primary ingredients is the duck itself, usually a whole duck cleaned and prepared for roasting. 

Various herbs and spices are commonly used to season the duck, including garlic, ginger, five-spice powder, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, honey, and sometimes fruit juices like orange or plum. These seasonings are often applied inside and outside the duck to ensure maximum flavour penetration. 

Additionally, a marinade or basting sauce may be used during the roasting process to keep the duck moist and add extra flavour. Depending on personal preference and regional variations, the exact combination of ingredients may vary. Still, the goal is always to create a succulent and flavorful roast duck that delights the taste buds.

Health Benefits Of Eating Roast Duck

Eating roast duck can offer several health benefits when consumed as a balanced diet. Firstly, roast duck is a good source of protein, which is essential for building and repairing tissues in the body. Additionally, duck meat contains various vitamins and minerals, including iron, zinc, and B, essential for overall health and energy production. 

However, it’s important to note that roast duck can also be high in fat and calories, mainly if consumed with the skin on. Therefore, enjoying roast duck in moderation is advisable and opt for leaner cuts whenever possible. 

Furthermore, roast duck is often served with vegetables and other nutritious side dishes, which can further enhance its health benefits. While roast duck can be a tasty and satisfying dish, it’s best enjoyed as part of a varied and balanced diet to reap its healthful qualities.

Traditional Methods Of Roasting Duck In Singapore

Traditional methods of roasting duck involve meticulous preparation and careful cooking techniques to achieve the desired flavour and texture. One standard method is Cantonese-style roasting, where the duck is seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices, such as five-spice powder, ginger, garlic, and soy sauce. 

The duck is then hung or placed on a rack and roasted in a special oven, often charcoal or wood fire, for added smokiness. Another traditional method is Peking-style roasting, which originated in northern China. In this method, the duck is seasoned and inflated with air to separate the skin from the meat, creating a crispy skin when roasted. 

The duck is then roasted in a closed oven at high temperatures, resulting in a succulent and flavorful dish. Both methods require skill and experience to master, and they have been passed down through generations, contributing to the rich culinary heritage of Singapore.

History Behind Roast Duck In Singapore

The history of roast duck in Singapore dates back to the early Chinese immigrants who brought their culinary traditions to the island. Roast duck, particularly Cantonese-style roast duck, became popular in Singapore due to the large Chinese community and their preference for this delicious dish. 

Over time, roast duck became a staple in Singaporean cuisine, enjoyed at home and in restaurants across the island. As Singapore developed and modernised, roast duck remained a beloved dish, evolving with the changing tastes and preferences of the population.

Today, roast duck is a traditional delicacy and a symbol of Singapore’s multicultural culinary landscape, reflecting the diverse influences that have shaped the country’s food culture. The history behind roast duck in Singapore serves as a reminder of the rich heritage and traditions that continue to thrive in the modern city-state.


Finding the best roast duck in Singapore is truly a delightful adventure. With numerous establishments across the island offering their unique take on this classic dish, diners are spoiled for choice. From traditional Cantonese-style roasts to modern interpretations, each restaurant brings flavour and flair. 

Whether you prefer crispy skin or succulent meat, there’s a roast duck out there to satisfy your cravings. So, take your taste buds and explore the diverse flavours of Singapore’s roast duck scene.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Roast Duck In Singapore (FAQ’s)

What is the best duck for roasting?

The best duck for roasting is the Pekin duck, known for its tender meat and thin skin, which crisps up beautifully during roasting.

Why is Peking roasted duck famous?

Peking roasted duck is famous for its crispy skin and succulent meat. It’s a traditional dish from Beijing, China, dating back centuries.

Is Peking duck the same as roast duck?

While both are roasted ducks, Peking duck is a specific style from Beijing, China, known for its crispy skin and served with pancakes, cucumbers, and hoisin sauce.

Why are ducks best for roasting?

Ducks are best for roasting because they have a higher fat content than chicken, resulting in juicy, flavorful meat and crispy skin when cooked properly.

Is roast duck healthy to eat?

Roast duck can be part of a healthy diet when consumed in moderation. It’s a good source of protein and essential nutrients but can be high in fat and calories.

What is the friendliest duck?

The friendliest duck for roasting is often considered the Pekin duck due to its tender meat and delicious flavour.

Why is Peking duck so expensive?

Peking duck is expensive due to the time-consuming preparation process, high-quality ingredients, and skill required to achieve its crispy skin and succulent meat.

What is the difference between a Peking duck and a duck?

Peking duck is a specific dish known for its crispy skin and served with pancakes and condiments. Duck refers to the bird, which can be prepared in various ways.

What country is roasted duck from?

Roasted duck is commonly associated with Chinese cuisine, particularly the Peking duck, which originated in Beijing, China.

Is duck terrible for high cholesterol?

Duck is higher in fat than chicken but contains healthy unsaturated fats. It’s fine in moderation for most people, but those with high cholesterol should monitor their intake.

Is duck healthier than chicken?

Duck is higher in fat and calories than chicken but contains more iron, which is essential for blood health. In moderation, both can be part of a healthy diet.

Is duck safer than chicken?

Both duck and chicken are safe to eat when cooked properly. However, the duck has a higher fat content, so handling and cooking it safely is essential to avoid foodborne illnesses.

What country has the best duck?

China is renowned for its duck dishes, particularly Peking duck. France is also famous for its duck confit and foie gras.

What country eats the most duck?

China consumes the most duck globally, with various duck dishes integral to Chinese cuisine and culture.

Which country consumes most duck meat?

China consumes the most duck meat worldwide, enjoying various duck dishes across different regions.

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