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Naoki Hair Dressing Singapore (Review)

By Marissa Saini

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Address111 Somerset Rd, #02-35/36 TripleOne Somerset, Singapore 238164
Opening hoursEveryday: 9:30 am–8 pm
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NAOKI Hair Dressing, a renowned Japanese salon, stands out for its customer-centric approach and commitment to personalized service. Unlike many salons, NAOKI prioritizes building lasting client relationships through attentive listening. By truly understanding customers’ preferences and lifestyles, the stylists can suggest hairstyles that enhance their natural features and align with their daily routines.

This dedication to meeting individual needs has earned NAOKI a reputation as one of the country’s premier hair salons. Moreover, the salon’s emphasis on comfort further elevates the customer experience. NAOKI goes above and beyond by providing amenities such as charging ports, tablets for magazine reading, and cosy cushions and blankets.

These thoughtful touches demonstrate the salon’s commitment to ensuring clients feel relaxed and pampered during their visits. Overall, NAOKI Hair Dressing embodies the essence of exceptional customer service and attention to detail. By combining expertise in hairstyling with a focus on comfort and customization, NAOKI has established itself as a leader in the industry, attracting loyal customers who appreciate the salon’s dedication to their satisfaction.


Hair Cut

A haircut is when you trim or style your hair. It’s done to change your look, remove damaged ends, or keep your hair healthy. A hairstylist uses scissors or clippers to cut your hair to the length or style you want, making you feel fresh and confident.

Kid’s Cut$60
Fringe Cut$15
Eyebrow Shape $10


Colouring your hair means changing its colour. This can be done using dyes, which come in different types, such as permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary. People colour their hair for various reasons, like covering grey, trying a new look, or expressing their style.

Single Shade$120~140
Root Touch-Up$110~120
Highlight, LighteningOmbre, Balayage$140~180
Organic Colour$150~170
Partial Colour$100

Perm / Straight

Perming or straightening hair changes its natural texture. Perming adds curls or waves using chemicals while straightening makes curly or wavy hair appear straight using heat tools. People choose these treatments to achieve a desired look, whether curly, wavy, or sleek straight hair, adding versatility to hairstyles.

Cold Perm $140~180
Digital Perm$250~300
Rebonding / Cosme Straight$250~300
Premium straightening$200
Digital Perm & Rebonding$450~480
Partial Perm$100


Hair treatments are used to improve hair health and appearance. These include moisturising masks, deep conditioning, or keratin treatments. They repair damage, reduce frizz, and strengthen hair, leading to healthier, shinier locks. Treatments help maintain hair health and prevent issues like breakage and split ends.

2-Step Express Treatment$60~80
“URU URU” Treatment$80~100
MILBON Smooth / Anit-frizz$150~170
MILBON Moisture / Repair$180~200
BIGAMI Treatment$200~230
KIRAHA Plex$60
Micro Bubble Water$10
Geen Tea Scalp Treatment$50
Milbon Scalp Treatment$90
Gorilla Organic Head Spa  “BASIC”$140~$170
Gorilla Organic Head Spa “PREMIUM”$200~$230

What customers say:

Melissa Ann Wilson:

The hair stylist, Mr Go, is very patient, and he discussed with me how I want my hair cut in detail and gave good recommendations. He was professional and explained to me while he was cutting my hair. I recommend Neoki Hair Dressing, and Mr Go to others if they want a comfortable environment and a good haircut.


I’ve been a regular Go customer for over four years. He is a superb stylist who always gives me the exact hair makeover I want, even when my requests are very brief—highly recommended!


What services do you offer?

We offer haircuts, colouring, styling, treatments, perms, and straightening services to meet your hair needs and preferences.

How much does a haircut cost?

Haircut prices vary depending on the service and stylist. Please get in touch with us or visit our salon for specific pricing details.

Do you offer consultations?

We provide consultations to understand your hair goals and recommend suitable services and treatments.

How often should I get a haircut?

It depends on your hair type and desired style. Generally, getting a trim every 6-8 weeks helps maintain healthy hair and style.

Can I book appointments online?

You can easily book appointments through our website or by calling our salon during business hours.

Do you use cruelty-free products?

Yes, we prioritise using cruelty-free and high-quality hair care products to ensure the best results while being mindful of ethical practices.

How long does a colouring session take?

The duration depends on the complexity of the colour service. Typically, it ranges from 1 to 3 hours.

Will hair treatments damage my hair?

No, our treatments are designed to improve hair health. We use nourishing products and gentle techniques to enhance your hair’s condition.

Can I bring photos for hairstyle inspiration?

Absolutely! Feel free to bring photos or describe your desired hairstyle during your consultation to help us understand your preferences.

Do you offer discounts for new customers?

We often offer special offers and discounts for new customers. Check our website or social media pages for the latest promotions.

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