Nail Salons in Singapore

25 Best Nail Salons In Singapore Nail Art in 2024

By Mark Wiens

In the vibrant city of Singapore, students and their families can embark on a delightful journey to discover the best nail salons that add a touch of glamour to their fingertips. From trendy designs to soothing treatments, these nail salons in Singapore promise a world of beauty and style. The colourful and welcoming atmosphere of these salons makes nail care not just a routine but a joyful experience for everyone.

Additionally, for those seeking more relaxation, another exciting adventure awaits in our article on the best spas in Singapore. Discover a realm of tranquillity and pampering that goes beyond just nail art. Dive into a world of rejuvenation and indulgence for the perfect escape in the bustling Lion City!

1. Grace Nail Salon Singapore

Grace Nail Salon Singapore

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Address6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Clarke Quay, #04-92 The Central, 059817
Phone+65 6788 5066
InstagramGrace Nail Salon Singapore

Grace Nail Salon in Singapore is a top-rated spot loved by customers of all ages. Visitors praise skilled manicurists like Shi Min, Lycia, and Angel for their patience, attention to detail, and creative designs. Whether fixing damaged nails or crafting holiday-themed art, the salon’s team, especially Wendy and Elise, ensures customer satisfaction. 

The salon is tourist-friendly, easy to book, and responsive to inquiries. With monthly packages, quality gel nails, and a friendly atmosphere, Grace Nail Salon stands out among the best nail salons in Singapore, making it a go-to for locals and tourists alike.


  • Expert Nail Artists: Grace Nail Salon in Singapore boasts skilled artists like Shi Min, Lycia, and Angel, ensuring beautiful, unique designs that make it stand out among other nail salons.
  • Tourist-Friendly Service: Known for easy booking, quick responses, and kindness, Grace Nail Salon welcomes tourists, making it a top choice for visitors seeking quality nail care in Singapore.
  • Monthly Packages: Offering affordable monthly packages, including the famous $65 nail art set, the salon ensures budget-friendly options for those who regularly maintain stylish nails.
  • Meticulous and Patient: With manicurists like Wendy and Elise, Grace Nail Salon excels in meticulous service, fixing damaged nails and providing detailed care, making it a customer favourite.
  • Friendly Atmosphere: Warm and friendly, Grace Nail Salon provides a comfortable environment for customers, creating a pleasant experience that keeps them returning, distinguishing it as a standout among nail salons in Singapore.

Price Chart

Package NameDescriptionPrice
Classic ManicurePrimary nail care, shaping, and polish application.$30
Gel Nail PackageDurable gel polish application with various colours and designs.$50
Creative Nail Art SetExpress your unique style with intricate and imaginative nail art designs.$65
Damage Repair TreatmentSpecialised care for damaged nails, including repair and restoration.$40
Tourist Nail PackageTailored for tourists, it includes a basic manicure and an exceptional Singaporean nail art experience.$45
Monthly MaintenanceA cost-effective monthly plan for regular nail upkeep includes a classic manicure or gel nail application.$55 per month

2. Nails & Good Company

Nails & Good Company

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Address68 Orchard Rd, #04 38 Plaza, Singapore 238839
Phone+65 6337 7966
Email[email protected]
WebsiteNails & Good Company

Nails & Good Company, established in 2018, is a top-notch nail salon in Singapore. Specialising in non-toxic nail care, they prioritise customer well-being and environmental health. Using 5-free and 13-free polishes, including Halal-certified options, they offer various services, from classic manicures to gel treatments. 

The open-concept salon ensures a clean and healthy experience with MagnaCleanse technology and biodegradable liners for utmost hygiene. Customers rave about skilled technicians like Eileen and Miico, praising their meticulous work. Nails & Good Company is Singapore’s go-to spot for safe, stylish, eco-friendly nail services.


  • Non-Toxic Nail Care: Nails & Good Company shines with its commitment to non-toxic nail care, using 5-free and 13-free polishes, offering a safe and eco-friendly experience for customers in Singapore.
  • Clean and Healthy Environment: The salon maintains an open-concept space, free from toxic fumes, ensuring a clean and healthy nail care experience. Biodegradable liners and high sanitisation standards add to the hygiene.
  • Skilled and Meticulous Technicians: Customers praise technicians like Eileen and Miico for their meticulous work and patience, providing top-notch services that make Nails & Good Company a standout among nail salons in Singapore.
  • Variety of Nail Services: From classic manicures to gel treatments, Nails & Good Company offers a diverse range of nail services in Singapore, catering to different preferences and styles.
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff: The salon’s staff, known for their friendliness and knowledge, create a welcoming atmosphere, making customers feel valued and ensuring a memorable experience at this top Singaporean nail salon.

Price Chart

Nails ServicesDurationPriceDescriptionFirst-Time Customer Price
Express Gel Manicure30 min$35Quick and fuss-free nails with no drying time. Includes nail shaping and choice of less-toxic gel. USP $40.$40
Express Gel Pedicure30 min$35Quick and fuss-free nails with no drying time. Includes nail shaping and choice of less-toxic gel. USP $45.$45
Classic Gel Manicure + Pedicure90 min$85Popular duo treatment with essentials. Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, foot scrub, and light massage. USP $105.$105
Classic Gel Manicure + Pedicure90 min$125Best-selling gel combo with less-toxic polishes for long-lasting wear. No downtime or drying time. USP $145.$145
Deluxe Gel Manicure + Pedicure90 min$165Luxurious vegan, cruelty-free spa experience. Nourishing mud masque, creme butter hand massage, and signature aromatic blends. USP $200.$200
Lash ServicesDurationPriceDescriptionFirst-Time Customer Price
Lash Lift + Tint60 min$65For beautiful, natural lashes without maintenance. Lasts 4-6 weeks. USP $80.$80
Natura Single Lash: Classic Beauty90 min$85Naturally beautiful appearance with an illusion of a thicker lash line. Includes lash bath, under-eye mask & unlimited single lashes per eye. USP $100.$100
Hybrid Lash: Soufflé Flutters90 min$105Fuller, bolder, and fluffier lashes that are as light as a soufflé. Includes lash bath, under-eye mask & unlimited single + volume lashes per eye. USP $120.$120
Volume Lash: Camelia Bloom120 min$125Lightweight, soft, and voluminous lashes using multi-length lashes. Includes lash bath, under-eye mask & up to 500 camelia volume lashes per eye. USP $140.$140

3. Nail Queen By Michelle Tran

Nail Queen By Michelle Tran

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Address14 Scotts Rd, #04-88 Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213
Phone+65 8742 5789
Opening HoursMon-Fri, 10 am–9 pm
Sat-Sun, 10 am–8 pm
InstagramNail Queen By Michelle Tran

Nail Queen, led by Michelle Tran, stands out among nail salons in Singapore for its exceptional service and skilled nail technicians. Customers praise the professional touch of manicurists like Kim, Mei Ling, and Lily. The salon offers diverse services, from classic gel manicures to elaborate designs. Michelle’s warm and sincere customer interactions contribute to the salon’s upbeat atmosphere. 

The team’s attention to detail, quality gel products, and competitive pricing make Nail Queen a preferred choice. Despite occasional challenges, Michelle ensures customer satisfaction, emphasising her commitment to providing everyone with a happy and content experience.


  • Professional Nail Technicians: Nail Queen, led by Michelle Tran, boasts a team of skilled and friendly manicurists offering expert services, making it a top choice among nail salons in Singapore.
  • Exceptional Service: Customers consistently praise Nail Queen for its impeccable service, attention to detail, and dedication to ensuring a positive and content experience during every visit.
  • Variety of Nail Services: From classic gel manicures to intricate designs, Nail Queen provides a diverse range of nail services, catering to different preferences and styles in the vibrant Singapore nail salon scene.
  • Competitive Pricing: Nail Queen offers competitive pricing, making quality nail care accessible to customers. Michelle Tran emphasises affordability without compromising on service quality.
  • Warm and Inviting Atmosphere: With Michelle’s warm and sincere interactions, Nail Queen creates a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Customers appreciate the salon’s positive vibe and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Price Chart

Quick and fuss-free nails with no drying time. Includes nail shaping and a choice of less-toxic gel for first-time customers.30 min$40Quick and fuss-free nails with no drying time. Includes nail shaping and a choice of less-toxic gel, for first-time customers.
Express Gel Pedicure30 min$45Duo combination treating nails, hands, and feet with essential services. Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, foot scrub, and light massage for first-time customers.
Classic Gel Manicure + Pedicure90 min$105Luxurious vegan, cruelty-free spa experience. Includes a nourishing mud masque, organic creme butter hand massage, and signature aromatic blends for first-time customers.
Deluxe Gel Manicure + Pedicure90 min$165Quick and fuss-free nails with no drying time. Includes nail shaping and a choice of less-toxic gel for first-time customers.

4. Manicurious


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Address41 Beach Rd, Singapore 189680
Phone+65 6333 9096
Email[email protected]

Welcome to Manicurious, a trendy nail salon in Singapore. Previously a nail bar, café, and retail space, it now focuses on expert nail and lash services, making customers feel fantastic. Known for its plush vintage-inspired couches, it offers a relaxing experience while getting nails done, muscles massaged, and skin pampered. 

Customers praise the skilled staff, clean environment, and durable nail results. Some highlight the chic decor, complimentary tea, and absence of pushy sales tactics. With positive reviews emphasising quality service and peaceful ambience, Manicurious stands out among nail salons in Singapore.


  • Chic Ambiance: Manicurious boasts a chic atmosphere, making it stand out among nail salons in Singapore. The stylish decor and vintage-inspired couches create a pleasant and comfortable environment.
  • Expert Nail Services: With a focus on expert nail and lash services, Manicurious ensures customers leave feeling fabulous. Skilled staff members offer durable results, making it a reliable choice for beautiful nails.
  • Positive Customer Experience: Customers appreciate the peaceful ambience and professional service. Reviews highlight the attentive and non-pushy staff, creating a positive experience for those seeking quality nail care.
  • Complimentary Tea: Adding a thoughtful touch, Manicurious serves complimentary tea to customers. This enhances the overall experience, providing a relaxing moment during nail treatments.
  • Trendy Nail Art: Specializing in manicures and nail art, Manicurious allows customers to express their style through their nails. This focus on nail fashion makes it popular for those seeking trendy designs.

Price Chart

Basic ServicesPrice
Express Manicure$18
Express Pedicure$20
Classic Manicure$30
Classic Pedicure$40
French Polish$15
Gel Express Manicure$50
Gel Express Pedicure$50
Gel Classic Manicure$85
Gel Classic Pedicure$95
Gel Soak Off (set)$22
Gel Soak Off (each)$3
Acrylic Removal$60
Pampering TreatsPrice
Hand Spa$45
Foot Spa$55
Callus Treatment$38
Lava Heat Therapy Hands$38
Be FabulousPrice
Extension Manicure (set)$160
Extension Manicure (each)$18
Extension Pedicure (set)$170
Extension Pedicure (each)$20
Everything ElsePrice
Presto Clear Gel$45
Presto Infill Gel (set)$160
Presto Infill Gel (each)$18
Nail Repair (Clear Gel)$15
Men’s Surcharge$5

5. Painted Nail Bar

Painted Nail Bar

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Address374 River Valley Rd, Singapore 248281
Phone+65 6669 4778
Email[email protected]
WebsitePainted Nail Bar

Painted Nail Bar in Singapore, inspired by timeless Terracotta, stands out among nail salons. Rooted in authenticity and durability, they prioritise artistry in self-care. With a vision of charm, excellence, and meticulousness, the salon offers tranquillity and lasting results. The dedicated team ensures lush experiences, leaving clients rejuvenated. 

The signature nail treatments, using top-quality products, include expert shaping and cuticle care. Customers praise their lasting results and professional service. Painted Nail Bar creates an oasis where time stands still, celebrating elegance. It’s a go-to for quality and relaxation in the world of nail salons in Singapore.


  • Timeless Tranquility: Painted Nail Bar, nestled among nail salons in Singapore, offers a serene haven. Inspired by Terracotta, it’s a place where time stands still, providing a tranquil self-care experience.
  • Meticulous Expertise: With a vision of charm and excellence, the salon’s team delivers expert nail shaping, cuticle care, and flawless finishes. Meticulous attention ensures lasting results, distinguishing it in Singapore’s nail care scene.
  • Quality Products: Painted Nail Bar exclusively uses top-quality products, prioritising durability and long-lasting beauty. Clients appreciate the enduring results, setting it apart in Singapore’s nail salons.
  • Professional & Friendly: Praised for professionalism and friendliness, the staff at Painted Nail Bar ensures a pleasant experience. They listen to customer requests, providing a positive atmosphere in this Singaporean nail oasis.
  • Online Convenience: Embracing modernity, Painted Nail Bar offers seamless online booking. This user-friendly feature and a commitment to no hard selling make it a preferred choice among nail salons in Singapore.

Price Chart

The Terra ClassicElevate your nail care with a rejuvenating scrub, nourishing masque, extended massage, organic and natural BCL Spa products for skin, and Nail tak strengthener base coat for nails. Pamper your nails and refresh your tired feet.$40 Classic Manicure
$55 Classic Pedicure
The Terra GelExpert nail shaping, cuticle care, soothing massage, gel polish (CND Shellac, Japanese Presto, Bio Sculpture EVO2), cuticle oil, foot soak & scrub (Pedicure). Achieve beautiful and healthy nails with a long-lasting finish.$80 Gel Manicure
$100 Gel Pedicure
The Go-getterEfficient expert nail shaping, flawless polish application, quick-drying technology, cuticle oil. A swift visit for polished nails matching your pace and style.$25 Express Manicure
$30 Express Pedicure
The Go-getter GelSpeed meets longevity with expert nail shaping, durable gel polish, and cuticle oil care, a stunning, long-lasting manicure for those on the move.$60 Express Gel Manicure
$75 Express Gel Pedicure
Essentials Organic SpaElevate your nail care with a rejuvenating scrub, nourishing masque, extended massage, organic and natural BCL Spa products for skin, and Nail Tek strengthener base coat for nails. Pamper your nails and refresh your tired feet.$80 Essentials Spa + Manicure
$110 Essentials Spa + Pedicure
Painted Indulgence SpaGenuine luxury with Alpine Herbs Foot Spa Treatment and Anti-Dark Spots Hand Treatment. Utilises Swiss Mavex for deep revitalisation.$110 Hand Treatment + Classic Manicure
$130 Foot Spa Treatment + Classic Pedicure
Mini MeDelightful nail service for kids aged 12 and under. Gentle care, delightful colours, and big smiles for our young stars.$15 Organic Manicure
$15 Organic Pedicure
Basic & Add-onsExpert nail shaping, cuticle care, soothing massage, quick-drying polish (OPI, Zoya), cuticle oil, foot soak & scrub (Pedicure). It’s a no-nonsense way to perfectly manicured or pedicured nails.Prices Vary

6. AgnesG Nails (PLQ)

AgnesG Nails (PLQ)

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Address10 Paya Lebar Rd, #B1-06 PLQ Mall, Singapore 409057
Phone+65 6962 6887
Email[email protected]
WebsiteAgnesG Nails

At AgnesG Nails in Singapore, creativity is celebrated! They love unique ideas and help customers customise their nails, lashes, and eyebrows. The team is well-trained and brings creative flair to nail art, lash services, and brow embroidery. The customers, who appreciate standing out, enjoy a luxurious pampering experience at AgnesG’s comfortable outlets. 

The place is hygienic and affordable, making it a delightful choice for those who want to express their uniqueness through beautiful nails and more. Happy customers appreciate the well-trained staff, neat work, and the pampering experience they receive at AgnesG Nails.


  • Creative Customization: AgnesG Nails lets customers create unique nails, lashes, and brows. They love creative ideas, making it an excellent choice among nail salons in Singapore.
  • Luxurious Pampering: At AgnesG, getting nails done is not just a service; it’s a luxurious experience. Customers enjoy pampering in a comfortable setting, making it a favourite among nail salons in Singapore.
  • Well-Trained Team: The team at AgnesG Nails is not just skilled but also creatively inclined. Each member brings a unique flair to nail art, lash services, and brow embroidery.
  • Hygienic and Affordable: Customers appreciate the hygienic environment at AgnesG Nails, and it’s also affordable. It’s a cherry on top, making it a popular choice among nail salons in Singapore.
  • Happy Customer Stories: Many customers share positive experiences about the well-trained staff, neat work, and the delightful pampering they receive at AgnesG Nails, making it a trusted nail salon.

Price Chart

Entire Leg Waxing for $40.DescriptionPrice
Princess Manicure/PedicureSwift Gel Manicure/Pedicure includes French/Glitter/Gradient (regular/gel).$10 each
Express Manicure/PedicureClassic Manicure/Pedicure with a swift service.$17 / $20
Princess SPA Manicure/PedicureSPA Manicure/Pedicure for ages below 12, ensuring a pampering experience.$20 each
Classic Manicure/PedicureClassic Service, Sea Salt Scrub, Whitening Mask Wrap, Massage.$60 / $70
White Radiance Spa Manicure/PedicureClassic Service, Sea Salt Scrub, Whitening Mask Wrap, Massage, Collagen Essence Spa.$93 / $103
Express Gel Manicure/PedicureClassic Gel Service, Sea Salt Scrub, Whitening Mask Wrap, Collagen Essence Spa Gel, Lifting Cleanser, Hyaluronic Acid Essence, Firming Anti-aging Mask, Massage.$43 / $53
Sculpture Extension Hard Gel/ AcrylicSculptured extension with Hard Gel or Acrylic, adding $12/nail or $100/set.$12/nail, $100/Set
Powder Gradient Eyebrow EmbroideryAchieve a natural gradient look with Powder Gradient Eyebrow Embroidery.$688
Realistic Hairstroke EmbroideryRealistic Hairstroke Embroidery for natural-looking eyebrows.$888
Classic Gel Manicure/ PedicureClassic Gel Service, Sea Salt Scrub, Whitening Mask Wrap, Collagen Essence Spa Gel.$63 / $73
White Radiance Spa Gel Manicure/PedicureClassic Gel Service, Sea Salt Scrub, Whitening Mask Wrap, Collagen Essence Spa Gel, Lifting Cleanser,Hyaluronic Acid Essence, Firming Anti-aging Mask, Massage.$118 / $128
Keratin Lash LiftEnhance your natural lashes with a Keratin Lash Lift for $79.$79
Lash Extension (Unlimited strands)Classic, Stardash, White Radiance Spa, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Flash, Twilight Sparkle.$88, $98, $118, $128, $138, $148
Lash RemovalService for $20.$20
Full LegFull Leg Waxing for $40.$40
MakeupAGN Signature Natural, Deluxe, Klash Natural, Klash Volume. Makeup services range from $128 to $218.$128, $218
Men Surcharge (Additional)Additional $5 per classic service for men.$5

7. EileenNailsSg


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Address102B Bidadari Park Dr, Singapore 342102
Phone+65 8288 8480
Email[email protected]

Eileen, a skilled nail artist and Pink Room International Nail Academy graduate, owns a warm and private studio in Bidadari Park Drive, just a short walk from Woodleigh MRT. With over six years of experience, she offers manicure, pedicure, and extension services using quality products from Japan and Korea. 

Her welcoming and patient nature makes her a favourite for bridal nails, intricate designs, and personalised preferences. Eileen’s artistry, professionalism, and comfortable studio set her apart in the realm of nail salons in Singapore, providing a relaxing experience for everyone, from first-timers to regulars.


  • Skilled Nail Artist: Eileen, a graduate of Pink Room International Nail Academy, is a talented nail artist with over six years of experience, offering top-notch services in her cosy home-based studio near Woodleigh MRT.
  • Affordable and Professional: Eileen provides affordable manicures, pedicures, and extension services with professional results. Her expertise and the use of reputable products from Japan and Korea ensure high-quality nail care experiences.
  • Bridal Nail Specialist: Eileen’s exceptional skills shine in bridal nail designs. She crafts beautiful and unique designs, making brides feel special on their big day, her a reputation in Singapore’s nail salons.
  • Relaxing and Swift Experience: Clients praise Eileen for her friendly and welcoming demeanour, creating a comfortable atmosphere in her studio. The entire nail care experience is relaxing, swift, and enjoyable.
  • Customer-Focused and Accommodating: Eileen’s customer-focused approach stands out. She accommodates design preferences, provides valuable advice, and ensures a positive experience, making her a popular choice among those seeking personalised and professional nail services in Singapore.

Price Chart

Classic ManicureBasic manicure service with nail shaping and regular polish application.$25
Classic PedicureBasic pedicure service with nail shaping and regular polish application.$30
Gel ManicureLonger-lasting manicure with gel polish application.$40
Gel PedicureLonger-lasting pedicure with gel polish application.$45
Bridal Nail PackageSpecialized bridal nail service, including custom designs to match wedding themes and preferences.$60 – $80 (varies)
Nail Extension PackageNail extensions service provides length and durability with various design options.$50 – $70 (varies)
Express Mani-PediQuick and efficient express manicure and pedicure services.$40
Nail Art Add-OnCustomized nail art designs to enhance the overall look.$5 and up (per nail)
Medi-Pedi PackageMedically-focused pedicure for foot health, including nail care and massage.$55

8. Colorful Nails

Colorful Nails

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AddressFar East Plaza #05, 122B, Singapore 228213
Phone+65 6235 8933
WebsiteColorful Nails

Colorful Nails, a cosy haven for nail art enthusiasts, captivates with impeccable service and genuine care from the skilled Vietnamese boss. Boasting an extensive colour palette, clients revel in a wide array of choices. The aftercare service within a week sets it apart from other nail salons in Singapore. 

Affordable pricing and a friendly atmosphere make it a go-to spot. The nail artists prioritise details, offering services like gel nails and express pedicures. With attention to customer preferences, Colorful Nails creates a welcoming experience, encouraging patrons to return for meticulous and affordable nail services and building long-term relationships.


  • Affordable Beauty: Colorful Nails in Singapore offers affordable nail services, starting from just $5. Students in Class 6 can enjoy express and classic manicures and pedicures without breaking the bank.
  • Vibrant Variety: With a wide array of nail colours to choose from, the salon provides a rainbow of options. Students can pick their favourite shades to express their style and creativity.
  • Men-Friendly: The salon welcomes everyone, even offering a men’s surcharge for those looking to spruce up their nails. This inclusivity makes it a go-to spot for anyone seeking quality nail care.
  • Professional Add-Ons: Colorful Nails provides various add-on services, from gel soak-offs to cooling spa treatments. These extras enhance the overall nail salon experience, ensuring a pampering session for customers.
  • Promotions Galore: The salon runs promotions like the Gel Manicure Express for $35 and Gel Pedicure Classic for $65, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a mix of quality and value.

Price Chart

Express Manicure$5
Express Pedicure$7
Gel Manicure$20
Gel Pedicure$20
Classic Manicure$15
Classic Pedicure$25
Classic Gel Manicure$28
Classic Gel Pedicure$45
Men’s Surcharge (Per Service)$5
Gel Soak Off$10
Classic French$10
Extension Removal$25
Cooling Spa$10
Extensions (Hard Gel)$100
Gel Manicure Express$35
Gel Pedicure Classic$65

9. Nail Bliss One Raffles Place

Nail Bliss One Raffles Place

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Address1 Raffles Pl, #05-08/09 One Raffles Place Tower 1, Singapore 048616
Phone+65 6533 5038
ContactContact Us
WebsiteNail Bliss

Established in 2003, Nail Bliss is a sought-after nail salon in Singapore, offering unparalleled services at reasonable prices. With a team of highly skilled staff, they prioritise customer pampering and provide a range of services beyond nail care, including eyelash extensions, IPL hair removal, and waxing. 

Customers laud the impeccable service, praising manicurists like Kitty and Constance for their professionalism and attention to detail. Nail Bliss is known for its cosy environment with a view of Raffles Place, making it a top choice for a relaxing nail care experience in the heart of Singapore.


  • Skilled Team: Nail Bliss, a popular nail salon in Singapore, boasts a skilled team of manicurists like Kitty and Constance. They ensure top-notch services, demonstrating professionalism and attention to detail.
  • Meticulous Care: Customers praise the meticulous care provided by Nail Bliss, particularly for issues like ingrown nails. The salon, operational since 2003, prioritises excellent service, making it a reliable choice for nail care.
  • Wide Range of Services: Beyond nail care, Nail Bliss offers an extensive range of services, including eyelash extensions, IPL hair removal, and waxing. This diversity caters to various beauty needs, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Cosy Environment: Situated in the heart of Singapore at One Raffles Place, Nail Bliss provides a cosy environment with a scenic view of Raffles Place. This adds to the relaxation and comfort of customers.
  • Customer Loyalty: With customers staying loyal for over a decade, Nail Bliss, especially therapists like Summer, receives praise for consistency, dedication, and artistic flair. The salon maintains a positive reputation in Singapore’s competitive nail salon landscape.

Price Chart

Classic Gel Manicure$53
Classic Pedicure$33
Classic Gel Pedicure$63
Classic Manicure$22
Classic Pedicure$33
Classic Manicure & Pedicure$55
Gel Manicure$53
Gel Pedicure$63
Gel Manicure and Gel Pedicure$108
Russian Manicure (add $20)
Russian Pedicure (add $20)
French (add $10)
Express Manicure$15
Express Pedicure$18
Express Gel Manicure$35
Express Gel Pedicure$45
Gel Extension$120
Acrylic Extension$100
Soak-off Extension$35
Soak-off Gel$10/$15
Nail Art (from $5 per nail)
Men’s Services (add $5 per svc)
Half Leg$30
Full Leg$55
Half Arm$25
Full Arm$35
Upper Lip$10
Fingers / Toes$8

10. The Nail Artistry

The Nail Artistry

MapGet Direction
Address27 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428749
Phone+65 6386 2722
Email[email protected]
WebsiteThe Nail Artistry

The Nail Artistry, a top-notch nail salon in Singapore, boasts locations in Serangoon Gardens and the East Coast. Renowned for its premium boutique services, it specialises in meticulous manicures and pedicures. The skilled artists at The Nail Artistry focus on the details, ensuring quality and leaving clients feeling beautiful and empowered. Customer testimonials highlight their clean and friendly environment, excellent service, and attention to individual preferences.

The salon offers various services, including gel manicures, pedicures, eyelash extensions, and more. Positive reviews commend the expertise of their manicurists, emphasizing patience, creativity, and professionalism in delivering delightful nail experiences.


  • Expert Nail Artists: The Nail Artistry stands out for its skilled artists in Singapore, offering superb manicures and pedicures. They pay close attention to details, ensuring top-notch quality.
  • Clean and Friendly Atmosphere: With a clean and friendly environment, The Nail Artistry provides a comfortable space for clients seeking exceptional nail services in Singapore.
  • Personalized Customer Service: Clients appreciate the personalised service, with artists patiently helping choose colours that suit skin tones and preferences. It’s empowering, ensuring customers leave feeling beautiful and satisfied.
  • Professionalism and Hygiene: The salon maintains high standards of professionalism and hygiene. Meticulous manicurists deliver top-tier services in a clean, well-equipped environment.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Customers rave about the long-lasting results of gelish manicures and pedicures, even enduring household chores. The salon’s dedication to quality ensures that every cent spent is worthwhile.

Price Chart

OPI Polish | The Basics

Express ManicureShape, Buff, Polish$20.00
Classic ManicureShape, Cuticle Care, Buff, Polish$33.00
Express PedicureShape, Buff, Polish$22.00
Classic PedicureSoak, Shape, Cuticle Care, Buff, Scrub, Massage, Polish$43.00

Gel Polish | For Lasting Wear

Express Gel ManicureShape, Buff, Gel Polish$50.00
Classic Gel ManicureShape, Cuticle Care, Buff, Gel Polish$70.00
Express Gel PedicureShape, Buff, Gel Polish$60.00
Classic Gel PedicureSoak, Shape, Cuticle Care, Buff, Scrub, Massage, Gel Polish$80.00
Gel Polish RemovalSoak-Off Removal, Shape, Buff$12.00 (Hands) / $18.00 (Feet)

Extension | Enhance The Look​

Gel ExtensionsCuticle Care, Gel Extensions, Polish / Gel Polish$20.00 per Nail / $158.00 per Set
Infill ExtensionsCuticle Care, Infill Extensions, Polish / Gel Polish$16.00 per Nail / $120.00 per Set
Extensions RemovalSoak-Off / File Off, Shape, Buff$38.00 (Hands) / $48.00 (Feet)

Spa & Treatments | To Rejuvenate​

Sole Renewal Treatment$48.00
Advance Callus Treatment$58.00
IBX Nail Repair$38.00
Angelic White Treatment$38.00
Classic Rejuvenating SpaSoak, Sea Salt Scrub, Deep Dermal Wrap, Hydrating Massage$38.00 (Hands) / $48.00 (Feet)
Organic White Radiance SpaSoak, Exfoliating Scrub, Hydrating Mask, Brightening Cream$70.00 (Hands) / $90.00 (Feet)
Organic Skin Renewal SpaSoak, Essential Oil Scrub, Vitamin C Moisture Mask, Energizing Massage Cream$70.00 (Hands) / $90.00 (Feet)

11. 8Twenty8 Nails

8Twenty8 Nails

MapGet Direction
Address50 Tras St, #02-01 Level 2, Singapore 078989
Phone+65 6225 1828
Email[email protected]

8Twenty8 Nails is a top-rated nail salon in Singapore, known for its excellent services and cosy ambience. Customers rave about the friendly and skilled staff, especially Victoria, the owner. The salon is clean and professional and doesn’t push customers to buy extra services. They offer various treatments, from classic mani-pedis to intricate nail art. 

Clients appreciate the attention to detail and the high-quality products used. Booking in advance is recommended as slots fill up quickly. Overall, 8Twenty8 Nails is a go-to place for a relaxing and pampering nail experience, making it a standout among nail salons in Singapore.


  • Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere: 8Twenty8 Nails provides a cosy and friendly environment where customers feel comfortable and relaxed during their visit, setting it apart from other nail salons in Singapore.
  • Professional and Skilled Staff: The salon boasts a well-trained and polite staff led by Victoria. They offer top-notch services, ensuring customers receive quality manicures, pedicures, and nail art.
  • Hygienic and Clean Space: Maintaining high standards of cleanliness, the salon prioritises hygiene, making customers feel safe and comfortable, distinguishing it as a trustworthy choice among nail salons in Singapore.
  • Attention to Detail: The staff pays great attention to detail, creating beautiful, intricate nail designs. This meticulous approach ensures that customers leave with perfect and stylish nails.
  • Prompt and Efficient Service: 8Twenty8 Nails values its customers’ time, providing prompt responses, quick appointment scheduling, and accommodating last-minute requests, making it a convenient and efficient option among nail salons in Singapore.

Price Chart

Express Manicure$20.00
Classic Manicure$33.00
Express Pedicure$22.00
Classic Pedicure$43.00
Express Gel Manicure$50.00
Classic Gel Manicure$70.00
Express Gel Pedicure$60.00
Classic Gel Pedicure$80.00
Gel Polish Removal$12.00 / $18.00
Gel Extensions (Per Nail)$20.00
Gel Extensions (Full Set)$158.00
Infill Extensions (Per Nail)$16.00
Infill Extensions (Full Set)$120.00
Extensions Removal$38.00 / $48.00
Sole Renewal Treatment$48.00
Advance Callus Treatment$58.00
IBX Nail Repair$38.00
Angelic White Treatment$38.00
Classic Rejuvenating Spa (Hands)$38.00
Classic Rejuvenating Spa (Feet)$48.00
Organic White Radiance Spa (Hands)$70.00
Organic White Radiance Spa (Feet)$90.00
Organic Skin Renewal Spa (Hands)$70.00
Organic Skin Renewal Spa (Feet)$90.00

12. Hanah Nails Salon

 Hanah Nails Salon

MapGet Direction
Address3 New Bugis St, #03 42B, Singapore 188867
Phone+65 9888 4567
Email[email protected]
WebsiteHanah Nails Salon

Hanah Nails Salon in Bugis is a popular choice for nail services in Singapore. Known for excellent service at reasonable prices, it has gained a loyal customer base. Clients praise the long-lasting results, with minimal chipping even after weeks. The salon accommodates specific requests, ensuring satisfaction. Visitors appreciate the friendly staff and their patience in understanding preferences. 

Hanah’s artistic skills shine through hand-painted designs, setting them apart. Despite occasional busy periods, the team maintains efficiency. Clients particularly value affordability, transparency in pricing, and a welcoming atmosphere. Overall, Hanah Nails offers a satisfying and recommendable nail salon experience.


  • Stylish Nail Designs: Painted Nail Bar in Singapore stands out for its trendy and creative nail designs, making it a go-to choice for those seeking fashionable and unique manicures.
  • Friendly and Skilled Staff: The salon boasts a team of friendly and skilled nail technicians, ensuring a pleasant experience for customers with their expertise and welcoming attitude.
  • Hygienic and Clean Environment: Painted Nail Bar prioritises hygiene and maintaining a clean and safe environment. Clients appreciate the salon’s commitment to cleanliness, ensuring a worry-free nail pampering session.
  • Affordable Pricing: With reasonable pricing, Painted Nail Bar offers quality services without breaking the bank. Clients can enjoy professional nail care at budget-friendly rates, making it accessible to many.
  • Convenient Location: Strategically located in Singapore, Painted Nail Bar provides convenience for customers, making it easily accessible and a top choice for those seeking a nearby and reliable nail salon.

13. Project Nails Katong

 Project Nails Katong

MapGet Direction
Address138 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428828
Phone+65 6344 1636
Email[email protected]
WebsiteProject Nails

Project Nails is a haven for nail care in Singapore. Their salon in Katong offers a stylish and relaxed atmosphere, providing a unique and enjoyable experience. Clients are welcomed with premium teas and homemade cookies, creating a warm ambience. Project Nails prioritises transparency, displaying transparent pricing online and in-salon. They value quality over endless promotions, assuring clients of skilled staff and genuine products. 

With a commitment to service, the salon avoids hard-selling, focusing on customer satisfaction. Complimentary tea service, hygienic salons, and a long-term philosophy make Project Nails a trusted choice for nail care enthusiasts.


  • Warm Welcome: Project Nails, a top choice for nail salons in Singapore, welcomes visitors to their Katong salon with premium teas, homemade cookies, and a stylish, relaxed atmosphere.
  • Transparent Pricing: With a commitment to transparency, Project Nails showcases transparent pricing online and in their salons, avoiding surprises and ensuring customers know the value they receive for their nail care services.
  • Skilled Staff: Clients can trust that they are in the hands of trained and skilled staff at Project Nails, which offers quality services comparable to pricier salons in Singapore.
  • Genuine Products: The salon uses only genuine products sourced from manufacturers or authorised distributors, ensuring the traceability and quality of the products used for nail services.
  • Customer-Focused Service: Project Nails values customer satisfaction, avoiding hard selling and providing a satisfaction policy for nail polishes. The salon also maintains clean and hygienic spaces for the comfort and well-being of its clients.

Price Chart

Express Manicure$20Classic manicure, one gel polish color
Kids Express Manicure (12 years & below)$14Express manicure, one gel polish color
Classic Manicure$38Manicure soak, express manicure, cuticle removal, moisturizer
Express Gel Manicure$48Cut, shape, one primary nail polish color, cuticle oil (for kids 12 years & below)
Classic Gel Manicure$75Classic manicure, BIAB clear, regular gel colour
BIAB-Clear Classic Gel Manicure$110Classic manicure, BIAB clear, regular gel color
BIAB-Colour Classic Gel Manicure$130Classic manicure, BIAB color
Cuccio Paradiso Manicure Spa$75Classic manicure, sea salt scrub, lemon skin lightening serum, grapeseed antioxidant oil, deep moisturizing mask, hot glove, body butter, light massage, cuticle oil
Cuccio Paradiso Gel Manicure Spa$110Classic gel manicure, Cuccio Paradiso Manicure Spa
Acrylic or Gel Infill$120Classic gel manicure, infill
Acrylic or Gel Overlay$120Classic gel manicure, overlay
Canoe Tip Extension$150Classic gel manicure, canoe tip extension
Acrylic or Gel 1/2 Tip Extension$170Classic gel manicure, 1/2 tip extension
Acrylic or Gel Sculptured Extension$190Classic gel manicure, sculptured extension

14. Ce’LaVie Nails Spa

Ce'LaVie Nails Spa

MapGet Direction
Address#03-06 Bugis Cube 470 North Bridge road, 188735
Phone+65 6837 0868
FacebookCe’LaVie Nails Spa

Ce’LaVie Nails Spa is a cosy spot in Singapore where the focus is on quality service without the pressure of package sales. Visitors praise Celine’s gentle and skilled approach to nail care, which is evident in her years of experience. The salon ensures a relaxing experience, valuing one customer at a time. 

Affordable prices, various designs, and a personalised touch make it a top choice for customers seeking professional, friendly, and meticulous nail care. Ce’LaVie Nails Spa offers a delightful escape for those wanting beautiful nails in a comfortable environment. They are highly recommended for a satisfying nail salon experience in Singapore.


  • Relaxing Atmosphere: Ce’LaVie Nails Spa offers a cosy and small yet comfortable setting. Customers appreciate the calming ambience, making it a pleasant choice among nail salons in Singapore.
  • Skilled Service: Led by the skilled manicurist Celine, the salon ensures a professional touch. With years of experience, Celine caters to various preferences, creating beautiful and meticulous nail designs.
  • No Hard Selling: Visitors commend the salon’s approach, emphasizing a comfortable experience without the pressure of package sales. Ce’LaVie Nails Spa values customer satisfaction over aggressive selling tactics.
  • Personalized Attention: Celine values her customers, providing personalised attention to ensure comfort. The salon’s commitment to serving one customer at a time enhances the overall experience, creating a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Reasonable Pricing: Despite the professional and skilled services, Ce’LaVie Nails Spa offers affordable and reasonable pricing. It is a cost-effective choice for those seeking quality nail care in Singapore.

Price Chart

Classic Gel Manicure + Classic Gel Pedicure$98
Classic Gelish Manicure$48
Classic Gelish Pedicure$68
Classic Manicure & Pedicure$55
Sole Renewal Treatment$83
Acrylic Removal$50
Classic Manicure$25
Custom Item – 10 fingernail acrylic extension and painting + nail art$168
Extension Acrylic$138
Extension Gel$128
File Off Removal$60
Temporary Tips$50
Tips Removal$30
Classic Pedicure$35
Pedicure Soak Off$15
Peeling Cream Service$15
Trim 3 in 1$158
Upper Leg Waxing$38

15. The Nailist

The Nailist

MapGet Direction
Address211 Holland Rd, #03-19/19A/21/32 Shopping centre, 02-32, Singapore 278967
Phone+65 6463 0028
Email[email protected]
WebsiteThe Nailist

The Nailist in Holland Village is a customer favourite for its excellent service and cosy atmosphere. Visitors appreciate the friendly staff, skilful manicurists, and the absence of hard-selling tactics. Despite occasional wait times, the consistent quality of gel and classic manicures keeps customers returning. The salon prioritises eco-friendliness, providing a variety of sustainable nail varnishes. 

There’s a focus on customer comfort, offering headphones and iPads. Although pricier, the salon’s no-pressure approach and lasting results make it a top choice in Holland Village. Walk-ins are welcome, contributing to the salon’s popularity among nail salons in Singapore.


  • Warm Welcome: The Nailist greets customers warmly, making them feel at home in the cosy salon and creating a friendly atmosphere uncommon among nail salons in Singapore.
  • No Hard Selling: Unlike other places, The Nailist doesn’t pressure customers to buy extra services. They focus on delivering good manicures and pedicures without the extra sales pitch.
  • Skilled Staff: With experienced manicurists, the salon provides fast yet detailed services. Despite occasional wait times, their skilled team ensures satisfaction, drawing repeat customers.
  • Eco-Friendly Focus: The Nailist offers a selection of eco-friendly nail varnishes, emphasising sustainability in their choices and contributing positively to environmental consciousness in the nail salon industry.
  • Customer Comfort: The salon prioritises customer comfort by offering headphones and iPads. Despite being pricier, the relaxed experience and lasting results make it a preferred choice in Holland Village.

Price Chart

Service NameDurationPrice
Express Manicure30 mins$30.00
Express Pedicure30 mins$30.00
Full Manicure30 mins$28.00
Gelish Manicure30 mins$49.00
Classic Pedicure30 mins$35.00
Classic Manicure45 mins$38.00
Gel Manicure & Pedicure60 mins$85.00
Nail Art DesignVariesFrom $5.00
Foot Reflexology60 mins$58.00
Acrylic Nail Extensions90 mins$98.00

16. Shugar Prestige

Shugar Prestige

MapGet Direction
Address290 Orchard Rd, #05-08A Paragon, Singapore 238859
Phone+65 6732 2298
Email[email protected]
WebsiteShugar Prestige

Shugar Prestige, a top-tier nail salon in Singapore, is a haven of beauty and relaxation. Founded by Ms. Jenny Ho, it boasts 23 years of expertise. Shugar Prestige, born in 2018, embodies luxury at The Paragon on Orchard Road. Ms. Ho and her daughter, Lynn Lim, strive for excellence. 

Clients praise their skilled therapists, like Hazel and Miko, for superb services. The salon offers an array of treatments, from bridal nail services to kids’ spa packages. Known for meticulous care, impeccable nail art, and a cosy environment, Shugar Prestige sets a high standard for nail salons in Singapore.


  • Luxurious Experience: Shugar Prestige offers a luxurious experience at The Paragon on Orchard Road, setting high standards for nail salons in Singapore with its elegant environment and attentive therapists.
  • Family Legacy: Founded by Ms. Jenny Ho, with 23 years of beauty expertise, Shugar Prestige carries a rich legacy. Ms. Ho and her daughter, Lynn Lim, blend experience and modern luxury seamlessly.
  • Skilled Therapists: Clients rave about skilled therapists like Hazel and Miko, praising their professionalism and expertise. Shugar Prestige ensures top-notch services, from bridal nail care to kids’ spa treatments.
  • Quality Products: Shugar Prestige ensures a premium experience using top-quality products. Clients appreciate the excellent work, quality materials, and reasonable prices, making it a standout among nail salons in Singapore.
  • Relaxing Atmosphere: Shugar Prestige provides a cosy and welcoming environment where clients feel relaxed and pampered. The salon’s commitment to comfort and satisfaction distinguishes it from other nail salons in Singapore.

Price Chart

Service NameDurationPrice
Callus Treatment30mins$37.45
Classic Mani30mins$26.75
Classic Pedi45mins$40.66
Collagen Feet Mask30mins$48.15
Collagen Hand Mask15mins$37.45
Express Gel Mani/Pedi30mins$37.45
Express Mani30mins$16.05
Express Pedi30mins$21.4
Footlogic Callous Treatment45mins$71.69
Gel Colour30mins$37.45
Gel Extensions120mins$171.2
Gel Overlay On Natural Nails30mins$53.5
Gel Overlay Tip Extensions90mins$107
Gel Pedicure90mins$105
Gelish Treats30mins$26.75
IBX Nail Treatment30mins$51.36
LCN Nail Mask15mins$21.4
Little Princess Classic Mani (2 to 12 years old)30mins$23.54
Little Princess Classic Pedi (2 to 12 years old)45mins$32.1
Little Princess Express Mani15mins$16.05
Little Princess Express Pedi15mins$16.05
Little Princess Gelish Treatment30mins$26.75
O.P.I Pro Feet Spa45mins$58.85
O.P.I Pro Hand Spa30mins$42.8
Organic Herbal Spa Feet Treatment45mins$85.6
Organic Herbal Spa Hand Treatment30mins$64.2
Paraffin Hand30mins$42.8
Parafin Hand15mins$32.1
Shugar Signature Callus Treatment45mins$101.65
Signature Mani45mins$37.45
Signature Organic Mani Spa75mins$85.6
Signature Organic Pedi Spa90mins$126.26
Signature Pedi60mins$64.2
Soak Off Extension (Full-Set)15mins$53.5
Strengthening Gel Overlay15mins$32.1
Volcanic Mud Feet Mask30mins$48.15
Volcanic Mud Hand Mask30mins$37.45

17. Corene Nail Spa

Corene Nail Spa

MapGet Direction
Address304 Orchard Rd, #06-10/11 Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863
Phone+65 9791 0079
Email[email protected]
WebsiteCorene Nail Spa

Corene Nail Spa is a popular choice for nail salons in Singapore, offering superb services in the heart of Orchard. Renowned for its cleanliness, brightness, and tranquil ambience, it caters to beauty needs beyond nails. The owner, Corene, is praised for her accommodation and professionalism. 

Clients laud the skilled staff, specifically mentioning Hua Hua, Winnie, and others. Services include nails, eyebrow threading, haircuts, and more. The spa’s friendly atmosphere and affordable prices have garnered a loyal following for over six years. Corene Nail Spa stands out as a go-to destination for comprehensive beauty treatments.


  • Friendly Staff: Corene Nail Spa is known for its friendly staff, including Hua Hua and Winnie, who provide excellent services and create a welcoming atmosphere for customers seeking nail salons in Singapore.
  • Affordable Prices: The spa offers affordable prices, making it an attractive option for those looking for quality services without breaking the bank in Singapore’s competitive world of nail salons.
  • Comprehensive Beauty Services: Beyond nails, Corene Nail Spa provides a range of beauty services, from eyebrow threading to haircuts, fulfilling diverse beauty needs in a single, convenient location.
  • Clean and Bright Salons: Clients appreciate the clean and bright environment of Corene Nail Spa, creating a pleasant and relaxing space for their beauty treatments in the heart of Orchard.
  • Loyal Customer Base: With over six years of service, Corene Nail Spa has built a loyal customer base, with patrons praising the dedication of the owner, Corene, and the skilled staff who consistently deliver excellent service.

18. Lux Nails & Spa

Lux Nails & Spa

MapGet Direction
Address301 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574408
Phone+65 6452 2991
Email[email protected]
WebsiteLux Nails & Spa

Lux Nails & Spa, a haven among nail salons in Singapore, crafts a unique beauty journey tailored to individual well-being. Their modern salon, blending luxury with warmth, offers natural organic services and result-driven treatments. Fiona and the team are praised for their attentive and gentle care, providing insights for healthier, natural-looking nails. 

The salon’s accommodating and friendly atmosphere ensures a relaxing experience. With satisfied customers signing up for packages, Lux Nails & Spa stands out for its exceptional service, making it a recommended choice for those seeking quality nail care and overall well-being in Singapore’s bustling Orchard area.


  • Relaxing Atmosphere: Lux Nails & Spa, a top pick among nail salons in Singapore, offers a friendly and comfy environment, making customers feel at ease during their pampering sessions.
  • Skilled and Friendly Team: Fiona and her team are known for their skilful and professional approach, providing attentive and pain-free services that keep clients returning for more.
  • Quality Nail Care: Lux Nails & Spa focuses on natural organic services and result-driven treatments, ensuring customers receive high-quality nail care that enhances appearance and well-being.
  • Accommodating Service: The salon is praised for its accommodating nature, often welcoming walk-ins and providing last-minute appointments, making it convenient for busy customers.
  • Membership Value: Lux Nails & Spa offers membership packages that provide financial value, allowing customers to enjoy the best value regardless of their treatment.

Price Chart


ServiceClassic Gel (includes all Classic manicures)
Classic Gel (includes all Classic manicures)$13
Express Gel (Shape & Color)$45
Classic Gel (includes all Classic manicure)$58
O.P.I Pro Spa$88
Deluxe Spa Manicure$98
Ultimate LUX Spa (includes all Deluxe Spa manicure & anti-ageing serum)$138


Classic Gel (includes all Classic pedicures)$18
Men Classic$40
Express Gelish (Shape & Color)$50
Ultimate LUX Spa (includes all Deluxe Spa pedicures & anti-aging serum)$68
O.P.I Pro Spa Whitening$108
Deluxe Spa Pedicure (organic spa)$118
Ultimate LUX Spa (includes all Deluxe Spa pedicures & anti-ageing serum)$158
Little Princess (Age 10 & Under) (shape & colour)$10

Nails Enhancements

Gel /Acrylic Extension$98 – $128
Gel /Acrylic Overlay$78 – $98

Extras & Add-on.

Soak Off Gel$18
Soak Off Hard Gel$50
French Tips$10
Sea Salt / Milk / Wine$6 – $12
Simple Nail – Art$6 up
Complex Nail Art$12 up
French Gel Tips$20
Extended Foot Massage (10/15 mins)$15/$20

19. Color Bar Nail & Beauty Salon

 Color Bar Nail & Beauty Salon

MapGet Direction
Address211 Holland Avenue, Holland Rd, #02-11 Shopping Centre, 278967
Phone+65 6466 6570
Email[email protected]
WebsiteLux Nails & Spa

Color Bar Nail & Beauty Salon is a top-notch nail salon in Singapore, offering various beauty services. The salon takes pride in its skilled professionals, ensuring every visit is enjoyable. From manicures to pedicures and facials, the team uses quality products and follows strict hygiene protocols. Sylvia, a professional, provided personalised service for a wedding manicure. 

The salon offers reasonable prices without compromising quality, making it affordable. With a clean and relaxing environment, Color Bar aims to make everyone look and feel their best. Customer satisfaction is a priority, making it a recommended spot in Singapore’s nail salons.


  • Skilled Professionals: Color Bar Nail & Beauty Salon in Singapore boasts a team of skilled professionals dedicated to making nails beautiful.
  • Relaxing Atmosphere: The salon offers a clean and relaxing environment, creating a pleasant experience for customers seeking nail services in Singapore.
  • Affordable Prices: Color Bar provides affordable prices without compromising quality, making it an excellent choice for those looking for budget-friendly nail salons in Singapore.
  • Hygienic Practices: The salon adheres to strict hygiene protocols, ensuring the safety and well-being of customers during their nail care sessions.
  • Personalised Service: Customers receive personalised service, as seen with Sylvia’s attention to detail in tailoring a wedding manicure to suit individual skin tones, making it a standout among Singapore’s nail salons.

Price Chart

Nail Shellac Manicure and Pedicure

Express Manicure$48
Express Pedicure$48

Nail Treatment

Signature Callus Treatment$58
Spa Treatment (Hand/Foot)$58
Ingrown Treatment$68
Ingrown Nail Brace (Per Toe)$288
Fungal Treatment$138

Nail Gelish Manicure and Pedicure

Gel Manicure$60
Gel Pedicure$68
Gel Removal$15
Man Charges$5
Gel Extension (Per Nail)$20
Tip Extension (Full Set)$128
Overlay (Per Nail)$10
Overlay (Full Set)$80
Soak Off Extension$25

Nail Classic Manicure and Pedicure

Express Manicure$18
Express Pedicure$18
Princess Mani/Pedi$15
Classic Manicure$28
Classic Pedicure$38
Foot Massage (30mins)30 mins$30

20. Passionate Nails

Passionate Nails

MapGet Direction
Address1 Kim Seng Promenade, #03-118 Great World, Singapore 237994
Phone+65 6732 5449
Email[email protected]
WebsitePassionate Nails

Passionate Nails, a cosy spot among nail salons in Singapore, stands out for its efficient online booking, diverse colour selection, and attentive staff. The clean and neat salon boasts comfortable chairs, creating a relaxing atmosphere. Customers appreciate their acrylic extensions and intricate nail art, praising the team’s skills. Visitors commend the welcoming environment, free from hard selling. 

Passionate Nails also accommodates walk-ins, ensuring prompt service without compromising quality. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and a range of services, it’s a go-to place for well-executed nail treatments. Clients express delight, planning return visits for continued pampering.


  • Efficient Online Booking: Passionate Nails, a popular choice among nail salons in Singapore, offers a user-friendly online booking system, making it easy for customers to schedule appointments and save time.
  • Attentive and Friendly Staff: The salon is known for its staff’s attentive and friendly service, ensuring that customers feel comfortable and well-cared for during their visit.
  • Acrylic Extensions and Nail Art: Passionate Nails excels in acrylic extensions and nail art, providing customers diverse and creative options to enhance their nails’ beauty.
  • Clean and Cozy Atmosphere: With comfortable chairs and a clean, cosy environment, the salon prioritises a relaxing ambience, creating a pleasant space for customers to unwind and enjoy their treatments.
  • No Hard Selling: Customers appreciate the salon’s policy of not selling hard, allowing them to enjoy their experience without feeling pressured. Passionate Nails is a customer-friendly choice in Singapore’s nail salon scene.

21. Nail Palace

Nail Palace

MapGet Direction
Address120 Maxwell Rd, #B1-39 MRT, Singapore 069119
Phone+65 6223 5046
Email[email protected]
WebsiteNail Palace

Nail Palace, a beloved chain of nail salons in Singapore, started in 2002 with a passion for exceptional nail care. Founded by Miss Cheng, it aimed to revolutionise the industry with quality services and modern techniques. With 28 locations and 150 skilled technicians, it’s a go-to for holistic nail and beauty solutions. 

The mission is to provide a royal treatment, enhancing inner beauty. Known for Japanese 3D nail art and more, they prioritise client satisfaction. Awards and recognitions showcase their commitment. Clients appreciate the friendly staff, thorough service, and affordable packages. A Nail Palace experience is both pampering and memorable.


  • Trusted Chain: Nail Palace, a popular chain of nail salons in Singapore, offers top-notch services. With 28 locations, it has been a trusted choice for nearly 20 years.
  • Passionate Founder: Founded by Miss Cheng, Nail Palace emerged from a passion for quality nail care. She aimed to elevate Singapore’s beauty industry with advanced skills and standards.
  • Skilled Technicians: Home to over 150 professional nail technicians, Nail Palace ensures expertise and a love for their work. The team’s dedication guarantees a pampering experience for customers.
  • Diverse Services: Beyond excellent manicures and pedicures, Nail Palace provides a range of services, including nail art, eyelash extensions, and hair removal, making it a one-stop beauty solution.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Nail Palace prioritises client satisfaction by offering diverse customisation options, ensuring unique and memorable visits. Awards and recognitions highlight their commitment to excellence.

Price Chart

Express Manicure$16.20
Classic Manicure$30.25
Gel Express Manicure$68.05
Gel Classic Manicure$82.10
Gel Soak Off$16.20
Hand Spa Essence$129.60
Express Pedicure$21.60
Classic Pedicure$43.20
Deluxe Classic Pedicure$73.44
Gel Express Pedicure$84.25
Gel Classic Pedicure$105.85
Gel Soak Off$21.60
Leg Spa Essence$151.20

22. Nail Addiction

Nail Addiction

MapGet Direction
Address3 Temasek Blvd, #02-351 / 352, Singapore 038983
Phone+65 6223 5046
Email[email protected]
WebsiteNail Addiction

Nail Addiction, a well-established nail salon in Singapore, has thrived in the manicure and pedicure industry for over a decade. With 13 outlets across major shopping destinations, Nail Addiction prioritises customer satisfaction. Their dedicated team of specialists stays updated with the latest designs and trends, ensuring top-notch services. 

The salon aims to create a culture of fun and accomplishment, making every visit a memorable experience. Clients appreciate their meticulous care and various services, from nail treatments to massages. Nail Addiction plans to continue its success by providing quality nail care for many more years.


  • Experienced Experts: Nail Addiction boasts skilled professionals in nail care with over ten years of expertise, ensuring customers receive top-quality services in their nail salons in Singapore.
  • Expansive Network: With 13 outlets strategically located in major shopping destinations, Nail Addiction provides easy accessibility, making it a convenient choice for those seeking exceptional manicure and pedicure services.
  • Customer-Focused: Committed to customer satisfaction, Nail Addiction prioritises clients’ needs and preferences, creating a friendly and welcoming environment in their Singapore nail salons.
  • Updated Styles: The salon’s specialists stay abreast of the latest nail designs and trends, ensuring clients receive fashionable and up-to-date manicure and pedicure services.
  • Diverse Services: Beyond nail care, Nail Addiction offers various services, including massages, providing customers with a comprehensive beauty experience in their Singapore nail salons.

Price Chart

ServicesDuration (mins)Price ($)
Face Massage2035
Head Massage2038
Ear Candling2049
Ear Candling with Neck & Shoulder Therapy4070
Express Neck & Shoulder Massage1528
Upper Back Massage2036
Full Back Massage3055
Full Body Massage6088
Hand Massage1525
Foot Reflexology3036
Foot Reflexology4549
Foot Reflexology6062
Foot & Hand Reflexology5068
Foot Reflex with Upper Back Massage6076
ServicesLadies ($)Men ($)
Manicure Express1822
Pedicure Express2528
Manicure Classic3035
Pedicure Classic4348
Eco Manicure Spa6970
Eco Pedicure Spa8992
Gelish Classic Manicure69.9
Gelish Classic Pedicure95
Eco Gelish Classic Manicure Spa118
Eco Gelish Classic Pedicure Spa148
ServicesHand ($)Feet ($)
Polish / Colour1518
Gelish Express4862
Gelish Soak Off2020
Waxing (Half)3840
Waxing (Full)5980
Collagen Mask Treatment4848
Nail Mask Treatment2025
Nail Tek Treatment1820
Nail Mask & Vitagel2528
Callus Treatment39.9
Callus Treatment Spa68
Ingrown Nail Removal25
Eyebrow Trimming16
Nail Art10
French Normal18
French Gelish25

23. The Nail Social

The Nail Social

MapGet Direction
Address42A Haji Ln, #2nd Floor, Singapore 189235
Phone+65 6717 3221
Email[email protected]
WebsiteThe Nail Social

The Nail Social is a Singapore salon offering more than just nail services. It’s a cosy place where people can get manicures, pedicures, and foot massages. Customers enjoy drinks and snacks in a luxurious setting. The salon uses non-toxic, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free products, prioritising the health of customers and employees. 

Their social mission makes them unique, providing vocational training and employment to marginalised women. Customers praise the skilled staff, comfortable ambience, and entertainment like Netflix.

The Nail Social isn’t just a nail salon; it’s a place that cares for people and the community.


  • Socially Conscious: The Nail Social is a unique nail salon in Singapore. It helps women with fewer opportunities get jobs. It’s not just a salon; it cares for the community.
  • Non-toxic and Safe: The salon uses safe products. They care about customers’ health. Their nail polishes are free from harmful chemicals and safe even for kids and pregnant moms.
  • Relaxing Ambiance: The salon is cosy and comfy. They have comfy chairs, Netflix, and headphones. It’s a nice place to relax and get your nails done.
  • Fair Trade Retail: The Nail Social does nails and sells fair trade items. It’s a one-stop place for nails and fair products.
  • Skilled Staff: The staff is good at what they do. Customers appreciate their skill, patience, and friendly service. It’s an excellent place for a quality nail experience.

Price Chart

Polish Only
Add-Ons (Per Set) *Base Service Must Be Chosen.
Foot Massage$45
Shape Only
Scrub Only
Little Miss
Quickie (3-6yrs)Mani $15
Pedi $15
Signature (7-12yrs)Mani $24
Pedi $32
Add-Ons (Per Set) *Base Service Must Be Chosen.
Non-Toxic Gel Polish$35
Gel Polish Soak Off$20 / $2 Per Nail
Classic French Tip$15
Nail Repair$15 (With Gel)
Callus Treatment$25
Men’s Surcharge$5 Per Service
Gel Tip Extensions
Gel Tip Extensions$130 / $14 Per Nail
Infill$80 / $9 Per Nail
Gel Overlay$60 / $7 Per Nail
Extensions Removal$60 (Hard Gel / Acrylic)
$50 (Soft Gel / Sns)
Various Nail ArtPrice Depends On Design. Must Be Booked In Advance.

24. Herbal Beauty Spa

Herbal Beauty Spa

MapGet Direction
Address27 Jln Mas Puteh, Singapore 128631
Phone+65 8737 4757
Email[email protected]
WebsiteHerbal Beauty Spa

Herbal Beauty Spa, a relaxing haven, provides a delightful experience in Singapore. With skilled therapists like Sarah and Jessie, clients enjoy services like the VIP 1 package, which includes ear washing and leaving a clean sensation. The spa accommodates special occasions, organising celebrations with thoughtful gestures. Customers appreciate the professionalism of therapists like Sarah and Tina, who offer detailed explanations without pushing sales. 

The Aqua Head Therapy Spa stands out, ensuring a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. Clients suggest improvements like providing face cream after the spa. With various packages, including the VIP 2 Package, Herbal Beauty Spa promises a soothing escape.


  • Relaxing Atmosphere: Herbal Beauty Spa offers a calm and soothing environment, ensuring customers feel comfortable during their spa sessions. It is a popular choice for those seeking relaxation in Singapore.
  • Professional and Friendly Staff: With skilled therapists like Sarah and Tina, the spa provides excellent service without any pressure to buy additional packages, creating a welcoming and enjoyable customer experience.
  • Unique Aqua Head Therapy: The spa stands out with its Aqua Head Therapy, delivering a refreshing and rejuvenating experience, making it a favourite among customers looking for something special in the realm of nail salons in Singapore.
  • Thoughtful Celebrations: Herbal Beauty Spa goes the extra mile to celebrate special occasions, offering a memorable experience for customers and showcasing its commitment to customer satisfaction and happiness.
  • Extensive Range of Options: The spa impresses with a wide range of spa packages catering to various needs, from blissful massages to invigorating facials, ensuring something for everyone seeking relaxation and self-care.

Price Chart


Polish Change (Only apply colours)10 mins$12
Express Pedicure15 mins$22
Express Pedicure Gel25 mins$38
Classic Pedicure45 mins$50
Classic Pedicure Gel50 mins$68


Polish Change (Only apply colours)10 mins$10
Express Manicure15 mins$18
Express Manicure Gel30 mins$35
Classic Manicure30 mins$28
Classic Manicure Gel45 mins$50

Gel Soak-Off

Soak Off Mani or Pedi10 mins$10
Soak Off 3D Art20 mins$20

Gel Extension

Overlay45 mins$45
Full Set1 hour$70
Per Nail10 mins$10

Artificial Nails

Nail Art per nail10 mins$10
Two-Tone15 mins$15
Gradient15 mins$15
French20 mins$20


Eyebrows wax10 mins$10
Eyebrows shaping10 mins$12
Lip & Chin15 mins$15
Under Arms15 mins$18
Half Arms15 mins$20
Full Arms25 mins$30
Full Legs25 mins$40
Half Legs15 mins$25
Bikini Line25 mins$30
G-String35 mins$40
Brazilian35 mins$45
Hollywood35 mins$50

25. Pixie Nail Spa

Pixie Nail Spa

MapGet Direction
Address17 Petir Rd, #B1-04, Singapore 678278
Phone+65 6266 4592
Email[email protected]
WebsitePixie Nail Spa

Pixie Nail Spa, a prominent name in nail salons in Singapore, commenced in 2012 and now thrives with 28 outlets across the city. Boasting a team of over 200 skilled beauty therapists, it offers various services, from nails to eyelashes, waxing, and treatments. Clients praise Pixie Nail Spa’s high hygiene standards and welcoming ambience. 

Happy customers appreciate their adept manicurists like VV and Aisha, who highlight skilled services, personalised advice, and designs. The salon aims to exceed expectations, providing quality services without aggressive sales tactics, making it a sought-after choice for nail care and pampering.


  • Many Outlets: Pixie Nail Spa is a popular nail salon in Singapore with 28 outlets conveniently located in shopping malls across the city, making it easy for everyone to access.
  • Skilled Beauty Therapists: The salon boasts a team of over 200 beauty therapists who are well-trained and skilled, ensuring that customers receive quality nail and beauty services.
  • Wide Range of Services: Pixie Nail Spa offers various services, including nails, eyelashes, embroidery, waxing, and treatments, providing customers with a one-stop destination for their beauty needs.
  • Hygiene and Ambiance: Customers appreciate the high hygiene standards and the cosy, relaxing ambience at Pixie Nail Spa, creating a pleasant and comfortable experience.
  • No Hard Selling: Unlike some nail salons, Pixie Nail Spa is known for its friendly service without aggressive sales tactics, allowing customers to enjoy their services without feeling pressured to buy packages.

Price Chart


Express Manicure$15
Classic Manicure$29
Refining Manicure$57
Ecrinal Manicure$68
Nila™ Essence Spa Set Treatment$108
OPI™ Spa Manicure$118
OPI™ / 4-in-1 Spa Set Treatment$158
Organic™ Spa Set Treatment$168


Express Pedicure$18
Classic Pedicure$39
Ecrinal Pedicure$78
Callus Treatment Pedicure$97
OPI™ Spa Pedicure$128
OPI™ / 4-in-1 Spa Set Treatment$168
Nila™ Essence Spa Set Treatment$128
Organic™ Spa Set Treatment$188

Gel and acrylic Nails

Gelish Classic Mani$78
Gelish Classic Pedi$128
Colour Gradient$28
Soak Off Gelish$20
Soak Off/File Off$38
Infill (Acrylic Extension)$78
Infill (Gel Extension)$88
Acrylic Extension$128
Gel Extension Tips$148
Sculptured Nail Ext$188

How do you choose the best nail salons in Singapore?

Choosing the best nail salon in Singapore can be fun and easy! Start by checking online reviews from other people who have visited nail salons. Look for places with positive feedback and happy customers. Consider the location, too—pick a salon close to your home or school. It’s important to see if the salon is clean and uses clean tools so that you can have a safe and enjoyable experience. 

Look for salons that offer various services, like manicures, pedicures, and gel nails. Compare the prices and find a salon that fits your budget. Don’t forget to check if they have any special promotions or discounts. Remember, the best nail salon for one person might not be the best for another, so choose the one that feels right for you!

History of Nail Art

The history of nail art is fascinating! People have been decorating their nails for thousands of years. In ancient times, people in India used henna to create beautiful patterns on their nails. In China, nail polish made from beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, and flower petals was popular around 3,000 BC. Fast forward to the 20th century, and nail art took off. 

People started using new materials and techniques, and it became a trendy way to express creativity. Today, nail art is booming, and many nail salons in Singapore offer a wide range of designs and colours. People can choose from simple patterns to intricate designs, turning their nails into tiny works of art!

Growing Trend of Nail Care in Singapore

Nail care is becoming super popular in Singapore! More and more people are heading to nail salons in Singapore to pamper their nails. It’s not just about painting them anymore – it’s a whole experience. Nail salons offer various treatments like manicures, pedicures, and even fancy nail art. People love to express themselves through their nails, choosing different colours and designs. 

The trend has grown so much that nail salons are now found in almost every corner of Singapore, offering various services. It’s not just for adults; even young ones enjoy getting their nails done. The growing trend shows how much people care about their nails and enjoy the creativity and relaxation that nail care brings.

In bustling Singapore, several nail salons have become favourites for those seeking pampering and stylish nail care. Among Singapore’s most popular nail salons is Pixie Nail Spa, known for its widespread presence and skilled beauty therapists. Pixie Nail Spa offers various manicure and pedicure services at reasonable prices, making it a go-to choice for many locals. 

Another sought-after spot is Herbal Beauty Spa, celebrated for its unique Aqua Head Therapy Spa and welcoming atmosphere. The Nail Social stands out for its trendy nail services and socially conscious approach, making it a beloved choice among Singaporeans. These popular nail salons ensure that everyone can enjoy a delightful and rejuvenating nail salon experience in the heart of Singapore.

Oldest Nail Salons in Singapore.

In the vibrant city of Singapore, some nail salons have stood the test of time, becoming the oldest and most cherished in the industry. These longstanding establishments, such as Classic Nails and Timeless Manicures, have pampered Singaporeans for decades. Known for their timeless services, these nail salons have witnessed the changing trends and preferences in nail art and care. 

With experienced nail technicians, they continue to offer classic manicures, pedicures, and timeless nail designs, maintaining their reputation as the pioneers in the nail salon scene. Locals appreciate the tradition and reliability of these historic nail salons, making them an enduring part of Singapore’s beauty culture.


In conclusion, exploring the best nail salons in Singapore opens up a world of pampering and creativity for those seeking beautiful and well-crafted nails. With a myriad of options offering various services, from express manicures to elaborate nail art, the vibrant salon scene in Singapore caters to diverse preferences. Each salon brings a unique touch and expertise, promising a delightful experience for anyone looking to treat themselves.

For those interested in enhancing their overall beauty experience, there’s another informative article waiting – “Top Makeup Artists In Singapore.” Discovering the best nail salons and makeup artists can transform self-care routines, providing a holistic approach to beauty. Whether it’s trendy nail designs or professional makeup services, Singapore offers a rich landscape for individuals to indulge in self-expression and self-love.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nail Salons In Singapore(FAQ’s)

How much does a manicure cost in Singapore?

Typically, manicure prices in Singapore range from $20 to $80, depending on the salon, services offered, and the type of manicure.

Why are there so many Korean nail salons?

Korean nail salons gained popularity for their trendy and intricate nail art designs, skilled technicians, and a focus on quality service.

How much does it cost to get my nails done?

Nail services vary; a basic manicure may cost around $20, while more elaborate designs or gel treatments can range from $40 to $100.

What is the difference between a manicure and a pedicure?

A manicure is a treatment for the hands and nails, while a pedicure is for the feet and toenails.

How often should you get a manicure or pedicure?

For most people, a bi-weekly or monthly schedule is ideal. It helps maintain nail health and keeps hands and feet looking well-groomed.

Do I need a pedicure?

While not essential, pedicures offer improved nail health, smoother skin, and relaxation. It depends on personal preference and self-care habits.

Can I bring my nail design ideas to the salon?

Absolutely! Most salons welcome your ideas for custom nail designs. Technicians can work with you to bring your vision to life.

How long does a typical manicure or pedicure session last?

A basic manicure or pedicure takes about 30 to 60 minutes. More intricate designs or additional treatments may take longer.

Is it safe to get a manicure while pregnant?

Yes, it’s generally safe. Choose salons with good ventilation to minimise exposure to fumes. Inform technicians about your pregnancy for extra care.

Can I get a manicure if I have nail fungus?

It’s advisable to wait until the infection clears. Manicures on infected nails may spread the fungus. Consult a doctor for proper treatment.

How do I care for my nails between salon visits?

Keep nails clean, moisturise cuticles, and avoid using nails as tools. Regularly trim and file nails to maintain their shape.

Can I get my nails done if they are short or damaged?

Yes, nail technicians can work with various lengths and conditions. They may recommend specific treatments to improve nail health over time.

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