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Best 27 Museum in Singapore in 2024: ArtScience, Exhibitions and Gallery

By Marissa Saini

Singapore is a city with lots of exciting things to explore. One of the most exciting things here is the museums. Museums in Singapore are like treasure chests full of stories from the past. They have old things like ancient objects and cool new things to see. In this guide, we’ll check out some of the best museums in Singapore. If you love history, you’ll have a blast here!

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Get ready for an adventure through time and a glimpse into the heart of Singapore’s heritage. Let’s embark on this fascinating journey through the captivating world of museums in Singapore!

1. ArtScience Museum

ArtScience Museum

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Address6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974
Phone+65 6688 8888
Email[email protected]
WebsiteArtScience Museum

The ArtScience Museum in Singapore is a special place where art, science, culture, and technology come together to imagine the future. Since it opened in February 2011, it has showcased unique artworks by famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh. It’s not just about art; they also explore big scientific ideas like space exploration and particle physics. 

The building is like a welcoming hand, designed by a famous architect, Moshe Safdie. It has unique features like skylights that make the inside look magical. Plus, they even use rainwater to take care of the environment!


  • Famous Artists’ Exhibits: The Museum in Singapore displays incredible artworks by famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, and more, letting visitors explore their creative genius.
  • Unique Building Design: Designed by the renowned architect Moshe Safdie, the museum’s building is like a welcoming hand, with unique features like skylights and a rainwater-collecting roof.
  • The intersection of Art and Science: The museum is where art and science unite. It’s like a meeting point for imagination, ideas, and discoveries.
  • Big Galleries with Natural Light: The museum has extensive galleries on Level 3 with high ceilings and a particular shape that lets in lots of natural light. This makes the artwork look even more beautiful.
  • Innovative Use of Rainwater: The museum’s roof collects rainwater, which is reused in the building. This helps to save water and is a clever way to take care of the environment.

2. National Museum of Singapore

National Museum of Singapore

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Address93 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178897
Phone+65 6332 3659
Email[email protected]
WebsiteNational Museum of Singapore

The National Museum of Singapore, established in 1887, holds the title of Singapore’s oldest museum. Beyond its historic façade, it embraces modern technology to showcase the nation’s rich heritage. Through diverse perspectives, it narrates the stories of Singapore and the world, revolutionising the traditional museum experience. 

The museum offers captivating exhibitions and hosts lively events, such as the Singapore Night Festival, all year. In 2022, it joyously marked its 135th anniversary, cementing its role as a cornerstone in Singapore’s cultural landscape. It’s a must-visit for anyone eager to explore the fascinating history of Singapore.


  • Rich History Display: The National Museum of Singapore showcases Singapore’s history from long ago. It uses modern tech to make it enjoyable.
  • Unique Perspectives: It tells stories differently, giving many views on history and culture. This makes the museum different and exciting.
  • Important Artefacts: The museum has unique things from the past that tell stories about Singapore and the world. It helps us learn about history.
  • Fun Events and Festivals: The museum hosts exciting events throughout the year, like the Singapore Night Festival. It’s a place of both learning and fun!
  • 135 Years of Legacy: In 2022, the museum celebrated its 135th birthday. This shows how important it is to preserve and share Singapore’s history with everyone.

3. Asian Civilisations Museum

 Asian Civilisations Museum

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Address1 Empress Pl, Singapore 179555
Phone+65 6332 7798
Email[email protected]
WebsiteAsian Civilisations Museum

The Asian Civilisations Museum, often hailed as the best museum in Singapore, is a treasure trove of history and culture. Nestled in the city’s heart, it showcases the rich heritage of various Asian civilisations. Imagine entering a world where ancient artefacts, intricate artworks, and fascinating stories come to life. The best part? You don’t need to be a history buff to enjoy it. 

From mesmerising sculptures to colourful traditional costumes, the museum offers a glimpse into the lives of people from China, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and beyond. It’s like journeying through time, discovering how different cultures flourished and exchanging ideas. The best museum in Singapore title is well-deserved, thanks to its engaging exhibits and interactive displays. Whether you’re keen on exploring the mysteries of ancient civilisations or want to admire beautiful craftsmanship, the Asian Civilisations Museum has something for everyone. So, if you’re ever in Singapore, take advantage of the chance to experience this cultural gem.


  • Ancient Treasures: Explore shiny gold jewellery and colourful pottery from ancient times. See how people in Asia lived long ago. It’s like a time machine taking you to the past!
  • Incredible Artifacts: Discover old weapons, excellent tools, and fancy clothes! Imagine being a brave warrior or a clever trader in the past. The museum holds their secrets.
  • Buddha’s Wisdom: Learn about the wise teachings of Buddha. See ancient statues showing peaceful meditation and kind teachings. It’s like meeting a wise friend from a long time ago.
  • Mystical Masks: Dive into the world of masks! Discover colourful masks from different Asian cultures. Some are for ceremonies, some for celebrations. Each cover has a unique story to tell.
  • Silk Road Stories: Travel the Silk Road without leaving the museum! Follow the journey of silk and spices, learn about trade, and see how cultures mixed. It’s like a big adventure, but indoors!

4. Peranakan Museum

Peranakan Museum

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Address39 Armenian St, Singapore 179941
Phone+65 6332 7591
WebsitePeranakan Museum

The Peranakan Museum is a fascinating place in Singapore that many people consider the best museum. It’s like a treasure chest full of stories and artefacts from the Peranakan culture. The Peranakans are a unique community blending Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian influences. As you explore, you’ll find colourful traditional costumes, intricate beadwork, and beautiful ceramics that tell tales of their history. 

The museum showcases the Peranakans’ daily life, celebrations, and weddings. The best part? You can see how they designed their homes with intricate details. The best museum in Singapore isn’t just about looking at things; it’s like stepping into a time machine, going back to the past. With engaging exhibits and interactive displays, it’s an excellent place for everyone to learn and have fun. So, if you’re curious about Singapore’s rich cultural tapestry, the Peranakan Museum is the best place to start your adventure!


  • Beautiful Dresses: The Peranakan Museum has stunning dresses with vibrant colours. They’re like rainbows! These dresses show how Peranakans, a mix of Chinese and Malay cultures, celebrated their unique style through clothing.
  • Fancy Ceramics: Imagine fancy plates and bowls with colourful designs! At the museum, you can see Peranakans’ beautiful ceramics. They used these unique dishes for essential celebrations and family gatherings.
  • Sparkling Jewelry: Shiny, glittery jewellery! Peranakan women loved to wear intricate jewellery, and you can see these sparkly treasures at the museum. Each piece tells a story about their traditions and celebrations.
  • Old Furniture: Have you ever seen old, fancy furniture? The Peranakan Museum has it! You can explore how Peranakans decorated their homes with unique furniture, showcasing a mix of Chinese and Malay styles.
  • Exciting Stories: The museum is like a storyteller! It shares fascinating tales about Peranakans’ lives and traditions. You’ll learn about their weddings, festivals, and daily life through fun and exciting exhibits.

5. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, Singapore

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, Singapore

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Address2 Conservatory Dr, Singapore 117377
Phone+65 6601 3333
Email[email protected]
WebsiteLee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum in Singapore is often regarded as the best museum in Singapore. This fantastic museum showcases various fascinating specimens, including dinosaurs, rare fossils, and incredible animal exhibits. It’s like stepping into a time machine that takes you on a journey through the history of our planet. The best part? You can see real dinosaur skeletons up close!

The museum is not just about dinosaurs; it also features diverse exhibits, from colourful butterflies to ancient rocks. The exhibits are arranged in a way that makes learning fun and easy. The knowledgeable staff is always ready to answer questions and share interesting facts. The best museum in Singapore is not only for science lovers but for anyone curious about the wonders of the natural world. So, if you want to have a fantastic time exploring and learning, the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is the place to be!


  • Dinosaurs Roaming: Explore life-size dinosaur fossils at the museum. Imagine a time when enormous dinosaurs walked the Earth. You can see their bones up close and feel like a dinosaur detective!
  • Mystical Mammals: Meet fascinating mammals from around the globe. From cuddly bears to speedy cheetahs, learn about different animals. Discover how they live, what they eat, and why they’re unique.
  • Colourful Creatures: Dive into the world of vibrant marine life. See dazzling fish, amazing corals, and bizarre sea creatures. Learn how essential oceans are and what we can do to protect these underwater wonders.
  • Ancient Insects: Enter the realm of tiny but mighty insects. Marvel at their intricate designs and learn about their vital roles in nature. Discover the hidden world of bugs and insects, and appreciate their importance in our ecosystem.
  • Earth’s Treasures: Uncover sparkling minerals and precious gems. Learn about the rocks beneath our feet and how they shape the Earth. Marvel at the beauty of crystals and understand how they form over millions of years.

6. MINT Museum of Toys

MINT Museum of Toys

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Address26 Seah St, Singapore 188382
Phone+65 6339 0660
Email[email protected]
WebsiteMINT Museum of Toys

The MINT Museum of Toys in Singapore is often considered the best museum in Singapore because it has a vast collection of toys from different countries and eras. The museum showcases toys many young and older adults may not have seen. Inside, you can find all sorts of toys, from classic teddy bears to vintage robots. The best thing about the museum is that it’s not just about looking at toys. 

Interactive displays let you learn and play with some of the toys. The museum’s friendly atmosphere is ideal for families and friends. The best part is that it’s for children and adults who want to relive their childhood memories. With its impressive range of toys and engaging exhibits, the MINT Museum of Toys truly lives up to its reputation as the best museum in Singapore.


  • Amazing Toys: The MINT Museum contains unique toys from different times. There are old and new toys, like teddy bears, robots, and dolls. It’s like a magical world of toys!
  • Toy Stories: Each toy has an extraordinary story. The museum tells us how toys were made and played with in the past. It’s like going back in time to see how children had fun.
  • Rare Treasures: Some toys in the museum are scarce. They are like hidden treasures! These particular toys are not easy to find anywhere else. It’s like discovering a secret toy treasure chest.
  • Toy Workshops: The museum sometimes has workshops where you can make your toys. It’s super fun! You get to be creative and make something special to take home. It’s like being a toy inventor!
  • Fun Events: The museum has fantastic events. Sometimes, they have special days with games and activities. It’s not just a quiet place – it’s a place where you can have lots of fun with toys!
National Gallery Singapore

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AddressSingapore 178957
Phone+65 6271 7000
Email[email protected]
WebsiteNational Gallery Singapore

The National Gallery Singapore is the best museum in Singapore, showcasing unique artworks and Singapore’s rich history. Located in the city’s heart, it’s like a treasure chest filled with beautiful paintings and sculptures. The best thing about the museum is its art from different times, like a time-travel adventure. Imagine going from old black-and-white pictures to colourful paintings that tell stories. It’s like a magic portal to the past! 

The best museum in Singapore is not just about old things; it also has modern art that makes you think and feel. The building is super cool, mixing old and new, making it feel like a journey through time. They also have special activities and workshops for kids, making learning fun. So, if you want to explore and discover the best museum in Singapore, head to the National Gallery. It’s a place where art and history come alive!


  • Beautiful Paintings: The National Gallery of Singapore has many beautiful paintings. Artists painted them a long time ago. You can see colours and pictures that tell stories about our history and culture.
  • Big Building: The gallery is in a big building. It looks like a palace! Inside, there are many rooms with different paintings. It’s like a treasure hunt to find your favourite one.
  • Special Exhibitions: Sometimes, the gallery has special exhibitions. This means they show paintings for a short time. It’s exciting because you can see new and different art every time you visit.
  • Learn and Play: The gallery is not just for looking. They have fun things to do, like drawing and colouring. You can also learn about art and try making your masterpiece.
  • Gardens and Views: Outside the gallery, there are beautiful gardens. You can relax and enjoy nature. Plus, you can see the city from high up in the gallery. It’s like a picture itself!
Singapore City Gallery

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Address45 Maxwell Road The URA Centre, Singapore 069118
Phone+65 6221 6666
WebsiteSingapore City Gallery

The Singapore City Gallery is the best museum in Singapore, showcasing the city’s remarkable transformation over the years. Located in the city’s heart, it’s like a time machine that takes you on a journey through Singapore’s past, present, and future. The gallery is filled with excellent models, interactive exhibits, and colourful displays that tell how Singapore grew from a small fishing village to a bustling metropolis.

One of the best things about the museum is the giant model of the entire city. It’s like looking at a giant toy town, and you can see all the famous landmarks like Marina Bay Sands and the Gardens by the Bay. There are also fun activities for kids, like trying on virtual reality goggles to explore different parts of the city. So, if you’re looking for a fun and educational adventure, the Singapore City Gallery is the best museum in Singapore to visit!


  • Interactive Maps: At Singapore City Gallery, you can use excellent maps that light up when you touch them. It’s like magic! These maps help you explore and learn about the city in a fun way.
  • 3D Models: Imagine tiny buildings you can touch! The gallery has small 3D models of the city. You can see how the buildings look and even pretend to be a giant exploring the city.
  • Virtual Reality Adventure: Put on special glasses, and you’re in a different world! With virtual reality, you can “walk” through Singapore’s famous places without leaving the gallery. It’s like taking a magical trip.
  • Garden in the Sky: Wow, a garden high up in the air! The gallery has a model of a green rooftop, and you can learn about how Singapore adds gardens on top of buildings to make the city greener.
  • City Transformations: Watch how Singapore changed over the years! The gallery has cool videos showing how the city grew and became the excellent place it is today. It’s like time-travelling with your eyes!

9. The Battle Box

The Battle Box

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Address3 Cox Terrace, Singapore 179622
Email[email protected]
WebsiteThe Battle Box

The Battle Box is a fascinating place in Singapore, considered by many to be the best museum in Singapore. It’s not an ordinary museum; it’s like a time machine that takes you back to World War II. The Battle Box was a secret underground command centre used by the British during the war. Inside, you’ll find rooms with old telephones, maps, and even wax figures that make the past come alive. This best museum in Singapore lets you imagine what it was like during those intense times. 

The Battle Box is hidden beneath Fort Canning Hill, and exploring it is like stepping into history. You can see where vital decisions were made, and it’s like being a detective discovering secrets from the past. The Battle Box is a must-visit for history buffs and anyone curious about Singapore’s role in the war. It’s an exciting journey through time, making it the best museum in Singapore for a memorable and educational experience.


  • Secret Bunker: The Battle Box is a hidden bunker in Singapore. It’s like a big, secret room underground. People used it during wars to stay safe and plan intelligent moves.
  • Old War Things: Inside, you’ll see old war stuff – like maps, phones, and even uniforms. It’s like a museum but real! It helps us remember how brave people were in the past.
  • Spooky Tunnel: There’s a long tunnel to enter the Battle Box. It’s dark and feels a bit spooky. It’s exciting to walk through and imagine how it was during the old days.
  • Big Table Talk: Leaders sat around a big table in a particular room to talk and decide what to do during wars. It’s like a severe meeting place where essential plans are made.
  • Fantastic Stories: The Battle Box has extraordinary stories about the past. It’s like a history lesson but more fun! You can learn about heroes and how they kept Singapore safe.

10. Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore

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Address15 Science Centre Rd, Singapore 609081
Phone+65 6425 2500
Email[email protected]
WebsiteScience Centre Singapore

The Science Centre Singapore is like a treasure trove of fun and learning! It’s known as the best museum in Singapore because it’s super cool. You can discover amazing things about science, technology, and the world. Imagine a place where you can touch, play, and learn all at the same time! The best part? There are so many hands-on exhibits. You can explore space, see cool experiments, and even play with robots.

It’s not like a regular museum where you look at things – here, you get to be a part of the action. The best museum in Singapore is full of surprises. You can learn about dinosaurs, feel earthquakes, and even try being a scientist for a day! If you’re curious and love to discover new things, the Science Centre Singapore is the place to be. It’s not just a museum – it’s a playground of knowledge!


  • Space and Beyond: Explore the wonders of space with excellent exhibits. See actual astronaut gear and learn how rockets fly. It’s like a space adventure on Earth!
  • Mind-Stretching Mirrors: Walk through crazy mirrors that make you look tall, short, and super funny! Discover how mirrors can play tricks on your eyes and brain. Lots of laughs are guaranteed!
  • Dino Discovery: Step back in time and meet life-sized dinosaurs! Learn about these gigantic creatures that roamed the Earth long ago. Touch real fossils and feel the excitement of a dino dig.
  • Amazing Water World: Dive into the secrets of water! Watch incredible water experiments and see how they shape our world. Get splashed with fun facts about oceans, rivers, and the water cycle.
  • Tech Quest: Get hands-on with cool gadgets! Try out virtual reality, control robots, and explore futuristic tech. It’s a tech playground where you can be an inventor and discover the wondrous side of science!

11. Red Dot Design Museum

Red Dot Design Museum

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Address11 Marina Blvd, Singapore 018940
Phone+65 6514 0111
WebsiteRed Dot Design Museum

The Red Dot Design Museum is the best in Singapore, showcasing cool and clever designs. It’s not just any museum; it’s a place where you can see things that are super creative and won awards for being the best. Imagine a place where everything, from chairs to gadgets, is so well-designed that it makes you go, “Wow!”

In this best museum in Singapore, you’ll find many everyday things made to look and work better. It’s like a treasure trove of fantastic ideas! The museum has a red dot on its door, indicating that what’s inside is exceptional. They pick out the most excellent designs and put them on display so everyone can see them. It’s not like a regular museum with old paintings; it’s more like celebrating the best ideas and how they can improve life. If you ever visit Singapore, check out the Red Dot Design Museum – it’s the best!


  • Cool Designs: The Red Dot Design Museum is a treasure trove of fantastic and striking designs. Imagine seeing chairs, gadgets, and even clothes that are super creative and different from what you use daily.
  • Interactive Stuff: It’s a fun museum! You can touch and feel some of the designs. So, it’s different from a school where you can’t touch anything. You can explore and play with the stuff.
  • Colors Everywhere: The museum is like a rainbow! There are so many colours! It’s not like a grey classroom. It’s like walking into a world entirely of bright and beautiful things. It makes you feel happy just looking at it.
  • Funky Gadgets: Have you ever seen a super cool phone or a gadget and thought, “Wow, that’s awesome!”? Well, in this museum, you’ll find lots of those. Gadgets that make you go, “I wish I had that!”
  • Learn without Knowing: You shouldn’t read boring textbooks here. You look at things, and without realising it, you’re learning.

12. Singapore Discovery Centre

 Singapore Discovery Centre

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Address510 Upper Jurong Rd, Singapore 638365
Phone+65 6792 6188
Email[email protected]
WebsiteSingapore Discovery Centre

Singapore Discovery Centre is the best museum in Singapore, offering an exciting journey through the nation’s history and innovations. It’s not just a regular museum; it’s like a magical place where learning becomes an adventure. The best museum in Singapore, the Discovery Centre, showcases Singapore’s progress, from its early days to the modern city it is now. 

You’ll find excellent exhibits, like interactive displays and virtual reality experiences, that make history fun. The best museum in Singapore is about the past and future, with exhibits on technology, science, and innovation. At the best museum in Singapore, you can explore various zones, each with its unique theme, making it a super cool place for families and friends. With hands-on activities and amazing facts, it’s a top spot for a day of fun and learning. The Singapore Discovery Centre truly lives up to its title as the best museum in Singapore!


  • Fun Exhibits: The Singapore Discovery Centre is full of exciting things to see! You can explore excellent exhibits, like interactive displays and games, that make learning fun. It’s like a giant playground of knowledge!
  • Virtual Adventures: Imagine going on unique journeys without leaving the room! At the Discovery Centre, you can have virtual adventures. It’s like magic – you wear special glasses, and suddenly, you’re in a new world!
  • Military Mysteries: Have you ever wondered about tanks, aeroplanes, and cool military stuff? The Discovery Centre has a place where you can uncover the mysteries of the military. It’s like stepping into a movie about brave soldiers and powerful machines!
  • Live Shows: Get ready for some live-action fun! Some shows happen right in front of you. It’s not a TV show – it’s real people doing exciting things that make you go “Wow!”
  • Team Challenges: Grab your friends and get ready for teamwork! The Discovery Centre has challenges that you can solve together. It’s like being a detective or an explorer, figuring out puzzles and having a blast!

13. Changi Chapel & Museum

Changi Chapel & Museum

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Address1000 Upper Changi Rd N, Singapore 507707
Phone+65 6242 6033
Email[email protected]
WebsiteChangi Chapel & Museum

The Changi Chapel & Museum is the best museum in Singapore, telling a vital story from World War II. It honours the bravery of those who endured hardships in Changi Prison during the Japanese occupation. The museum showcases authentic artefacts, photographs, and personal accounts, offering a glimpse into the challenging times. The best museum in Singapore, the Changi Chapel & Museum, preserves the memory of prisoners of war and civilian internees. 

The highlight is the replica chapel built by POWs, reflecting their resilience. Interactive exhibits engage visitors, making history come alive for all. The best museum in Singapore ensures that the sacrifices made during wartime are not forgotten. The Changi Chapel & Museum stands as a living testament to the strength of the human spirit amidst adversity, making it a must-visit for those eager to understand and appreciate Singapore’s history during World War II.


  • Historical Journey: Changi Chapel & Museum takes you on a journey back in time, sharing stories from World War II. It helps you understand how people lived during those challenging days.
  • Authentic Artifacts: Inside, you’ll see real things from the past, like old letters, clothes, and tools. It’s like a time machine that shows you what life was like during the war.
  • Touching Stories: The museum shares touching stories of bravery and resilience. You’ll hear about ordinary people who did extraordinary things during difficult times.
  • Interactive Exhibits: Forget boring displays! Changi Chapel & Museum has fun and interactive exhibits. You can touch and explore some things. It makes history come alive!
  • Beautiful Chapel: The chapel is peaceful. It’s small but beautiful. People used it during the war to find hope and comfort. It’s like a symbol of strength and faith.

14. Singapore Musical Box Museum

Singapore Musical Box Museum

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Address168 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068619
Phone+65 9864 6021
Email[email protected]
WebsiteSingapore Musical Box Museum

The Singapore Musical Box Museum is often regarded as the best museum in Singapore, captivating visitors with its enchanting collection. This museum houses various musical boxes, each telling a unique tale through melodic tunes. As you explore the museum, you’ll discover the fascinating history of these charming boxes, from their intricate designs to the magical melodies they produce.

This museum’s interactive displays make it unique, allowing you to experience the joy of playing musical boxes yourself. The best part? You can learn about different cultures through the distinct musical styles showcased in the collection. The museum is a treasure trove for music enthusiasts and history buffs, offering a delightful journey through time and melody. For a memorable experience in Singapore, don’t miss the chance to visit the best museum in Singapore – the Musical Box Museum.


  • Colourful Boxes: The museum has many pretty music boxes. They come in lots of colours. Some are small, and some are big. They play sweet tunes when you wind them up. It’s like a rainbow of music!
  • Old and New: There are ancient music boxes, like from the past. But there are also new ones. So, you can see how music boxes have changed over time. Some look like magic!
  • Unique Shapes: The music boxes are more than just square. Some are shaped like animals, flowers, or even a heart. Seeing how creative people can make music boxes in different shapes is fun.
  • Learn the History: Learn about the people who made the music boxes. They were like music inventors! It’s like going on a journey through time to see how music became a part of boxes.
  • Try It Yourself: There’s a special place where you can try making your music. It’s like being a little music maker! You get to combine different sounds, just like the people who made the first music boxes.

15. Reflections at Bukit Chandu

Reflections at Bukit Chandu

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Address31 – K Pepys Road, Singapore 118458
Phone+65 6250 6675
Email[email protected]
WebsiteReflections at Bukit Chandu

Nestled in Singapore, the Reflections at Bukit Chandu stands as the best museum in Singapore, preserving the memory of the brave soldiers who fought during World War II. This historical gem takes you back in time, telling the story of the Battle of Pasir Panjang story. As you explore the museum, vivid exhibits and interactive displays paint a picture of the courage displayed by the Malay Regiment. From personal artefacts to gripping narratives, each corner echoes the heroism of those who stood tall against adversity. 

The best museum in Singapore showcases the past and invites visitors to reflect on the sacrifices made for freedom. With its well-curated galleries, Bukit Chandu is a living tribute to the resilience and unity that defined a pivotal moment in Singapore’s history. Visitors leave with a profound understanding of the past, making the Reflections at Bukit Chandu an educational journey through time. It’s an enriching experience that instils a deep appreciation for the sacrifices made by those who fought for Singapore’s freedom.


  • Historical Story: Bukit Chandu tells a story from the past. Soldiers fought bravely here during a big war. It’s like a time machine that helps us see and feel what happened long ago.
  • Excellent Museum: The place has a fabulous museum. It’s like a treasure chest full of old things. Photos, clothes, and weapons show us how people lived and fought in the old days.
  • Beautiful Nature: Bukit Chandu is on a hill. That means you can see a lot from the top. Green trees, blue sky, and maybe even some birds. It’s like a secret garden with a view.
  • Interactive Fun: The museum is exciting. You can touch and play with some things. It’s like learning while having fun. You can even wear soldier clothes and feel like a hero.
  • Remembering Heroes: At Bukit Chandu, we remember heroes. Courageous people. They protected their home. We learn about them and say thanks. It’s like keeping their stories alive.

16. The Intan

The Intan

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Address69 Joo Chiat Terrace, Singapore 427231
Phone+65 6440 1148
WebsiteThe Intan

The Intan stands proudly as the best museum in Singapore, showcasing the rich Peranakan culture. With its vibrant collection, the best museum in Singapore provides a fascinating glimpse into the traditions of the Peranakan community. Intriguing artefacts like beaded slippers, ornate furniture, and exquisite clothing bring history to life. The best museum in Singapore offers guided tours, allowing visitors to explore the unique heritage of the Peranakans. 

As you wander through the museum, you’ll discover the intricate details of Peranakan life—their customs, beliefs, and beautiful craftsmanship. The best museum in Singapore is a treasure trove of nostalgia, preserving the essence of a bygone era. From delicate porcelain to lavish jewellery, each exhibit in the best museum in Singapore tells a story, making it a must-visit for those curious about Singapore’s cultural tapestry. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of The Intan, the best museum in Singapore, and unravel the tales of the Peranakan legacy.


  • Sparkling Gems: The Intan dazzles with its collection of shiny gems. You’ll see diamonds, rubies, and sapphires that sparkle like stars. It’s like a treasure chest filled with precious jewels!
  • Time Travel Tales: The Intan is like a magical time machine. Walk through its doors, and you’ll travel back in time! Old photos, ancient artefacts, and vintage stories await, making history come alive.
  • Fashion Fiesta: Imagine a closet filled with glamorous outfits from the past. The Intan showcases traditional Peranakan clothing in vibrant colours and intricate designs. It’s a fashion show that tells stories of the past.
  • Tea Time Treats: The Intan loves tea! Step into its cosy tea room, where antique teapots, cups, and saucers make tea time extra special. Learn about the art of brewing tea while surrounded by history.
  • Heartwarming Hospitality: The Intan is not just a museum; it’s a warm, welcoming home. Meet Mr. Alvin, the owner, and experience hospitality at its finest. His stories and smiles make the visit unforgettable.



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Address100 Loewen Rd, Singapore 248837
Email[email protected]

The Museum of Ice Cream Singapore is the best in Singapore for those who love sweet treats and colourful adventures. This unique museum is like a magical land where everything is made of ice cream dreams. From giant sprinkles to pink banana swings, it’s a place where you can taste happiness! Imagine walking through rooms filled with massive popsicles and swimming in a pool of colourful sprinkles. 

The Museum of Ice Cream is not just a regular museum; it’s a wonderland of sugary joy. Each room has a different flavour of fun, and you can even enjoy sweet treats. People say it’s the best museum in Singapore because it’s unlike any other museum. It’s a place to play, laugh, and, of course, eat delicious ice cream. So, if you want to visit the best museum in Singapore, head to the Museum of Ice Cream and dive into a world where everything is as sweet as can be!


  • Colourful Ice Cream Rooms: Imagine walking through rooms filled with giant popsicles and vibrant sprinkles. The museum is like an ice cream wonderland with colours that make you feel inside your favourite scoop of ice cream.
  • Yummy Tasting Experience: Get ready to taste unique and delicious ice cream flavours. From classic chocolate to exotic fruity blends, the museum offers a chance to satisfy your sweet tooth with various delightful ice cream treats.
  • Interactive Art Installations: The museum isn’t just about eating ice cream; it’s also about playing and having fun. There are interactive art installations where you can touch, feel, and even take pictures with ice cream-themed artworks that will make your visit memorable.
  • Sprinkle Pool Fun: Dive into a pool filled with colourful sprinkles! It’s like jumping into a sea of happiness. The sprinkle pool is a unique and joyful experience where you can swim and play surrounded by thousands of soft, plastic sprinkles.
  • Sweet Storytelling: Learn the sweet story of how ice cream is made. The museum guides take you on a fun journey, explaining the history and process of making ice cream. It’s a tasty adventure that combines learning with lots of fun!

18.  Singapore Visitor Centre @Indian Heritage Centre

 Singapore Visitor Centre @Indian Heritage Centre

MapGet Direction
Address5 Campbell Ln, Singapore 209924
Phone+65 6291 1601
Email[email protected]
WebsiteVisitor Centre Indian Heritage Centre

The Singapore Visitor Centre at the Indian Heritage Centre is the best museum in Singapore for exploring the rich history and culture of the Indian community. This fascinating museum showcases the vibrant traditions, customs, and contributions of the Indian diaspora in Singapore. With interactive exhibits and colourful displays, visitors can learn about the diverse heritage that has shaped the nation.

The best museum in Singapore offers a glimpse into the lives of early Indian migrants, their stories, and the evolution of the Indian community over the years. From traditional clothing to musical instruments, the museum provides a hands-on experience for everyone. The Singapore Visitor Centre ensures a memorable visit by providing helpful information, maps, and friendly staff to guide you through the best museum in Singapore. Immerse yourself in the Indian Heritage Centre’s captivating exhibits, and you’ll discover why it’s widely regarded as the best museum in Singapore for an enriching cultural experience.


  • Cultural Exhibits: Discover colourful displays showcasing India’s rich heritage, from traditional clothing to vibrant festivals. Learn about the diverse customs and traditions that make India unique, bringing history to life through interactive exhibits.
  • Artistic Delights: Immerse yourself in the world of Indian art. Marvel at intricate paintings, sculptures, and crafts that reflect the country’s artistic prowess. Get hands-on with creative activities that let you experience the beauty of Indian craftsmanship.
  • Interactive Learning: Enjoy a fun-filled educational experience. Engage in interactive activities and games that make learning about Indian history and culture exciting. Explore the exhibits through quizzes and puzzles, making the visit entertaining and informative.
  • Culinary Exploration: Experience the flavours of India through a mini culinary adventure. Sample delicious Indian snacks and learn about the diverse cuisine, tantalising your taste buds. Discover the stories behind popular dishes, adding a tasty dimension to your cultural journey.
  • Cultural Performances: Be mesmerised by live performances showcasing India’s dynamic traditions. From traditional dances to musical performances, witness the vibrancy of Indian culture. Engage in the joyous atmosphere as talented performers bring the heart and soul of India to Singapore.

19. Madame Tussauds Singapore

Madame Tussauds Singapore

MapGet Direction
Address40 Imbiah Rd, Sentosa, Singapore 099700
Phone+65 6715 4000
Email[email protected]
WebsiteMadame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds Singapore is the best museum in Singapore, where you can meet lifelike wax figures of famous people. From movie stars to historical leaders, it’s like a star-studded party! The best part? You can take pictures and even stand next to your favourite celebrities. The museum is not just about looking; it’s about feeling like a part of history. In the sports zone, you can challenge your favourite athletes.

The best museum in Singapore has an exciting Marvel 4D experience, making you feel like a superhero. If you’re into music, the best museum in Singapore has a cool zone where you can jam with famous musicians. And don’t miss the Spirit of Singapore boat ride; it’s like a mini adventure! Remember, Madame Tussauds Singapore is not just a museum; it’s the best museum in Singapore, bringing you face-to-face with your heroes and making learning fun!


  • Meet Famous Stars: At Madame Tussauds Singapore, you can stand beside the lifelike wax figures of your favourite stars! From movie icons to sports heroes, it’s like having a star-studded party where you can take fantastic photos with your idols.
  • Marvel at History: Explore history through wax statues! Learn about essential figures from the past. Pose next to historical leaders like Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela and feel you’ve travelled back in time.
  • Feel the Glamour of Bollywood: Get ready for a taste of Bollywood magic! Dance with Bollywood stars and feel the energy of Indian cinema. The colourful and vibrant world of Bollywood comes to life through stunning wax figures.
  • Sports Fan’s Dream: Sports enthusiasts, rejoice! Madame Tussauds brings legendary athletes to you. Pose with sports icons like Cristiano Ronaldo or Serena Williams, and feel the excitement of being on the winning team.
  • Interactive Fun: It’s not just about looking – touch, interact, and have a blast! Madame Tussauds Singapore offers interactive exhibits where you can play games, solve puzzles, and experience the joy of learning in a super fun way.

20. Hell’s Museum

 Hell's Museum

MapGet Direction
Address262 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore 118628
Phone+65 6773 0103
Email[email protected]
WebsiteHell’s Museum

Nestled in the heart of Singapore is the Hell’s Museum, a place like no other. Often hailed as the best museum in Singapore, it’s different from your typical museum filled with ancient artefacts or art pieces. Instead, it explores the intriguing realm of mythology and folklore surrounding the afterlife. Step inside to encounter vivid depictions of hell from various cultures, each with unique tales of punishment and redemption. 

The immersive exhibits transport visitors into these mythical underworlds using state-of-the-art technology. From fiery landscapes to icy realms, every corner tells a chilling story. The best part? The museum doesn’t just scare; it educates. It delves into the cultural significance of these tales, offering a fascinating glimpse into the human imagination across different societies; if you’re seeking an unforgettable experience and want to explore the best museum in Singapore, the Hell’s Museum awaits, ready to transport you to realms beyond the ordinary.


  • Fires of the Past: See real flames from historical disasters! Watch the Great Fire of London and erupting volcanoes. Feel the heat, but don’t worry—it’s fantastic technology!
  • Creatures from Below: Meet spooky creatures from the deep sea. Giant squids and bizarre fish will give you a shiver! Learn about the mysteries of the ocean and the strange life that lurks beneath.
  • Dinosaur Roar: Walk with dinosaurs! Life-sized moving dinosaurs will amaze you. Hear them roar and imagine what Earth was like when these vast creatures ruled. It’s like stepping into a time machine!
  • Space Spectacle: Explore the wonders of the universe. From sparkling stars to colourful planets, discover the secrets of outer space. Astronauts’ stories and amazing facts will make you dream big!
  • Time-Travel Tech: Step into different eras with cool gadgets. Try on medieval armour, handle ancient artefacts, and experience how people lived in the past. It’s like having a time-travelling adventure without leaving the museum!

21. Trickeye Singapore

Trickeye Singapore

MapGet Direction
Address80 Siloso Road, Southside, Blk B, #01-04, Singapore 098969
Phone+65 6592 0607
Email[email protected]
WebsiteTrickeye Singapore

Trick Eye Singapore is a super cool place! It’s not just any museum; it’s the best museum in Singapore! Why? Because it’s different from regular museums where you look at stuff. Here, you can be a part of the art! The tricky part? The paintings play tricks on your eyes. It’s like stepping into a magic world where you can pose with giant animals, fly on a magic carpet, or even escape a shark! It’s not just paintings; there are 3D installations that make you feel like you’re in a different place. 

Best museum in Singapore? Absolutely! The Trickeye Singapore is famous for its interactive art that makes you feel like you’re in a movie or a story. Families and friends love to visit and take funny pictures. It’s not just about looking – it’s about playing and having fun. So, if you want the best museum experience in Singapore, Trickeye is the place to be!


  • Unique 3D Art: Trickeye Singapore is full of amazing paintings that look real but are not. They are painted so you can take funny and cool pictures with them. It’s like stepping into a magical world of art!
  • Interactive Exhibits: The museum is different from a regular one. You can touch, pose, and play with the exhibits. It’s like being part of the art! You can even become a superhero or ride a giant panda – so much fun!
  • Optical Illusions: Trickeye plays tricks on your eyes! There are mind-bending illusions that make things look different than they are. It’s like a puzzle for your brain – trying to figure out what’s real and what’s not.
  • Adventure Zones: It’s not just about art. There are adventure zones where you can feel the thrill. Walk on a shaky bridge or escape from a giant monster! It’s like being in a movie, but you are the hero.
  • Family Fun: Trickeye Singapore is an excellent place for families. Everyone, from kids to grandparents, can enjoy together. It’s a place to laugh, be creative, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

22. SAM at Bras Basah (SJI)

SAM at Bras Basah (SJI)

MapGet Direction
Address71 Bras Basah Rd, Singapore 189555
Phone+65 6697 9730
Email[email protected]
WebsiteSAM at Bras Basah

The SAM at Bras Basah is a fantastic place in Singapore where you can see unique art. Some say it’s the best museum in Singapore because it has so many cool things. When you go inside, you’ll find colourful paintings, interesting sculptures, and other artworks that make you think. What makes it the best museum in Singapore? Well, it’s not just the art on the walls. 

The building itself is like a piece of art, too! It’s big and modern, and you might feel like you’re in a particular place—kids and grown-ups like visiting the SAM. There are often events and activities happening, like workshops or tours. It’s a fun way to learn about art. The best part? You can also make your art there! So, if you’re in Singapore and want to see the best museum, check out the SAM at Bras Basah. It’s a super cool place where art comes to life!


  • Fun Learning Spaces: SAM at Bras Basah has incredible places to learn about art. You can draw, paint, and make art. It’s not like a regular classroom; it’s more like an adventure in art!
  • Famous Artworks: There are famous artworks there. Paintings that many people love are in SAM. You can see them up close. It’s like meeting a celebrity but in art!
  • Playful Art Guides: People at SAM are like art helpers. They show you around and tell stories about art. They make learning about art like a fun game. It’s not dull at all!
  • Art for Everyone: SAM is not only for big people. It’s for everyone. Even if you are small, you can enjoy art. There are extraordinary things for you to do and see.
  • Significant Events and Workshops: SAM has big parties for art! They also teach you how to make art in special classes. It’s not just looking at art; you can make your masterpiece too!
 STPI Creative Workshop and Gallery

MapGet Direction
Address41 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238236
Phone+65 6336 3663
Email[email protected]
WebsiteSTPI Creative Workshop and Gallery

The STPI Creative Workshop and Gallery is a place in Singapore where art comes alive! It’s like the best museum in Singapore. The gallery is full of unique artworks you can see and touch. Artists use the workshop to create cool prints and sculptures. When you visit, you’ll see colourful paintings, unique prints, and exciting sculptures. It’s a magical place where artists use their imagination to make beautiful things. 

The best part is that you can watch them work and ask questions. The gallery isn’t just about looking at art—it’s about experiencing it. The friendly staff will tell you stories about each piece, and you might even get to try making your art. It’s a special place where creativity meets curiosity. So, if you want to explore the best museum in Singapore, head to the STPI Creative Workshop and Gallery for an unforgettable art adventure!


  • Cool Art: The STPI Creative Workshop and Gallery is like a magical art world. You see unique paintings and sculptures made by super-talented artists. It’s like stepping into a colourful dream where art comes alive.
  • Meet Artists: Guess what? You can meet the incredible artists who create all these awesome things! They are like art superheroes, and you can ask them questions. It’s like meeting your favourite movie star but even more incredible.
  • Learn Art Secrets: Want to know how artists make their masterpieces? At the workshop, they share their unique tricks and secrets. It’s like having a secret art recipe that only the most remarkable artists know.
  • Hands-On Fun: You don’t just look at art; you can also make your own! There are fun workshops where you get to play with colours and shapes. It’s like having your personal art playground.
  • Super Events: The gallery has super-fun events, like art parties and special shows. It’s not just about looking at art; it’s also about having a blast with your friends and family. It’s like a giant art celebration!

24. NUS Museum

NUS Museum

MapGet Direction
Address50 Kent Ridge Cres, Singapore 119279
Phone+65 6516 8817
Email[email protected]
WebsiteNUS Museum

The NUS Museum is often considered the best museum in Singapore and for good reasons. This museum is like a treasure trove of history and art! You’ll find a world of wonders waiting for you when you step inside. What makes it the best museum in Singapore? Well, it houses an incredible collection of artefacts and artworks. Imagine walking through different periods, from ancient civilisations to modern masterpieces.

The NUS Museum brings all of this to life. It’s not just about looking at things. The museum often organises special exhibitions and events. This means there’s always something new and exciting to discover. There’s a bit of everything, from ancient artefacts to contemporary art installations. Moreover, the NUS Museum is a place to learn. You won’t feel bored; instead, you’ll leave with a head full of interesting facts. So, if you’re looking for a fun and educational adventure, the NUS Museum is the best museum in Singapore to explore!


  • Dinosaur Fossils: NUS Museum has real dinosaur bones! You can see giant dino skeletons. It’s like a journey back in time, imagining how these vast creatures lived. Touch a fossil and feel the ancient story!
  • Glowing Rocks: Some rocks light up! In the dark, they shine bright colours. It’s like having your own mini fireworks show. Learn how minerals make rocks glow and see the magic happen.
  • Art Adventures: There are excellent paintings and sculptures. Artists tell stories with colours and shapes. You might see a painting that makes you smile or a sculpture that looks moving. Art is fun!
  • Super old Coins: Discover money from long ago! Ancient coins tell us about history. Hold coins that people used hundreds of years ago. It’s like holding a little piece of the past in your hands.
  • Butterfly Kingdom: Walk into a room full of butterflies! Colourful wings flutter around you. Learn about their life cycle, from caterpillar to butterfly. It’s like stepping into a fairy tale garden with flying friends!

25. Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso

MapGet Direction
AddressSiloso Rd, Singapore 099981
Phone+65 6736 8672
WebsiteFort Siloso

Fort Siloso, found on Sentosa Island in Singapore, is a fascinating place full of history. It’s not just any fort; many people say it’s the best museum in Singapore. Inside, you can see big guns that were once used to protect the island. These massive machines are like giants guarding the past. Walking through the tunnels feels like stepping back in time. 

The best museum in Singapore, Fort Siloso, shows how brave soldiers defended the island during World War II. There are incredible artefacts, like old uniforms and photos, that tell the story of the fort. You can even hop into an old tunnel and imagine being a soldier! Don’t miss the stunning views from the fort – they’re some of the best in Singapore! You can see the sea and imagine ships arriving long ago. So, if you want a day filled with adventure and history, Fort Siloso, the best museum in Singapore, is the place to be!


  • Cool Guns: Fort Siloso has big guns! They are like huge toys but real. Soldiers used them long ago to protect Singapore. Now, you can see and touch them. It’s like being in a giant soldier game.
  • Dark Tunnels: Under the fort, there are dark tunnels. It’s scary but exciting. Imagine sneaking around like a secret agent! Tunnels helped soldiers hide and surprise enemies.
  • Boom Boom Cannons: Cannons are like loud drums. Fort Siloso has them. They shot giant cannonballs to scare away bad ships. You can pretend you’re a pirate, but the cannons are just for show now.
  • Fantastic View: Climb up the fort, and wow! You can see the sea and ships. It’s like standing on a tall tower. Take photos and feel like a king or queen looking over the island.
  • Fun Exhibits: Inside the fort, there are cool things to see. Old uniforms, flags, and even a jail! Learn how soldiers lived. It’s like a time machine taking you back to when Fort Siloso was super busy.

26. Malay Heritage Centre

Malay Heritage Centre

MapGet Direction
Address85 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198501
Phone+65 6391 0450
WebsiteMalay Heritage Centre

The Malay Heritage Centre is a fantastic place to learn about the rich history and culture of the Malay community in Singapore. It is often considered the best museum in Singapore due to its engaging exhibits and fascinating displays. Inside the museum, you can explore various galleries showcasing traditional Malay costumes, ancient artefacts, and interactive installations. These exhibits help visitors understand how the Malay community has evolved. 

The museum also hosts events and workshops, offering a hands-on experience for everyone. One highlight is the Istana Kampong Gelam, a beautifully restored palace that takes you back in time. The vibrant colours and intricate designs make it a must-see. Visiting the Malay Heritage Centre is a journey through time, highlighting the significant contributions of the Malay community to Singapore’s diverse heritage. For an enriching and enjoyable educational experience, explore this gem, considered by many to be the best museum in Singapore.


  • Traditional Malay Houses: The Malay Heritage Centre has real kampong houses that show how people lived long ago. You can walk inside them and feel how life was in the past.
  • Beautiful Clothes: There are clothes from the old days. They are colourful and unique. You can learn about the different clothes Malay people wear for important events and celebrations.
  • Exciting Performances: Sometimes, there are performances like dances and music. It’s not just a museum; it’s like a live show. You can watch and enjoy the traditional arts of the Malay culture.
  • Exciting Stories: The Centre has stories about the Malay community. They are like real-life stories from the past. You can read and learn about the history and culture of the Malay people.
  • Fun Activities: There are activities for kids. You can draw, play games, and learn while having fun. It’s a place where you can enjoy and discover the Malay lifestyle.

27. Children’s Museum Singapore (formerly Singapore Philatelic Museum)

Children's Museum Singapore (formerly Singapore Philatelic Museum)

MapGet Direction
Address23-B Coleman St, Singapore 179807
Phone+65 6337 3888
Email[email protected]
WebsiteChildren’s Museum

The Children’s Museum Singapore, previously known as the Singapore Philatelic Museum, is the best museum in Singapore for kids to explore and learn. This vibrant museum offers a delightful journey through the world of stamps and interactive exhibits. Young minds can discover the fascinating history of stamps, from the olden days to modern times. The museum is like a treasure chest, filled with exciting stories told through stamps.

Kids can engage in hands-on activities, making it the best museum in Singapore for a fun and educational experience. From stamp collecting to interactive displays, there’s always something interesting for curious minds. The Children’s Museum Singapore is not just a place to look but to touch, play, and learn. If you’re looking for the best museum in Singapore to spark your child’s imagination, this is the one!


  • Stamp Stories: Explore colourful stamps that tell exciting tales about different countries, animals, and history. See how tiny pieces of paper can share big adventures, from jungles to outer space!
  • Time Travel Zone: Step into the past with interactive exhibits. Touch ancient artefacts and imagine life in the olden days. It’s like an excellent time machine where history comes alive!
  • Crafty Corner: Get hands-on at the Crafty Corner, where creativity takes centre stage. Make your stamps, draw fantastic pictures, and bring your artistic ideas to life. Unleash your imagination!
  • Mystery Trail: Solve fun mysteries as you wander through the museum. Follow clues, discover hidden treasures, and become a detective for the day. It’s an exciting journey full of surprises!
  • Special Exhibitions: Explore changing exhibits that bring new wonders regularly. From dinosaurs to superheroes, each visit offers something fresh and fabulous. Discover a world of endless fun and learning at the Children’s Museum Singapore!

The National Museum of Singapore.

The National Museum of Singapore opened a long time ago, in 1849. Imagine, it’s one of the oldest museums in Singapore! Back then, people decided they wanted a special place to keep essential things from their history and culture. So, they created this museum. It’s like a giant treasure chest full of stories and artefacts. Inside, you can find everything that tells the tale of Singapore’s past.

The museum is like a time machine, taking you on a journey through the years. You’ll see ancient artefacts, old documents, and excellent interactive displays. It’s not just a place to look – you can touch, play, and learn. The museum hosts special events and exhibitions throughout the year, making each visit a unique experience. So, if you ever wonder about the past and want to explore the history of Singapore, the National Museum is the place to go!

Can visitors get to the National Museum of Singapore?

You have a few options for getting to the National Museum of Singapore. If you’re taking the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), you can stop at the Dhoby Ghaut station, the nearest MRT station to the museum. From there, it’s just a short walk to the museum. If you prefer the bus, several bus routes pass by the museum, and you can check the bus schedules to find a convenient route. 

Look for bus stops near the museum’s location on Stamford Road. For those who like to drive, parking is available at the museum. You can use a car or a taxi to reach the National Museum of Singapore. Before planning your visit, check for parking fees and the museum’s opening hours. Remember, it’s always a good idea to check the latest information on transportation and parking on the official National Museum of Singapore website.

Special events or exhibitions.

Throughout the year, the National Museum of Singapore hosts exciting events and special exhibitions for everyone to enjoy. These events bring the museum to life with unique displays and activities. You might find temporary exhibits showcasing interesting artefacts, colourful art, or interactive installations. The museum often celebrates Singapore’s rich history and diverse culture through these exhibits.

Additionally, there are special events that can make your visit more memorable. These could include festivals, workshops, or performances that add a touch of fun and creativity to your museum experience. Whether you are interested in history, art, or just having a good time, the National Museum of Singapore has something for everyone. Check their website or visit the museum to stay updated on the latest events and exhibitions and make the most of your visit to this fascinating cultural hub.

The Oldest museum in Singapore.

The National Museum of Singapore is the oldest in the city, showing the exciting story of Singapore’s past. It’s the Best Museum in Singapore for discovering how people lived long ago. The museum has many exciting things, like old artefacts and fantastic exhibits. You can see ancient treasures and even a big ship there!

The Best Museum in Singapore is like a time machine that takes you back to when there were no smartphones or computers. It’s super fun for families and friends to explore together. You can learn about heroes, see colourful costumes, and hear amazing stories. The Best Museum in Singapore makes history come alive, and it’s a fantastic place to have an adventure and learn about the beautiful world of the past.

Three Famous Museums in Singapore.

Three famous museums stand out in Singapore, one of which is the National Museum of Singapore, considered the Best Museum in Singapore. This museum is like a magical time machine, showcasing the city’s exciting history. Another fantastic place is the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, known for blending art and science in the most incredible ways.

And don’t forget the Asian Civilisations Museum, which explores the fascinating cultures of Asia. Families and friends love visiting these Best Museums in Singapore because they make learning exciting and fun. You can see ancient artefacts and colourful art and even step into the shoes of people from long ago. So, if you’re up for a grand adventure and want to explore the wonders of the past, these three Best Museums in Singapore are the perfect places to start your journey!


Exploring the Best Museums in Singapore is like embarking on a thrilling journey through time. These museums offer a treasure trove of stories, artefacts, and adventures, making learning informative and incredibly enjoyable. Families and friends can dive into Singapore’s rich history and culture, discovering the wonders of the past. Each museum brings something unique: the blend of art and science, the exploration of diverse Asian civilizations, or the immersive experience of the city’s history. The Best Museums in Singapore create lasting memories and spark a curiosity for knowledge.

As we delve into the world of learning and discovery, it’s worth noting the importance of libraries. Singapore boasts some of the Best Libraries, where books open doors to new worlds. Libraries are magical places filled with stories that transport us, teach us, and ignite our imaginations. Just like museums, libraries are crucial to unlocking the wonders of knowledge and shaping a brighter future.

Frequently Asked Questions About Museums In Singapore(FAQ’s)

Is there an entrance fee for the museum in Singapore?

There might be an entrance fee, but some museums offer free admission on specific days.

What is the largest museum in Singapore?

The National Museum of Singapore is the largest and oldest museum in the country.

What are the operating hours of most museums in Singapore?

Most museums in Singapore are open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, but it’s best to check beforehand.

Is photography allowed inside Singapore museums?

It depends on the museum’s policies. Some allow photography, while others may have restrictions.

Can I purchase souvenirs at the museum in Singapore?

Yes, most museums have gift shops where visitors can buy souvenirs related to the exhibits.

Why should one visit a museum in Singapore?

Visiting a museum in Singapore provides a unique opportunity to learn about the rich history and culture.

Are there guided tours available in museums?

Yes, many museums in Singapore offer guided tours for a deeper understanding of their exhibits.

Is there parking available near museums in Singapore?

Many museums have nearby parking facilities or designated parking areas for visitors.

Do museums in Singapore have facilities for children?

Yes, many museums have interactive exhibits and educational programs designed for children.

Are there dining options available within the museums?

Some museums have cafés or restaurants where visitors can enjoy a meal or refreshments.

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