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Room Hair Salon Singapore (Review)

By Marissa Saini

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Address49A Amoy St, Singapore 069875
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Room Hair Salon offers a unique experience where self-care meets personalised styling. The salon is crafted as a cosy retreat, focusing on restoring balance in our busy lives. With skilled Japanese stylists fluent in English, they ensure every client receives tailored advice and a hairstyle that complements their features and lifestyle. 

Stepping into Room Hair Salon, clients are greeted with comfort and relaxation. The atmosphere resembles a homely sanctuary, inviting guests to unwind and rejuvenate. Each visit is an opportunity to indulge the senses, from the soothing ambience to the careful attention given to every detail of the styling process. 

Beyond just hair care, Room Hair Salon prioritises the holistic well-being of its clients. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling good too. By offering a space where physical and emotional balance is nurtured, the salon goes beyond the ordinary to provide a transformative experience that leaves clients feeling refreshed, confident, and cared for.


Hair Cut

A haircut is when someone cuts their hair to change its style or length. People get haircuts for various reasons, like wanting a new look or to get rid of damaged ends. Haircuts can be done at home or by a professional hairstylist in a salon.

Hair Cut (stylist/top stylist)$81/97
Student Cut below 18 (+$6 wash & blow)$54
Fringe (excludes wash)$16

Hair Colour

Hair colour is when someone changes the natural colour of their hair using dyes or colouring products. People often choose to colour their hair for reasons like covering up grey hairs, adding highlights, or completely changing their look. Hair colouring can be done at home or by a professional stylist.

Full Colour (S/M/L)$119/162/189
3D Colour$243
1 Round Olaplex Care Bleach  (S/M/L)$162/254/270
Step Treatment for High Damage$54

Perm / Rebonding

Perm and rebonding are hair treatments that change the texture of hair. In a perm, chemicals are used to make hair curly or wavy. In rebounding, chemicals straighten hair permanently. Both treatments can last for months and require careful care to maintain the desired look and keep hair healthy.

Cold Perm (upon stylist consultation)$162/189
Digital Perm$259
Rebonding and Perm$486
Full Head Rebonding OR Touch Up$313/250
Point Rebonding$108/162
Advante Treatment Perm/Straightening$421/486

Hair Treatment

Hair treatment is a way to care for your hair to keep it healthy and good-looking. Treatments can include deep conditioning masks, oils, or serums applied to the hair to moisturise, strengthen or repair damage. Regular hair treatments can help keep hair soft, shiny, and manageable.

Milbon  Treatment (Smoothen)$124
Tokio Inkarami Limited Treatment (Moisturise)$194
Tokio San-Netsu Treatment (Anti-Frizz)$250
Cinderella Treatment(Anti-Frizz, Moisturise, Smoothen)$378

Headspa (Scalp Only)

Headspa focuses solely on the scalp, providing relaxation and therapeutic benefits. Techniques include gentle massage, exfoliation, and applying nourishing oils or treatments to promote scalp health and improve blood circulation. Headspa relieves stress, reduces dandruff, and enhances hair growth, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Premium Scalp Only (+$20 for additional 10 mins massage)$157
Regular Scalp Only$135

Feather Hair Extensions

Feather hair extensions are a fun and trendy way to add colour and flair to your hair. They attach small feathers to hair strands using tiny silicone-lined beads or clips. Feather extensions come in various colours and styles, allowing for customisation and temporary embellishment of your hair without a permanent commitment.

Full Head (Volume, Thickness, Length)$890
Half Head (Volume)$449
Removal (With New Extensions/Ala Carte)$50/80


Styling refers to shaping and arranging your hair to achieve a desired look. This can involve using various tools and techniques such as blow drying, straightening, curling, or braiding. Styling products like gels, mousses, and hairsprays are often used to hold the hair in place and add texture or shine. Styling allows you to express your personality and create different looks for occasions.

Shampoo Blow-dry$55
Hair Styling (downdo/updo)$60/80

What customers say: 

Carolyn Carey:

Emiko attended me during my first head spa experience. She communicates every step with patience; in conjunction with her excellent massage techniques, her attentiveness to details made the whole 1.5hrs a one-of-a-kind experience. The ambience in the salon is also well taken care of so that you can just unwind and relax.

Rachel Tay:

I love the uniqueness of this saloon. My hair stylist – Ms Tamami, was patient and understood my request. I’m delighted with the result; the environment is an A plus for this experience. 


What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are artificial or natural hair strands added to your hair to increase length or volume, often attached with clips, tapes, or bonds.

How long do hair extensions last?

Hair extensions’ lifespan varies depending on the type and quality, but typically, they can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Are hair extensions damaging?

When applied and maintained correctly, hair extensions should not cause damage to your natural hair. However, improper installation or neglecting care instructions can lead to damage.

Can I wash my hair with extensions?

Yes, you can wash your hair with extensions, but it’s essential to use gentle products and avoid excessive rubbing or pulling to prevent tangling and loosening of the extensions.

Can I style my hair with extensions?

You can style your hair with extensions just like your natural hair. However, be cautious with heat-styling tools and use heat-protectant products to prevent damage.

How do I choose the right colour for hair extensions?

Match the extensions to the colour of your natural hair, or consult a hairstylist for colour-matching assistance to ensure a seamless blend.

Can I swim with hair extensions?

It’s best to avoid swimming with hair extensions, especially in chlorinated or saltwater pools, as it can cause damage and tangling. If swimming is necessary, wear a swim cap.

How often should I get my hair trimmed with extensions?

Regular trims are still necessary to maintain healthy hair, but less frequently than without extensions. Aim for a trim every 8-12 weeks to prevent split ends and maintain shape.

Can I sleep with hair extensions?

It’s generally recommended to tie your hair up or braid it before sleeping to prevent tangling and matting of extensions. Using a silk pillowcase can also help reduce friction.

How do I remove hair extensions?

Hair extensions should be removed by a professional hairstylist using proper techniques to avoid damaging your natural hair. Attempting to remove them yourself can lead to breakage and discomfort.

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