Best Hair Salons In Singapore

Best 35 Hair Salons In Singapore In 2024: Your Ultimate Guide To Stylish Transformations

By Marissa Saini

Here’s the scoop on hair stylists: finding the right one can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But fear not! We’ve scoured the Lion City to bring you the cream of the crop – the best hair salon in Singapore for every hair woe. 

Bid farewell to lacklustre locks and hello to head-turning hairstyles! These top-notch salons specialise in everything from precision cuts to vibrant colour treatments, promising to banish bad hair days for good.

But why stop at fabulous hair? Singapore also boasts some of the finest spas where relaxation meets rejuvenation. Treat yourself to a luxurious escape at the Best Spas In Singapore, where skilled therapists will pamper you from head to toe. 

Say goodbye to stress and hello to serenity as you indulge in soothing massages, revitalising facials, and indulgent spa rituals. It’s time to unwind, recharge, and emerge feeling like royalty. So go ahead, indulge – you deserve it!

1. Walking On Sunshine

Walking On Sunshine

Walking On Sunshine is a fantastic salon and café at Orchard Central. It’s like being in a garden! They have great hair stylists from around the world. People love it there – they have lots of good reviews! You can get a haircut, perm, or new colour. 

They also do treatments for your hair and scalp. When you get your hair washed, you can relax with a massage. And guess what? They give you free salads and fresh juice! It’s a fun place to go if you want to feel pampered and look great.

2. Bada Hair 바다 헤어

Bada Hair

Bada Hair is finally here in Singapore after being famous worldwide. They have over 200 outlets across the globe. Their skilled hairstylists aim to meet all your hair needs. This award-winning salon offers hair treatments, colouring, and perms. 

They’re known for their magic setting perm, leaving you with beautiful curls. Formerly known as Leekaja Beauty Salon, Bada Hair provides top-notch service with experienced stylists. They offer quality haircuts and the famous LKJ Cinderella Treatment for hair growth. 

You’ll feel pampered with complimentary drinks and friendly staff. From hair treatments to massages and manicures, they’ve got you covered. Enjoy a relaxing day and leave the salon with a big smile.

3. Ruler Japanese Hair Salon

Ruler Japanese Hair Salon

Ruler Hair Salon has been around since 2016 and is famous for its excellent service and Japanese hairstyling methods in Singapore. Their skilled stylists study your hair and face to suggest the perfect style that suits you. 

They also offer helpful tips for taking care of your hair at home. If you’re searching for the best Japanese hair salons nearby, look no further than Ruler Hair Salon. Remember to ask for professional advice on hair care when you visit!

4. Kolorist 


Kolorist is a trendy salon that specialises in hair colouring services. Located in the city’s heart, it’s known for its vibrant and modern atmosphere. The skilled stylists at Kolorist use advanced techniques to create stunning hair colours that suit each customer’s unique style and personality. 

They’ve covered whether you want a bold new look or a subtle change. They also offer other services like haircuts and styling to complete your makeover. With their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, Kolorist ensures that every visit leaves you confident and satisfied with your new hair colour. 

5. Harts 


At Harts Salon, we understand that everyone’s hair is unique. That’s why we tailor our services to fit you perfectly. By considering your face shape, skin tone, and lifestyle, we ensure you leave looking and feeling your best. 

We’re transparent about costs, too. There are no hidden fees here – you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for before we start. So, relax and trust us to give you the personalised care you deserve.

6. Prep Luxe

Prep Luxe

Prep Luxe is dedicated to creating healthy hair results, focusing on cuts, colour, and perms. They tailor their services to each client’s needs, considering factors like face shape, hair texture, lifestyle, and personality. The salon caters to a modern clientele, offering a range of grooming services for hair and makeup.

Known for their award-winning blowouts and treatments, they provide cuts that are easy to maintain, long-lasting hair colour using a signature technique, and natural-looking perms. Whether you want a simple cut or a complete makeover, Prep Luxe ensures you leave looking and feeling your best with hair that’s both healthy and stylish.

7. Picasso Hair Studio

Picasso Hair Studio

Picasso Hair Studio, since 2014, is known for its fantastic perms. Named after a famous painter, the salon aims to be innovative and excellent, as Picasso did. They stay updated with the latest trends and focus on continuously improving their services. 

Stylists consider factors like face shape, skin tone, height, and build to suggest the perfect hairstyle. The salon is transparent about prices on its website, so customers know what to expect. Whether cutting, colouring, or styling, Picasso Hair Studio ensures you get the desired look without surprises.

8. The Base Salon

The Base Salon

Leekaja Beauty Salon is known as the best Korean hair salon in Singapore, and it was founded in 1972. It’s the first franchised hair salon brand in South Korea and has expanded to over 200 branches worldwide. They offer an 8-Day Promise, ensuring customer satisfaction. 

If you’re unhappy with their service, you can return for a free retouch within eight days. This shows their confidence in their work, and customers rarely leave unsatisfied. Whether you need a haircut, colouring, or styling, Leekaja Beauty Salon strives to ensure you’re happy with the results.

9. Be Salon

Be Salon

Be Salon believes in the power of belief, using it as its guiding force in providing top-notch hair services. Their dedicated team of skilled hairstylists aims to improve lives through their craft. Known for their openness and honesty, Be Salon has earned the trust of many locals. 

They use premium products from Japan and Korea to ensure the best care for your hair. Located in Singapore, Be Salon has quickly become a favourite among customers seeking world-class hair treatments.

10. Chez Vous: Private Space

Chez Vous: Private Space

Chez Vous: Private Space offers the ultimate privacy for your hair services in Singapore. Their unique private-pods-only salon allows you to enjoy your beauty session in a private suite, which can be transformed into various settings like a tea room or cinema, with two decades of experience.

Chez Vous is a leader in the beauty industry, boasting experienced beauty directors. They offer a range of top-notch hair treatments, including advanced hair rebuilding and comprehensive five-step treatments. Chez Vous is the place to go for a luxurious and personalised hair experience if you seek privacy and premium services.

11. You Are My Sunshine | Korean Hair Salon

You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine, a Korean hair salon in Singapore, offers professionalism with a friendly vibe. Customers love the spacious and welcoming interior and the team’s warmth. What makes them unique is their exceptional service and efficiency. 

They prioritise quick and efficient service, ensuring customers are attended to promptly. The comfortable and pleasing interior enhances the overall experience, making every visit enjoyable.

12. Act Point Salon

Act Point Salon

Act Point Salon is more than just a salon – it’s an affordable favourite among Singaporeans. They aim to help clients achieve their dream hairstyle with top-notch service. Their friendly and skilled stylists ensure a comfortable experience. 

Services range from classic haircuts to rebonding, perms, and colouring. Clients can choose from Senior, Master, or Director stylists, each with their own unique style. Act Point Salon doesn’t want you to like your hair; they want you to love it forever. With their dedication to customer satisfaction and affordable prices, it’s no wonder they’re loved by many.

13. 99 Percent Hair Studio

99 Percent Hair Studio

99 Percent Hair Studio, founded in 2011, is committed to giving clients a fresh look and a big smile. Their professional hairstylists tackle any challenge with dedication. They guarantee precise haircuts and quality colouring. It’s a one-stop beauty salon offering hair, makeup, and nail services. 

Featured transformations by Michelle from @Tiffwithme showcase their expertise. With 100% effort every day, clients are in good hands. Whether you need a new hairstyle or an entire pampering session, 99 Percent Hair Studio delivers amazing transformations tailored to your needs.

14. Room Hair Salon

Room Hair Salon

Room Hair Salon believes in self-care and creating a cosy sanctuary for its clients. Focusing on restoring balance in a busy world, they appeal to the five senses, offering a holistic experience. 

Their Japanese stylists ensure bespoke hairstyles tailored to your unique features, skin tone, and lifestyle. Clients can unwind in a homely atmosphere while receiving personalised attention. 

English-speaking stylists facilitate consultations, and interpreters are available if needed. Room Hair Salon provides a tranquil space where clients can relax, rejuvenate, and feel refreshed physically and emotionally.

15. Nine By Sweet Basil

Nine By Sweet Basil

Nine By Sweet Basil is a top-notch beauty salon in Singapore, offering a range of expert beauty treatments. From haircuts to colours to mani-pedis, they’ve got you covered for a complete beauty makeover. 

Their Hydrogen Straight Treatment, using advanced technology from Japan, is the latest innovation in the hair industry. Unlike other straightening treatments, it improves hair quality without causing damage, leaving hair straight and more vital. 

16. Kimage Hair Salon

Kimage Hair Salon

Established in 1994, Kimage Hair Salon is a boutique chain in Singapore that believes in enhancing individuals’ personalities through hairdressing. With ten studios and an EduTrust-certified hairdressing school, they prioritise customer individuality. 

Their professionals are trained to understand customers’ needs, fostering trust to craft hairstyles that match their personality. Kimage breathes life into its founding vision with every hairstyle, aiming to create a unique and personalised experience for each client.

17. Be U Hair Design

Be U Hair Design

Be U Hair Design focuses on helping you be yourself and feel beautiful. They specialise in perms, balayage, airtouch, haircuts, rebonding, colouring, and treatments. Their custom service ensures your style shines through, considering factors like face shape, skin tone, and personality. 

The salon’s name reflects its commitment to making you feel confident and beautiful. With Be U Hair Design, you can expect tailored hair services that enhance your individuality, leaving you feeling your best after every session.

18. Salon de Edmund

Salon de Edmund

Salon de Edmund, nestled in Upper Thomson, offers a cosy escape from city life. Their skilled stylists specialise in crafting the perfect haircut to flatter your face shape. Unique signature treatments include the Organic Hair Colour, made with natural ingredients for a gentle, chemical-free option. 

Another favourite is the Mucota Algana Argan Oil Treatment, infused with argan oil for shine and smoothness. Located just a short walk from Upper Thomson MRT station, Salon de Edmund provides a tranquil setting for your hair transformation. Whether it’s a new haircut or a luxurious treatment, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and pampered.

19. Yann Beyrie Salon

Yann Beyrie Salon

Yann Beyrie Salon is a haven for those seeking luxury haircare in Singapore. The salon’s prime location in the city offers premium services, from precision haircuts to exquisite colour treatments. 

Led by renowned stylist Yann Beyrie, the team is dedicated to providing personalised attention and top-notch expertise to every client. Their signature treatments, including the French Balayage and Keratin Smoothing Treatment, ensure stunning results tailored to individual needs. 

Focusing on quality and elegance, Yann Beyrie Salon delivers an unmatched salon experience, leaving clients feeling pampered, confident, and ready to showcase their beautiful locks to the world.

20. Aube Beauty Salon

Aube Beauty Salon

Aube Beauty Salon offers top-notch hairstyling experiences inspired by Japanese salons. With four accessible outlets, they provide affordable services from shampooing to styling. 

Their skilled stylists, with experience from Japan and overseas, ensure quality cuts and dyes. They exclusively use Japanese products, promising the same quality as Tokyo in Singapore. 

The salon prioritises a relaxed atmosphere for soothing moments. Whether you want soft waves or a new hair colour, Aube Beauty Salon guarantees a pampering experience that lives up to the reputation of Japanese hair salons.

21. Blonde Boudoir

Blonde Boudoir

Blonde Boudoir is the go-to salon for those looking to lighten their locks or try any hair colour. Their internationally trained hairdressers are skilled in creating the perfect look for you. 

Recognising Singapore’s challenging climate for hair, they focus on long-lasting haircuts and low-maintenance solutions for all hair types. Blonde Boudoir covers whether you want to go lighter or try a different colour. 

Plus, they offer the best blowouts in town, perfect for any occasion you want to look your best. With their expertise and dedication to quality, you’re guaranteed a fabulous hair transformation every time you visit.

22. Art-Noise


Art-Noise is a top Japanese hair salon in Holland Village, ideal for West Siders. They specialise in original treatments using non-damaging chemicals, which are great for frequent perm or straightening users. 

The award-winning salon offers relaxing head spas with nourishing shampoos and treatments, ensuring a blissful experience. Tucked away in a cosy shophouse, Art-Noise provides a convenient and luxurious escape for those seeking quality hair care without travelling to the city. 

Whether you’re looking for a new style or simply want to relax with a head massage, Art-Noise guarantees a rejuvenating experience for your hair and scalp.

23. Urbanhair by Ginrich


Urbanhair by Ginrich, led by Eugene Ong, is a renowned hair salon known for its exceptional service. The staff is friendly and meticulous, ensuring all your hair needs are met. They exclusively use Aveda products, which are known for their natural and eco-friendly ingredients. 

Each treatment begins with inhaling Aveda’s calm oil and a relaxing hot towel massage, providing a pampering experience from start to finish. Urbanhair by Ginrich is an institution in the hair industry that delivers top-notch services and uses high-quality products to ensure clients leave with glossy, toxin-free locks.

24. Covo Hair Salon

Covo Hair Salon

Covo Hair Salon, with outlets on Keong Saik Road and East Coast Road, is a top choice for hair care in Singapore. Their team of experienced Japanese hairstylists ensures quality service. 

They offer a range of treatments catering to all hair types, including haircuts, colouring, digital perms, and rebounding. Their signature Kerasilk Keratin Treatment is highly recommended, leaving hair silky and smooth. 

Covo Hair Salon is known for its cosy atmosphere and excellent results, making it a trusted destination for those seeking professional hair care. Whether you need a simple trim or a complete makeover, Covo Hair Salon guarantees satisfaction and beautiful results.

25. Trimmings Salon & Spa

Trimmings Salon & Spa

Trimmings Salon & Spa is a go-to for women with Caucasian hair concerns like brassy tones or over-bleaching. Their expertise ensures precise handling, avoiding any mishaps with highlights. 

The salon’s cosy and welcoming atmosphere adds to the appeal, making clients feel comfortable and at home. With Trimmings, you can trust that your hair will receive the care and attention it deserves, leaving you satisfied with the results. 

Whether you require colour correction or want to refresh your look, Trimmings Salon & Spa is the place to go for quality service and a pleasant experience.

26. Black Hair Salon

Black Hair Salon

Black Hair Salon has served customers for 21 years, specialising in hair colouring services inspired by the latest trends. Despite their affordable prices, they prioritise quality and creativity in their makeovers. 

The team is dedicated to providing personalised experiences for each customer, ensuring satisfaction and leaving smiles on their faces. While their services are budget-friendly, they always use the best products. 

With their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Black Hair Salon guarantees to deliver the desired hairstyle without breaking the bank. Visiting Black Hair Salon ensures you’ll receive top-notch service and feel fabulous.

27. Bonbon Blowout Bar+ 

Bonbon Blowout Bar+ 

Bonbon Blowout Bar+ is the place to go for your dream blowout. Their friendly stylists can create various looks, from girl-next-door to excellent girl waves. They offer various services, including haircuts, scalp care, colouring, rebonding, and perms for a complete experience. 

With near-perfect reviews on Google and Facebook, you can trust their quality. Plus, they have stations for kids, too, making it a fun experience for the whole family. Whether you want to pamper yourself or have a bonding session with your loved ones, Bonbon Blowout Bar+ has everything you need for fabulous hair and a great time.

28. Suchehwa


Suchehwa By Ted is led by veteran stylist Ted Kim, known for his expertise and dedication to customers. Originating from Gangnam, Seoul, the salon debuted in Singapore in 2015. Ted’s journey began at Jiwon and later led him to become the lead stylist at Leekaja Hair Salon. 

With years of experience in South Korea, Ted brings his skills to Singapore, offering top-notch hair services. His reputation precedes him, making Suchehwa By Ted a prestigious destination for quality hair care. Whether you’re seeking a new style or expert advice, Ted and his team are committed to providing exceptional service and satisfying results.

29. Number76


Number76 originated in Tokyo’s Minami Aoyama district in 2001 as HairStyleShop Nalu, founded by Daisuke Hamaguchi. The salon aimed to offer a style shop concept where customers could easily change their hair designs like fashion items. Nalu, meaning “waves” in Hawaiian, reflects Hamaguchi’s passion for surfing and trends. 

In 2003, Nalu relocated to Omotesando and introduced 76cafe, a unique concept combining a café on the ground floor with a hair salon in the basement. This innovative approach quickly gained popularity in the fashionable Omotesando district, establishing Number76 as a trendsetter in the hair industry.

30. Karva Salon

Karva Salon

Karva Salon is pioneering a unique concept by exclusively catering to women and providing a private space for individuals to have their hair styled. Services extend beyond hair care to include manicures and pedicures using breathable nail polishes suitable for wudhu. 

Additionally, the salon’s commitment to social responsibility is evident through its academy at Pertapis Centre for Women & Girls, offering beauty training to residents. With offerings like soft rebonding, digital perms, and hair and scalp treatments, Karva Salon ensures a holistic beauty experience tailored to the needs and preferences of its clientele, emphasising inclusivity and empowerment.

31. Naoki Hair Dressing

Naoki Hair Dressing

Naoki Hair Dressing, a Japanese salon, prioritises building lasting relationships with customers by attentively listening to their desires and needs. Their skilled hairstylists then offer personalised suggestions to enhance facial features and complement daily lifestyles. 

Renowned for exceptional customer service and a wide range of services, Naoki ranks among the top hair salons in the country. Moreover, the salon ensures a comfortable experience with charging ports, magazine tablets, and cushions, catering to customers’ preferences. 

32. Jin Hair

Jin Hair

Jin Hair, a Korean salon, offers budget-friendly haircuts and treatments, starting at just $15 for a wash and blow using quality products. They’re experts in various hairstyles and colours, ensuring clients achieve their desired looks. 

Additionally, Jin Hair provides classes for those interested in learning basic techniques, starting at $50 per hour. This empowers clients to try DIY makeovers at home. With affordable prices and educational opportunities, Jin Hair is an accessible option for quality hair care and styling.

33. Hair Studio Flamingo

Hair Studio

Hair Studio Flamingo is a Japanese salon in Singapore with a tropical theme featuring greenery and pink flamingos. They offer express spa treatments for quick relaxation and hairstyles that are easy to manage, ideal for Singapore’s hot and humid weather. 

Additionally, they provide eyelash services. The salon’s stylists recommend hairstyles based on your hair quality and face shape, ensuring it reflects your personality and is simple to recreate at home. With its charming ambience and focus on practicality, Hair Studio Flamingo offers a refreshing approach to hair care and styling.

34. Twist Hair Salon

Twist Hair Salon

Twist Hair Salon, established in Singapore in 2010, prides itself on a team of skilled hairdressers dedicated to your satisfaction and well-being. With a passion for modern Japanese aesthetics, they meticulously consider every aspect of your beauty. 

The salon’s chief hairstylist, with industry experience since 2004, honed expertise in renowned Singaporean salons before founding Twist in 2010. Noteworthy accolades include being a Top Color Zoom Goldwell Singapore nominee and collaborating with L’Oréal for prestigious photoshoots.

35. De Arte Hair Studio

De Arte Hair Studio

At De Arte Hair Studio, they treat hair like an art form! With over ten years of experience, they provide affordable hair services using top-quality Japanese products like Shiseido and Milbon. 

Their expertise lies in scalp care and hair design, addressing concerns from roots to tips and finishing with your desired hairstyle. During your visit, you can unwind with their scalp therapy for better scalp health. 

Whether you want vibrant colours or highlights, they offer it all at reasonable prices. So, if you’re looking to transform your hair, De Arte Hair Studio is the place to go for professional service and quality results.


Singapore boasts an array of top-notch hair salons that cater to diverse needs and preferences. From traditional Japanese salons like Ruler Hair Salon and Leekaja Beauty Salon to modern and chic studios like Urbanhair by Ginrich and Jin Hair, customers are spoilt for choice when finding the perfect place for their hair transformations. 

With attention to detail, hygienic practices, and a wide range of services, these nail salons give customers the ultimate pampering experience, leaving their nails looking and feeling their best. The Best Nail Salons In Singapore will surely exceed expectations for those seeking impeccable nail care and stunning designs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Hair Salons In Singapore (FAQ’s)

How much does a haircut cost in Singapore?

Haircut prices in Singapore vary depending on the salon and the stylist’s experience, ranging from around $20 to $100 or more for a basic haircut.

How much do you tip a hairdresser in Singapore?

Tipping isn’t mandatory in Singapore, but it’s appreciated. You can tip around 10% of the total bill or more if you are satisfied with the service.

Which is the costliest salon in the world?

The world’s costliest salon is Stuart Phillips Salon in London, where haircuts can reportedly cost thousands of dollars.

What is the most popular salon in the world?

There isn’t one definitive answer, but some of the most popular salons globally include Sally Hershberger Salon in New York City and Toni & Guy in London.

Which country has the cheapest haircut?

Countries like India, Thailand, and Vietnam often offer some of the cheapest haircuts, with prices as low as a few dollars.

Do you tip at hair salons in Singapore?

Tipping at hair salons in Singapore isn’t mandatory, but it’s a nice gesture to tip around 10% of the total bill if you’re happy with the service.

What is the number one haircut?

The number one haircut is a buzz cut, cut very short using clippers.

Do I tip nail salons in Singapore?

Tipping at nail salons in Singapore is also optional but appreciated. You can tip around 10% of the total bill if you are satisfied with the service.

Who is the No. 1 salon in India?

There isn’t one No. 1 salon in India, but some popular ones include Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty and Lakmé Salon.

Who is the wealthiest hair stylist in India?

Jawed Habib is one of the wealthiest hairstylists in India, and he is known for his chain of salons across the country.

Who is the wealthiest hair stylist?

Vidal Sassoon is often regarded as one of the wealthiest and most influential hairstylists in history, revolutionising the industry with his innovative techniques.

Who is the best celebrity hairstylist?

Chris McMillan, known for styling celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, is considered one of the best celebrity hairstylists.

Who is the best hair stylist in India?

Some of the best hairstylists in India include Savio John Pereira, Rod Anker, and Adhuna Bhabani.

Which country has the most expensive haircut?

Countries like Switzerland, Norway, and Denmark are known for having some of the most expensive hair salons, where haircuts can cost hundreds of dollars.

Which is the most beautiful haircut?

Beauty is subjective, but popular and flattering haircuts include the layered, bob, and pixie cut, tailored to individual preferences and face shapes.

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