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Karva Salon Singapore (Review)

By Marissa Saini

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Address1 Jelebu Road, Bukit Panjang Rd, #04-10, Singapore 677743
Opening hoursEveryday: 11 am–8 pm
Sunday: 10 am–7 pm
Phone +65 9235 8879
Email[email protected]
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Karva Salon stands out for its innovative approach in catering exclusively to women, particularly addressing the needs of hijab-wearing clients who seek privacy during their salon visits. Beyond conventional services like soft rebonding and digital perms, Karva also offers specialised hair and scalp care treatments. 

Its attention to detail sets it apart, providing manicures and pedicures with wudhu-friendly nail polishes and accommodating Muslim women who practice water cleansing before prayers. Karva Salon goes beyond mere business by engaging in socially conscious initiatives. 

Establishing an academy at Pertapis Centre for Women & Girls empowers residents by offering beauty training opportunities. This commitment to social responsibility demonstrates Karva’s dedication to uplifting communities beyond beauty services. Karva Salon’s holistic approach, blending quality beauty treatments with inclusivity and social impact, defines it as a trailblazer in the salon industry.


Cut & Styling

Cut and styling is about trimming or shaping hair to achieve a desired look. A haircut involves cutting hair to a particular length or style, while styling involves using tools and products to shape and arrange hair. This can include cutting, layering, and styling techniques to enhance your hair’s appearance.

Cut Wash Blow $45 – $60
Wash & Blow $30 – $40
Hair Spa Creambath$65 – $95


Colouring hair involves changing its natural colour using dyes or pigments. This can cover grey hair, enhance natural colour, or try a new look. Different techniques like highlights, balayage, or full colour can be used to achieve desired results, adding vibrancy and personality to your hair.

Full Head Colour$100 – $170
Full Highlights$130 – $180
Classic Combo$160 – $260
Creative Colour$240 – $390

Rebonding & Perming

Rebonding and perming are two different hair treatments. Rebonding makes hair straight, smooth, and sleek by breaking and rearranging its natural bonds. On the other hand, Perming adds curls or waves to hair by reshaping its structure using chemicals. Each treatment gives a distinct look, catering to different styling preferences.

Soft Rebonding$190 – $290
Digital Perm$230 – $330
K-Gloss Treatment$260 – $390
Algana Anti-Frizz$290 – $380

Hair & Scalp Treatment

Hair and scalp treatment involves caring for both the hair strands and the scalp to maintain health and appearance. This can include moisturising hair to prevent dryness and breakage, exfoliating the scalp to remove buildup, and applying nourishing oils or masks to promote hair growth and strengthen follicles. Regular treatment helps keep hair and scalp healthy and vibrant.

Kerastase DivalentScalp Treatment$170
Kerastase Genesis Hair &Scalp Treatment$170 – $230
Pure Oxygen Kerastase Scalp Therapy$300

What customers say:

Nazirah Nazri:

My first visit here and not my last. I’m super satisfied with how Angel treated me; everyone else was amiable. I loved how my hair turned out; it was better than expected!!

Farhanah Mos:

It was my first time with Karva, and was superb! My hairdresser, Izah, was friendly and cheerful! She made my day, and my hair turned out just how I wanted! Great experience! I definitely will come back!!


What services does Karva Salon offer?

Karva provides hair treatments, including soft rebonding and digital perms, wudhu-friendly nail care, manicures, and pedicures.

Is Karva Salon only for women?

Karva Salon caters exclusively to women, ensuring a comfortable and private environment for all clients.

Do I need to book an appointment?

Yes, it’s recommended that you book an appointment in advance to secure your preferred time slot at Karva Salon.

Are the products used at Karva Salon safe?

Yes, Karva Salon uses high-quality and safe products for all treatments, ensuring the best results for clients.

Can I bring my kids to Karva Salon?

Karva Salon aims to provide a peaceful environment for all clients, so it’s best to arrange childcare before your appointment.

Does Karva Salon offer any discounts or promotions?

Karva Salon occasionally offers discounts and promotions on select services. Follow their social media pages for updates.

Are the staff at Karva Salon trained professionals?

Karva Salon employs trained professionals with expertise in various beauty treatments to ensure client satisfaction.

How long does a typical salon appointment at Karva last?

The duration of your appointment depends on the services you choose. It’s best to inquire when booking.

Can I get hair colour treatments at Karva Salon?

Yes, Karva Salon offers a range of hair colour treatments, including highlights, balayage, and full-colour options.

Does Karva Salon offer gift cards?

Karva Salon provides gift cards, allowing you to treat your loved ones to a pampering session at the salon.

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