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RULER Japanese Hair Salon Singapore (Review)

By Marissa Saini

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Address 76 South Bridge Rd, #01-00, Singapore 058706
Opening hours Everyday: 10 am–8:30 pm
Phone +65 6532 2533
Website Ruler Japanese
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Ruler Hair Salon has been a staple in Singapore since 2016, winning hearts with its exceptional customer service and special Japanese hairstyling techniques. Their personalised approach sets them apart – their skilled stylists carefully assess your hair and face to suggest styles that truly reflect your personality and lifestyle.

But Ruler Hair Salon goes beyond just giving you a nice haircut. They also make sure you understand how to maintain your hair at home. Whether it’s styling tips or hair care advice, they’re always happy to lend a helping hand.

With a quick search for the best Japanese hair salons nearby, Ruler Hair Salon shines right at the top. Visiting them isn’t just about getting a haircut; it’s also an opportunity to learn how to better care for your hair.

If you want to elevate your hair game and receive expert guidance, the Ruler Hair Salon is undoubtedly the place to be. With their blend of top-notch service and Japanese styling expertise, you’re guaranteed to leave feeling confident and satisfied with your new look.



A cut is when hair is trimmed or shortened to change its length or style. It’s done using scissors or clippers by a hairstylist. People get cuts for various reasons, like maintaining healthy hair, trying new looks, or removing split ends. It’s a standard part of hair care routines.

Ladies $80
Men $70
Student (~18 years old )$60
Children (~10 years old)$50/60
Fringe $10/20


A spa treatment is a relaxing experience where you pamper yourself to improve your well-being. It often involves massages, facials, and body treatments using oils and creams. Spas offers various packages tailored to rejuvenate and de-stress the mind and body, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Head spa $80
Moisture treatment $50/$80
Olaplex treatment $100
Advante treatment$120
SBCP treatment $130
Inkarami treatment $160
Keratin treatment $300


Colouring hair involves changing its natural colour using dyes or pigments. It can be subtle highlights, bold shades, or covering grey hair. Professional stylists apply colour to achieve desired looks, considering skin tone and hair type. It’s a popular way to express individuality and style, whether permanent or temporary.

Roots touch up$100
Full colour $110
Bleach touch up $130
Bleach $150
Highlights (half head)$100
Highlights (full head)$140
balayage/1 time bleach$330
2time bleach(beach + colour)$400
Baby lights(half head)$200
Baby lights (full head)$260

Perm / Straight

A perm adds curls or waves to straight hair using chemicals while straightening makes curly or wavy hair appear straight by using heat or chemicals. Both are methods to alter hair texture, offering versatile styling options. Perms are permanent or semi-permanent while straightening can be temporary or permanent, depending on the method used.

Point perm $100
Cosmetic perm$160
Digital perm $200
Spiral/twist perm $240
Advante perm $300
Fringe rebonding $100
Point rebonding $130
Rebonding touch up$260
Full rebonding $280
Advante straight $380


Cut+treatment $120
Cut+moisture treatment+head spa $180
Cut+colour+moisture treatment $240
Cut+point perm $190
Cut+cosmetic perm  $220
Cut+spiral perm $310
Cut+digital perm   $260
Cut+rebonding  $350
Cut+rebonding+perm(C-curl) $410
Cut+ keratin treatment $350


Shampoo & blow $50
Shampoo & curl $60

Additional hair length changes apply 

Medium $10/Below chest $30/Waist $50

​Price may vary depending on the amount of solution required.

What customers say: 

Monica Yang:

Excellent experience! The salon is entirely open, and there are not so many people. Stylists are mainly from Japan. They offer you a drink list, which is very considerate. I had a great experience getting my hair done with Mea. She’s very skilled and friendly, making it a gratifying experience! 

Samantha Gedalya:

Her expertise in bleaching and dyeing is evident in the health of my hair after the bleaching session. Not only did she deliver precisely what I envisioned, but she also provided aftercare advice. I came here to dye my hair for the first time, and the customer service was excellent immediately! So welcoming and friendly.


What makes Ruler Hair Salon unique compared to other hair salons?

Ruler Hair Salon stands out for its exceptional Japanese hairstyling techniques and personalised recommendations based on your hair quality and facial structure.

Should I book an appointment in advance, or can I walk in?

It’s best to book an appointment in advance to ensure you get the time slot you prefer, but walk-ins are also welcome if available.

How do the stylists assess my hair quality and facial structure?

Stylists at Ruler Hair Salon carefully examine your hair and face to suggest styles that complement your unique features and lifestyle.

What types of services does Ruler Hair Salon offer apart from hairstyling?

In addition to hair styling, Ruler Hair Salon provides valuable advice on home hair care, addressing any queries related to everyday hair maintenance.

Is there a particular hair care routine recommended by Ruler Hair Salon?

Ruler Hair Salon recommends personalised hair care routines tailored to your hair type and lifestyle for optimal results.

Do you provide advice on how to maintain my hair at home?

Absolutely! Ruler Hair Salon offers expert advice on maintaining your hair at home, ensuring it stays healthy and looks its best between salon visits.

Are the products used at Ruler Hair Salon safe for my hair?

Yes, Ruler Hair Salon uses high-quality, safe and suitable products for various hair types, promoting health and vitality.

How often should I visit Ruler Hair Salon for hair maintenance?

The frequency of visits depends on your hair type and the style you desire. Your stylist will recommend a maintenance schedule tailored to your needs.

Do you offer any discounts or promotions for regular customers?

Yes, Ruler Hair Salon values its regular customers and often offers discounts or promotions as a token of appreciation for their loyalty.

Are there any unique treatments or packages available at Ruler Hair Salon?

Ruler Hair Salon offers unique treatments and packages to cater to various hair needs, ensuring a comprehensive and satisfying salon experience.

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