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Twist Hair Salon Singapore (Review)

By Marissa Saini

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Address272A South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058821
Opening hoursEveryday: 11 am–7 pm
Monday: Closed
Phone +65 6909 6253
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Established in 2010, Twist Hair Salon is renowned for its team of skilled hairdressers dedicated to your satisfaction and beauty. With a profound appreciation for modern Japanese aesthetics, they prioritise every aspect of your appearance. 

The salon’s chief hairstylist brings over a decade of experience, having worked in prestigious Singaporean salons before founding Twist in 2010. Notable accolades include a Top 5 nomination in Singapore for Color Zoom Goldwell and collaboration with L’Oréal on various photoshoots. 

This expertise ensures clients receive top-tier service and contemporary styling trends. The salon is located in Singapore and is a hub for those seeking quality hair care and innovative techniques.


Hair Cut

A haircut is when you trim or style your hair to change its appearance. It’s like giving your hair a new look. Haircuts can be short, long, or in-between. People get haircuts for different reasons, like refreshing their style, trying something new, or just maintaining their hair.

Master StylistTop StylistDirector
Fringer Cut$10$10$15


Styling your hair means arranging it in a certain way to create a desired look. You can use gel, mousse, or hairspray to help shape your hair. Styles can vary from sleek and smooth to messy and textured, depending on your preference and the occasion.

Wash And Blow$50/60
Half Up$70
Full Up$90


Chemical treatments are used to change the structure or colour of your hair. Examples include colouring to change your hair colour, perming to add curls or waves, and straightening to make your hair smoother. These treatments involve using chemicals that interact with your hair to achieve the desired result.

Colour (Inoa+10)$110$130$150
Partial Highlights$110$130$160
Pre Lightening$105$125$140
Digital Perm$240$280$320
Cold Perm$210$230$250
Cosme Cream$280$320$350
Anti Fizziness$260$280$300
Hair Treatment$100$120$140


Cut+ Colour+Treatment$255$275$295
Cut+Digital Perm+ Treatment$365$405$455
Cut+ Straightening+ Treatment$425$455$495

What customers say:

Rachel Caroline:

You know you found your kind of salon when you feel comfortable with the staff. Being a customer at Twist feels like watching movies that involve a salon visit, and you can just chill and chat with like-minded people. And you never had to feel obligated to buy packages or fear the dreaded “hard selling”.

Michelle Chia:

I have been to Twist Salon twice so far, both times under the care of Tomo-san I love how calming and easily accessible the space is by public transport (the nearest will be Maxwell, but very walkable by Chinatown).


What services does Twist Hair Salon offer?

Twist Hair Salon offers modern Japanese-inspired styling, colouring, haircuts, treatments, and more to cater to your beauty needs.

How experienced is the chief hairstylist?

The chief hairstylist brings over a decade of experience, having worked in renowned Singaporean salons before founding Twist Hair Salon in 2010.

Can I trust Twist Hair Salon for colour services?

Yes, Twist Hair Salon has been nominated in the Top 5 Singapore of Color Zoom Goldwell and has collaborated with L’Oréal for their photoshoots, ensuring quality colour services.

What makes Twist Hair Salon stand out?

Twist Hair Salon stands out for its highly-trained hairdressers, who are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and well-being and are passionate about modern Japanese aesthetics.

How can I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment at Twist Hair Salon by calling our salon or visiting our website to schedule your desired service and time slot.

Do you offer hair treatments?

Yes, Twist Hair Salon offers a variety of hair treatments, including deep conditioning, keratin treatments, and scalp massages to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

Can I get personalised hair advice?

Absolutely! Our skilled team at Twist Hair Salon is committed to understanding your needs and preferences and providing tailored, personalised hair advice.

Is Twist Hair Salon suitable for all hair types?

Twist Hair Salon caters to all hair types and textures, offering services to suit your needs and style preferences.

Are the products used at Twist Hair Salon safe?

Yes, Twist Hair Salon uses high-quality, professional-grade products that are safe for your hair and scalp, ensuring optimal results with every service.

How can I maintain my hairstyle at home?

Our stylists at Twist Hair Salon will provide personalised tips and product recommendations to help you maintain your hairstyle at home efficiently and effectively.

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